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Crystal Subscription System
May 24, 2024, 05:56 (UTC)
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Last Edit : May 24, 2024, 05:56 (UTC)
# 1

Hello everyone,

Crystals play a crucial role in the game’s economy, but it’s even more important for players to enjoy the game and grind freely whenever they want. Today, after experiencing the "disconnected" error again with a few friends, I felt the need to make this suggestion.

Having only three crystal restoration opportunities is not enough, especially when network errors can cause you to die up to five times before those chances reset. Opening up the restoration section to avoid support tickets and speed up the process was a good step, but it’s still a temporary fix.

Making crystals unbreakable and permanent isn't a logical solution either, as many game mechanics and the economy are built around them. Crystals need to be in circulation to keep the market balanced, or else the market would be flooded with them. Here’s an idea I came up with that would maintain the economy while also providing relief to players:

1 - Positive karma players will not have their crystals break when they die in PvE.

2 - Once crystals are placed in the crystal inventory, a timer will start for that crystal, regardless of whether the crystal is activated. Once the timer ends, the crystal becomes unusable.

3 - The timed nature of crystals will keep the crystal market active, and players won’t be penalized by broken crystals.

4 - Crystal prices will be adjusted and lowered to reflect the need for continuous purchases, ensuring that the system remains player-friendly and doesn't become a burden.

5 - The crystal breaking feature will remain unchanged for negative karma players; their crystals will continue to break upon death.

Last Edit : May 24, 2024, 07:08 (UTC)
# 2

I can identify several issues with this system.

1. This system would not work because of PvP; you don't lost crystals in PvP

2. This system hurts players who are proficient at PvE

3. This system hurts players who are grinding weaker monsters

4. This system treats crystals as consumebles and not everyone enjoys the constant need to spend silver just to play the game

It is possible to make crystals unbreakable, permanent and not saturatte the marketplace. This would be achieved by adjusting the drop rate, quantity and price of the materials used in the crafting process as well as increasing the price of the crystal itself. For example, a Girin's Tear is currently 5 billion silver but if it were unbreakable and permanent, it may have a price of 20-30 billion silver.

The only reason why the current system still exists is because it benefits Pearl Abyss. 

Last Edit : May 24, 2024, 11:39 (UTC)
# 3

Yup, I agree that crystal breaking in PvE definitely needs a more player-friendly change, but there were better suggestions, like giving crystals durability loss on death and crushing other crystals for repair material.

What you suggest would add another level of buff micro-management that is already horrible iv PvE (do I have the correct pets, are they activated, do I have all buffs, do I have loot scrolls, what about PvE specs, and then the correct gear for the zone, crystal set, artifact set, alchemy stones, agris, uhhhh where was I?). You do not really want to put another timer-micro-management level here...

I just want a single button click to repair all crystals when I die and be done with it.

The repair costs can be easily set up to stabilize/change the price of crystals reasonably.

And this would not hurt entry-level players like increasing the price of everything would.

It could even stabilize the price of boss-dropped crystals that went down the drain already.

Last Edit : May 24, 2024, 17:13 (UTC)
# 4

As it stand currently, I don't have to look at my crystals at all.  If I die, it will tell me if a crystal breaks, then I can replace it.

Your suggestion requires me to monitor all of my crystals....

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Lv Private
Last Edit : May 24, 2024, 19:52 (UTC)
# 5

You also didnt think about when you get crystals with different timers or buy one as an upgrade the timer will be out of sync then having to replace them at different times instead of all at once like you think it would happen. Awful idea. Kind of awesome how you thought of such a bad idea. 



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