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UTC 8 : 15 Jul 22, 2024
CEST 10 : 15 Jul 22, 2024
PDT 1 : 15 Jul 22, 2024
EDT 4 : 15 Jul 22, 2024
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Succession Warrior still has a Attack Speed Bug
Jun 16, 2024, 22:39 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jun 16, 2024, 22:39 (UTC)
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So since our last buffs there have been some bugs that are on Succession Warrior our grab lost the extra 10% grab pen and the class attack speed is slower as if the " Warriors Soul" Passive that gives 10% attack Speed is not working here is a viedo for proof. This viedo show the different on the left which was November of last year and on the right June 6th. Please fix this as soon as possable thank you.


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