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market price changes
Jun 17, 2024, 16:50 (UTC)
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Last Edit : 2 Days ago
# 1

The current trend of making silver has only been going up for grinders, ;meanwhile, lifeskillers rely on the market for silver and its just been going downhill. I think its time for a price hike in all cooking and alchemy mats and products. This is due to updates such as manos and the simplification of alchemy traces and fruits. I just dont understand why you let people buy meals from the market and make profit from boxing them up for imperials. This should not be possible! Its not worth the effort and time to make meals anymore. Why not put some of the silver you give grinders back into lifeskills via the market?? Draughts and elixirs have dropped almost in half since the alchemy update, its hard to continue lifeskilling and playing this game when I dont enjoy grinding for several hours everyday. Just think of how angry grinders would be if the trash loot value was decreased?

I know PA isn't going to read or listen to this post, I'm just another angry lifeskiller trying to make a living in this game who is screaming in the dark...

Last Edit : 1 Days ago
# 2

Imo all of the lifeskill materials-products should not be affected by mp taxes but accessories and other stuffs that comes for free should be, otherwise is not worth the time for silver unsless you enjoy lifeskill and do that only because you don't like to grind too much. This game is more like Huge effort= less rewards = more time in-game

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Last Edit : 1 Days ago
# 3

While they are at it... maybe they can fix acquiring certain Manor furniture.

There are always so many orders for the original Manor furnishings. It's just furniture. I don't know why devs made acquiring it insanely difficult.

The prices don't reflect the insane amount of time spent getting to a decent enough Hunting level to go kill/find rare mobs and THEN craft Manor Olvian furniture. 

BDO not having a free market is awful. As a buyer, I would pay more for furniture. Feels stiffling that the game won't let me. My silver is just sitting there.

Last Edit : 1 Days ago
# 4

LifeSkill is a Huge Part of what makes BDO Special. They need to review old abandoned content and rework stuff like Imperial Boxes+ Imperial Seal rewards. 

Adjust Rewards from Lifeskills to keep the economy flowing. 

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