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Make voice pitch global and not just local
Jun 9, 2024, 06:47 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jun 9, 2024, 06:47 (UTC)
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Family Name: Enchyridion

Region (NA/EU): EU


Make voice pitch global and not just local

- You know how we can set our character's voice pitch when we create him/her? Well, that setting is only local. Meaning that no matter how you setup your character's voice pitch, everyone else can only hear the default ones. That's why all characters from any specific class always sound the same. This is obviously nonsense and should not be this way. My mage, for example, sounds like a screaming kid with his high-pitched voice at default. I would like others to hear the pitch I have actually selected for him and I am sure that everyone else feels this way too. Please fix this.

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Last Edit : Jun 13, 2024, 02:58 (UTC)
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This would be great.  Also if we could have the option to hear our characters' voices all the time like before, that would be awesome.



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