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UTC 9 : 11 Jul 23, 2024
CEST 11 : 11 Jul 23, 2024
PDT 2 : 11 Jul 23, 2024
EDT 5 : 11 Jul 23, 2024
G-Lab Class "Winners, Losers and No Change"?
Jun 3, 2024, 15:53 (UTC)
1298 4
Last Edit : Jun 3, 2024, 15:53 (UTC)
# 1

Hi, anyone care to speculate how they feel their class might have faired with the up coming G-Lab chnages?  Honestly I think Suc Ranger got screwed.

Last Edit : Jun 3, 2024, 22:27 (UTC)
# 2

Winners: Basically any class that's currently strong with DR or has a metric ton of damage and was squishy before. Strikers and Mystics also up kinda big in terms of tankiness with low effect on damage. Anything currently meta is unaffected or gets stronger by the patch.

Losers: Any assassin class with medium-to-low damage that needed a high end damage build to do their role take a noticeable hit with this patch. You like awk ninja or kuno? Awk warrior? Sorc? DK? Get bent, I guess.

So the take away is that meta classes get stronger with this patch, off meta get weaker. But glabs is also really buggy for a lot of classes, so YMMV when we get the patch. I will say that the SA damage taken changes can be very nice in some cases, and is a step in the right direction. Hit reduction also has a noticeable reduction in movement drag effect. Attacks with movement on them don't get glued to the floor while taking a hit anymore.

Last Edit : Jun 4, 2024, 00:33 (UTC)
# 3

Will have to see. The way I play, if I can hurt someone, I can usually kill them. It's rough, but most classes have the SA to get to me anyway as a Succ Ranger. I have to poke them then guess their dive then hopefully clean up. If they don't mess up the dive, it's tough.

Like the amount of dmg people can absorb is already ridiculous. I can melt people if I catch them not SA'd. Succ Ranger is a weird class outside of large scale because you have to be able to do some damage, but you also have to avoid getting touched. If your damage is so high that people can't get to you, it's too high, but if people can get to you without taking much damage, it's possible... but hard.

I need more AP, for sure. I fought this dude who had 460 dp or something. I made him escape ONCE.  Which, to be fair, was a trash move. lool I fought you for so long and I finally am gonna get a kill and you escape. So bogi. Dude's health was moving like a rift boss.

Eva people were untouchable to me, but if people are DRing more, there are also people I cannot hurt. Once people get decently over 400 dp they are really tough. I have 'only' 306-7 AP and I am loaded with human damage gems. There are definitely people who can tank my damage, and not just from being a buff tank class. But just because they are so geared.

Getting one hit sucks, but IMO there shouldn't be people who can outpot your damage, either, if you have 'kinda ok' ap. Be interesting to see if I do more or less dmg.

Last Edit : Jun 9, 2024, 15:12 (UTC)
# 4

More lab changes announced for 7 June.  Honestly I think PA throws a dart on the wall.


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