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UTC 7 : 38 Jun 15, 2024
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#Suggestions #Game Presentation
Clean Up/Streamline Questlines QoL
May 23, 2024, 06:50 (UTC)
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Last Edit : May 24, 2024, 20:39 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: NellaFantasia

Region (NA/EU): NA

Suggestions/Comments: See below.

Suggested Quests:

This issue has come up multiple times within my guild - that many of the questlines are confusing by needing requirements that shouldn't be needed, or seeing quests under "suggested" that aren't able to be done by new players without xyz knowledge/mastery/1000 quests finished before getting one of them done.

They are overwhelming, and unecessary to see "suggested" quests that you can't get done without backtracking and looking up guides online on how do follow them and find the start of the quest chain. We dont need to see an end game quest until we've reached that point in the story.

For example, most of the inventory expansion questlines have requirements like this:

A solution could be:

In the (O) Quest Tab, clean up/hide quests that arent relevant to your current family knowledge/mastery/quest chain.

Make this intuitive or toggleable with a button that says "Show only relevant quests".

Black Spirit Quests:

Currently, the Black Spirit quests have multiple options when doing the main story quest.

When following the story, you have to click multiple "main" quests that give you items such as inventory slots/gear ect. Why can't this just be one single quest with all of the rewards combined at a time?

Also, having to accept a quest from the black spirit only to need to talk to the black spirit again to recieve the items can be confusing. 

For example:

A solution could be:

Streamline the black spirit quests so that when recieving gear/inventory slots/other items, that they are ONE combined quest.

A Tutorial on UI + Enhancing Gear:

Why is there no tutorial on how to enhance gear/explain the ui?

As a new player coming into the bdo world, it can be overwhelming to see a bunch of buttons/popups on the screen with zero idea on what they do/how they work.

It would be nice to have them added over time (like every 10 levels or so) with explanations rather than instantly seeing buttons and claiming items that new players know nothing about. Also, when getting started on enhancing gear, you are given black stones & told to enhance gear via black spirit. However, the black spirit never teaches you how to enhance gear...he just tells you to do it. 

A solution could be:

These can easily be solved by simplifying the ui and adding new buttons every 10 levels or so, and at a certain point have the black spirit teach the player how to enhance. If the player account isn't marked as a "new/returning player" they automatically skip this tutorial.

Bonus: Disable the "Enhancement Alerts" at the top of the screen for new players.

Last Edit : May 23, 2024, 11:17 (UTC)
# 2

I'd rather they didn't hide quests that we haven't met the pre-condition for, but rather make it red or something.  Personally, I want to see EVERY quest that's available that I haven't completed yet.

As someone who enjoys questing (in every RPG/MMO I've ever played), having to occasionally go around to every single NPC in every node to see if new quests are available is quite annoying.  Did you know that when you hit G1 fishing, there's like 7 to 9 new fishing quests that open up in Port Epheria?  Just found that out after the lifeskill merge.  Probably would have never known until after the merger when I logged on to my alt to pick up the sailies quests.

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