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Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

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How to: Immersive minimalist UI
Jun 12, 2024, 00:59 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jun 12, 2024, 01:04 (UTC)
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Immersive minimalist UI

This screenshot shows how I actually play my game and it's heaps of fun and very immersive! Cluttered UI is one of the things that scares off new players. It's really ugly, disruptive, and it breaks all immersion. If you are like me and want a clean UI, here are some suggestions:

- Turn off all notifications (except maybe world bosses and leveling up health/breath/strength).

- Turn off all name plates (except party/guild members - if you want to know someone's name you can approach them and hit ESC).

- Turn off most UI elements except HP bar, quick slots, and buff list. This is actually the bare minimum you need to play the game effectively. (e.g. if you pay attention you can remember your skill cooldowns or input, which is also more immersive).

- Move quick slots and buffs to the same location, so you only need to look at one part of your screen. I placed the loot scroll UI on top of my HP bar too. Dehkia, music, special resources, or other pop-up icons go to that corner too. The stamina bar goes under the Black Spirit Rage bar.

- Now you will be wondering: what about other important elements? Well actually, many of these things are available through the in-game menu. Just hit ESC and access most of these functions. Luckily tagging was recently added too.

- However, there are some things you can't access through the menu: minimap, clock, Agris fever, server buffs, chat. The truth is you don't need these on 24/7, it depends on your current activity. So you can assign them to another UI preset and call them when needed. Save another UI preset that has server buffs, map, clock, and calendar icons on, and assign this preset to an ALT shortcut. At the press of a button you can access this info (e.g. claim a reward or turn on Agris), then return to your decluttered UI.

- The chat in the above screenshot is actually on, but I am currently on a clean/empty tab. You can create more chat tabs with the info/channels you need and rotate through them through the relevant shortcuts.


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