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Seperate Furniture Storage
Jun 3, 2024, 18:16 (UTC)
1391 5
Last Edit : Jun 3, 2024, 18:16 (UTC)
# 1

Been playing since launch and would love to get into the housing side more. 

I have a manor and done a bunch of manor things but there is so much furniture in this game and a seperate storage for it would be nice ideally with catergoris so i can find furniture by room function. 

I have over like 400 items in my manor and its a mess but its impossible for me to tidy it up with no where to put it all. 

Last Edit : Jun 3, 2024, 18:34 (UTC)
# 2

Anything with decorating homes and personalizing outfits +1 ♥

Last Edit : Jun 3, 2024, 20:41 (UTC)
# 3

They could create a "house storage" that contains all Pearl and non-Pearl furniture. Give it 192 slots and make the furniture stackable inside the storage. This way you won't need to haul your furniture on your character and you'll be able to decorate any house, regaardless of location, straight from the built-in menu.

10 116
Lv Private
Last Edit : Jun 13, 2024, 12:48 (UTC)
# 4

Oh my gosh I would love for furniture to have its own storage... I have so so much of it that finding places to store the furniture, especially when I am redecorating and having to pull furniture out of a residence, is challenging. This is a great suggestion!!

Lv Private
Last Edit : Jun 30, 2024, 09:59 (UTC)
# 5

That's a great idea, it would help us a lot! :-)



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