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Archer Quality of Life Improvements and other Suggestions
Jun 5, 2024, 02:01 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jul 4, 2024, 19:44 (UTC)
# 1


These changes aim to reduce fatigue while grinding and improve the overall flow of the class. This is not a "my class is bad, please buff it" type of post. I genuinely enjoy playing Archer, but I believe it could play better with some adjustments.


If you think the Archer's current dominance in large-scale PVP means it shouldn't be improved elsewhere, please remember that PVP isn't the only content in the game. One of my suggestions would contribute to a slight DPS increase. However, with upcoming changes to Damage Reduction, Evasion, and Super Armor, Archer is likely to become a little less effective as a glass cannon. I have considered PVP balance in my suggestions, so I don't think I made any suggestions that are completely outlandish.


There are 4 main suggestions in this post.

1. Removing or reducing the recoil from specific skills.

2. Remove Light's Path and replace with Light's Trail for self buffing.

3. Some minor skill changes for consistency and usability.

4. A proposed Breath skill simplification/rework for better self-peel and utility.



The main contributor to this fatigue for me is Archer's "recoil" from certain skills. Most of Archer's skills move him backwards varying distances. While some combos can minimize this movement, after using several skills, you often need to readjust your position. This is more of an issue at stationary grind spots and bosses, but can be quite annoying at pack-to-pack grind spots as well. It feels like this mechanic forces unnecessary effort by constantly requiring position corrections. It is good that skills like Radiant Explosion, Uproot, and Flow: Echoes of the Call to have some backwards movement, but not all skills should have this. Please consider removing/reducing the recoil and the falling over animations from these skills.


Video demonstrating the recoil for these skills:


• Earth Shatter

• Bolt of Radiance

• Double Tap

• Wrath of Nature

• Ultimate: Verdure Clout [Skill Enhancement]

• Nature Shattering Arrow [Skill Enhancement]


• Radiant Explosion (Backstep after landing)

• Full/Grand Bloom (Wobble after second attack)

• Marked Bloom

• Spear of Sylvia

• Flow: Light's Trail

• Flow: Echoes of the Call (Wobble after attack)

Self Buffs

My issue with our self buffs centers around Light's Path. The +10 AP buff is torture to maintain as it requires stutter stepping. I think I've come up with a somewhat elegant solution to replace it. In its place I would put Flow: Light's Trail with the following changes. In addition, a common complaint within the Archer community is feeling slow without BSR's attack speed buff, this change would address both issues.

• Rename Flow: Light's Trail to Light's Trail

• Activation condition: RMB (Usable from Crossbow)

• Alternate conditions: F after Low Sweep, LMB after Radiant Explosion

• Skill changes: Increase AOE size, add Super Armor, remove Stiffness, reduce cooldown to ~3-4 seconds. No longer usable during cooldown.

• Attack Speed +15% for 15 seconds when using the skill.


This should equal out to a small DPS increase at high end spots as well as better experience at low end spots. This also adds a new switch from Crossbow to Greatbow, as there currently is no RMB keybind in Crossbow. The vast majority of players I've seen do not maintain Light's Path's AP buff because it just isn't cohesive with the rest of the kit, but it feels bad to not be playing at the highest potential. This change would alleviate that problem and improve an underused skill. With increased AOE size, Super Armor, and being able to use it on demand, it becomes much more appealing to use. 

Skill Changes

Earth Shatter:

• Change Keybind to E and allow it to be usable from Greatbow. This skill is pressed 100,000x more times than Exhale, it also makes Gaping Darkness -> Earth Shatter a nice, easy to press combo. Also saves a Quick Slot. 

• Maybe add Forward Guard when triggering Sunfall.


• Change the AP buff duration to 15 seconds from 10.

• Change the AP buff to ~20 from 12 to match other classes total AP buffs.


Suggestions for skill links 

• Remove the forward dash from using Spear of Sylvia -> Luthraghon's Call.

• Allow Meteor Dive after Double Tap's first attack.

• Add Instant Luthraghon's Call after Double Tap, Radiant Explosion, and Righteous Smite.

• Allow Piercing Light to be usable from Crossbow with the default keybind.

• Allow Low Sweep to be usable from Crossbow while Earth Kick is locked with the default keybind.

• Allow Full/Grand Bloom to be usable from Crossbow with the default keybind.

• Allow us to disable the double tap directional key input on Glide. Accidental inputs are annoying.

Breath Skill Change Suggestion

The breath skills are generally quite bad outside of using Steady Breath for movement. In a fight, be it PVP or PVE, you do not have time to switch your choice of "breath." These different breaths are too weak on their own to be useful and should be combined into a single defensive/self-peeling skill.

• Remove Exhale and any sort of Breath selection.

• Change Breath of the Spirit to a new ability that does an AOE around you. Super Armor. 10-15 second cd.

• Enemies take a small amount of damage, a Knockback, and the 20% attack/cast speed slow. 

• You and allies in the radius are healed for 500 HP. 

• If the skill is unlocked, it will trigger at the end of Steady Breath, if not it can be used from Quick Slot. (Like how Sunfall gets triggered by Earth Shatter)

• Change Steady Breath to always grant the 300 HP heal and 10% Movement Speed for 5 seconds buff. 

Overall I think if these changes were made the class would be close to perfect. We would still have a bunch of useless abilities and Skill Enhancements, but we don't really need them to be fixed. We have more than enough abilities to use currently, so that is why my suggestions don't really mention them. I know I wrote a decent amount here, but I think these changes are relatively simple when broken down. This wouldn't reinvent the wheel, but just tighten up some of the minor issues the class has, while keeping the gameplay 99% similar. 

Last Edit : Jun 20, 2024, 17:17 (UTC)
# 2

sorry to say but we can just delete the class, or most likely change game lol

Last Edit : Jul 4, 2024, 19:44 (UTC)
# 3

PA, please consider these suggestions. At least the recoil and skill chaining section. Grinding at stationary spots would be improved so much. 

This was deleted by the writer.
Last Edit : 6 Days ago
# 5
  1. True, the recoil is really annoying and didnt play past season on mine

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