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Problem with Twitch Drop Exchange... Help appreciated.
Jun 7, 2024, 02:57 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jun 7, 2024, 02:57 (UTC)
# 1

Hi, I've been collecting the twitch drops for quite a while now but sadly when I went to go exchange them I can't see any of the 80x exchanges for stuff like the outfit etc... From what I can find online (which isn't much) it may be a quest of some sort? But Morco does not have this quest, neither does the black spirit and neither does the quest log...

I thought these rewards were supposed to be permanent? Did they remove the higher tier rewards? If not, does anyone know where to find them or why they are not showing up for me? Thanks in advance for any advice<3

Last Edit : Jun 8, 2024, 02:43 (UTC)
# 2

The rewards should still be available. It's important that you go to Morco in Velia - e.g. not Heidel . There should be two quests for 80 seals and you can complete each of those quests only once. So if there's no quests for you, maybe you did them already? That twitch drop system is in place for a while now, so maybe you already completed them and forgot about it? They also promised to add new/more rewards roughly every 3 months (while still keeping the previous ones, for those who haven't received them yet), so there should be an update soon considering the last one was in January. If you're certain you never completed those quests before and still can't get the quest from Morco in Velia, I suggest you file a ticket. I also had a question on the renewal/update of the rewards, and got a very helpful response from GM Ynix.


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