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[GUIDE] Tungrad vs Deboreka --- Total AP & Cost Comparisons of AP Accessories (UPDATED: July 6, 2024)
Jun 7, 2024, 01:44 (UTC)
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Tungrad or Deboreka?

Total AP & Cost Comparisons of AP Accessories

Guide By: Reipunzel Irkalla

Last Updated: July 6, 2024

Previous Update: June 6, 2024

Previous-Previous Update: ---


This is an in-depth breakdown of the Overall Costs and Total Monster AP of 12 different accessory builds you may see others using or use yourself while progressing your gear.




The progression path I recommend, that will maximize your AP while progressing, also has the lowest overall cost. It is highlighted in yellow. You can see notes for all of the sets under the pictures.




With the July 6th update, 3 more accessory sets have been added and prices have been changed to be entirely manual. You can save the document to update the prices yourself if you are not on NA, or you can wait (I will try to remember to update it at least monthly, but only if prices have changed significantly). The Manual Prices can be found on the *right* side of the spreadsheet in Column R (you may have to scroll).

The rest of the sheet will update automatically as the Manual Prices are changed.









If you aren't on a widescreen monitor, you WILL want to use CTRL+"-" to scale your window size so you can see the entire page.

All of the builds are examples, with the focus on maximizing AP. View the attached Garmoth Gear Plan to see the used Buffs from Crystals, Lightstones, etc.

If you save the spreadsheet, you can replace my manually entered costs to automatically update the totals in Column.




Happy Adventuring!

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AP & Cost Comparisons
Tungrad vs Deboreka

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Ho hello,

Am new here in this game and hope to learn a lot from people in here.



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How can i have the game pass 


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