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[EU][Guild League] Primeval is recruiting people for Guild League
May 27, 2024, 16:42 (UTC)
913 1
Last Edit : Jun 11, 2024, 21:26 (UTC)
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Primeval is a guild with roughly 80 members right now, we're doing Vell plat and Guild bosses weekly, active chat with a great community in-game and on Discord

Currently Rank 44 on Guild League leaderboard

Guild League spot requirements are:

715+ Gearscore
    - Exception can be made for Shai/Wiz/Witch/Valk

    - At least some PvP experience / a quick learner

Guild League times:

     - Wednesday after Vell: 19:30 -> 20:00

     - Saturday: 18:00 -> 20:00

     - Sunday: Vell -> Guild Bosses -> Guild League 16:30 -> As long as we can, minimum 3 games

We also do custom AoS matches on weekends for those interested

- Max guild skills

- Max payout

- Bonus payout when possible and much more

I am personally a Permared player, so keep that in mind if you are heavily against red players.

DM me ingame: Family name -> Merq

My Discord name: -> m.e.r.q.u.r.y

Discord ->


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