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horse racing needs adjustments
Jun 14, 2024, 23:44 (UTC)
920 1
Last Edit : Jun 14, 2024, 23:44 (UTC)
# 1

Horse racing needs to be changed a bit. the rewards for doing horse racing is nice but there aren't many adventurers that queue for it, specially after people have gotten their t10 horses or once they complete their 3 weeklies quest for feathers and ferns. there are less and less people doing it. one of the biggest problems right now is sitting in the queues for hours without being able to do a single race because we cant get even 5 people to queue for it. Another huge problem that we have is, that all the shortcut in the races are ruining the race for everyone else. If you don't do all the shortcuts, you cant even compete, and in fact, most of the time, you wont be able to complete the race in time. for example i just sat in a 55 minute queue, got into the race and one of the participants finished the race so fast that that 4 of us got disqualified and only got the 1 token reward. the next race was again a long 30 minute waiting period, 2 people finished so fast, that i only made it 2 feet from the finished goal and got disqualified along with the other 2 riders behind me. again getting only 1 grand prix coin. this is very annoying and inconvenient. my suggestions would be to bring down the race participants to 2-3 people per race. that would cut down queue times down by a lot if you need less people to participate. also  remove all of the shortcuts that are in every map, they are mandatory to do if you want a chance at winning and that's not a fun experience. its a very try hard system that we have at the moment and if you miss 1-2 shortcuts, you aren't winning at all vs anyone who know them all. the skill gap should be on timing your accelerations/boost and how well you can turn corners and not on just taking shortcuts. Remove the timer needed to finish a race or extend the timer to a longer grace period. there is no reason why if I'm 2 feet away from the finish line, that i get disqualified for not finishing because of the time limit. if the race is 3 minutes long, allow up to 5 minutes for anyone who got stuck or lost, to finish the race. dont just disqualify us for not hitting the very tight timer. or after every check point, reset the timer to get to the next check point for 30 seconds, all the way to the finish line. Depending on what time and day you queue up, you might not be able to complete the weekly quest because you aren't getting enough coins because either you are outmatched in every race or the queues are not popping. there should be an optional way to get those rewards. maybe a single player mode that you can play against NPCs. Or maybe a time trial version, that u can queue up as a single player, and you must finished the race in a certain time trial experience that will reward you coins accordingly. for example, a gold time would be 2 minutes 45 seconds or below. silver would be 3 minutes. bronze would be 3min 15 seconds+.

one final change that can maybe get more people to do horse racing is, giving players a 1 hour and 10 minutes drop buff rate (10-20%) or gather mastery buff for every time they complete a race (non stackable). this might incentivize people who already have all their horses to come back to race, or allow for people who dont care about horse materials, to come to race.



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