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Three suggestions to improve titles menu
Jun 16, 2024, 15:59 (UTC)
683 1
Last Edit : Jun 16, 2024, 15:59 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name:  Cillian_Raynor

Region (NA/EU): NA


Suggestion number 1: Let us know clearly what we need to do to get the title.

The most basic thing we have actually wanted for years, make it clear what the tite requires. If i need to kill 5000 of x mob it should be written. Now, you can find out the number if you google it but ciome on, why was this always kept a mystery? It's frustrating. In fact... when it's gather/fish/kill/craft titles, not only should we know the amount, but it should be tracked too. Meaning it should show say 0/5000 and then when you start killing those mobs we see the count when we look at that title In fact you should make it that we can go to that title in the titles menu and then click keep track or whatever and then that number shows up in our UI.  Oh and in the Item Drop menu where we can see the titles you can get from the mobs, show that number there too. How many needed and how many we have killed so far. 

Suggestion number 2:  Order the titles by types in sub categories

Ok so you do split them by life, fishing, world and combat. But in Life for example, they should be sub categorized by gather, craft, hunt, etc. Because scrolling down those endlessly long title menus that follow no order whatsoever has forever been hell. In world, you could subcatwgorize by Event (actually more on that category of titles in the next suggestion...),  Story Quests,  Character Quests, etc. In fishing, maybe by fish grades. In combat, at least by bosses and mobs and well... actually too maybe they should be subcategorized by world region IDK. 

Suggestion 3: Remove Event titles we can't get anymore from our titles menu.

Meaning of course it stays in the menu of people who got it, but like there's LOADS of titles you could only get one time in an event years ago, and they clutter the titles menu they should disappear from the list as soon as the event is over. And if you dont want to do this then yeah at least if there's an event subcategory then we don't have to see those unless we click on it.

Actually if you ask me... having events related titles was never a good idea, but I guess it's too late to change this.  all titles should always forever be accessible to everyone. This way too we'd know what's the maximum number we can actually get. 



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