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Bug with Time to Rock (Berzerker Skill)
Jun 9, 2024, 14:18 (UTC)
741 1
Last Edit : Jun 9, 2024, 14:18 (UTC)
# 1

Hello, prolific zerker player here.

With the new servers, I thought being knocked out of super armor and frontals would be a thing of the past and thats clearly not the case. I'm here to start with one of the abilities of the Zerker - "Time to Rock"

Time to rock is the zerkers magnus skill, a fairly decent damaging move that disengages from the enemy via hopping backwards. It's a frontal guard.

Here I masterfully demostrate how to wif a grab (IT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE) and as you can see, the Lahn attacked my point of origin and knocked me down even though I was no where near the fight at that point. Now cult is a good Lahn, but that disengage and frontal guard should of been more than enough to pivot and readjust for another engage. 

Unfortunately this skill has a VERY big problem that I would almost want to consider a bug. This skill is a point of origin skill. What do you mean by that?

Point of Origin means that the character's "invisible body" (in blue) remains at the point until your skill's animation is over even though your character's model has moved far away from where the origin is. This results in zerkers being grabbed and teleported back to the origin spot (guy in blue) like instant transmission from DBZ even though your character had hopped away, or getting needlessly knocked out of frontal or knocked down in general even though you are away from the fight. 

Now we know this is something that can be fixed, otherwise Scholar wouldn't exist right now considering all her jumps could likely be point of origin and that would ruin the class.

Why am I requesting this be fixed? This ability already gets obliterated due to lag, hit studder, and poor tick rates on the servers, and its our magnus move. A disengage that we need during battles. As far as I can tell, there are two solutions to this issue.

1. Change the ability to not be point of origin and make it like LITERALLY EVERY OTHER ABILITY IN THE GAME WHERE THE ATTACK GOES WITH YOUR MODEL. Not sure why I even need to suggest this because its super obvious...

2. If you dont want to fix the point of origin move, then change it to be a super armor like it should have been. Yes you could still get grabbed and teleport back to the spot but atleast in super armor you wont get knocked out of a frontal and then instead lay down in mid air being CC'd.

Thank you for reading.


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