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UTC 11 : 19 Jul 19, 2024
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EDT 7 : 19 Jul 19, 2024
Guild league penalties due to members crashing on load screen
Jun 13, 2024, 03:52 (UTC)
928 2
Last Edit : Jun 13, 2024, 03:53 (UTC)
# 1

Region:  NA

Character:  Picklenose

We shouldn't be getting penalties due to the game crashing on load screen trying to enter guild league.  There should be some sort of check from when a player clicks Join then when they actually load on the battlefield.  Then if it's determined that crashing caused the forfeiture, fine, give the other team the win, but don't give a penalty.

In this case, 3 members all crashed on load screen...

134 1119
Lv Private
Last Edit : Jun 14, 2024, 19:53 (UTC)
# 2

Good luck getting small guilds to participate.  Literally penalizing due to the game's instability.  Next they'll create a pearl shop item to remove league penalties like they did for crystal restores.  Sell a solution for a problem they created...

134 1119
Lv Private


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