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UTC 15 : 8 Jul 16, 2024
CEST 17 : 8 Jul 16, 2024
PDT 8 : 8 Jul 16, 2024
EDT 11 : 8 Jul 16, 2024
Weird delays
Jun 19, 2024, 19:39 (UTC)
1310 8
Last Edit : Jun 19, 2024, 19:39 (UTC)
# 1

Skill animations seems off, some fast skills don't even register the input. Something is really off about this patch.

Game is unplayable, maybe just admit you fucked up and reroll the patch.

Last Edit : Jun 19, 2024, 19:54 (UTC)
# 2

Uh yeah.  As a succession warrior my solar flare is fubar.  Works 1 out of ten times when landing on mobs and is unbelievably janky.  Somehow they added upward momentum and my character has to land after the animation.  

Last Edit : Jun 19, 2024, 20:50 (UTC)
# 3

The number of hits was reduced and they probably added some dummy Delay's that blocks keyboard input and won't allow to use cancel skills. When you hit "air" then everything is fine, but when you do the same on npc then delays appear. I've recorded video and counted frames on my combo fragment Death Line Chase->Promptness->Purification and hiting npc was like 47frames while clear animation (not hiting npc) was 28frames (fps lock at 75). If problem is coused by implemented delay then it's value should be reduced and after each interval keyboard inputs should be processed to allow use of cancel skills. I am sure that few classes with quick combos that uses cancels have the same problem.

Right now i feel that Awa Valk is unplayable.

Last Edit : Jun 19, 2024, 20:58 (UTC)
# 4

Awk ninja. Can confirm something feels different... and not sure it's in a good way.

Last Edit : Jun 19, 2024, 22:42 (UTC)
# 5

Yep.  Same here, with freezes even when I have stamina.

Last Edit : Jun 20, 2024, 05:20 (UTC)
# 6

Succession Corsair.

In PvP sometimes my fish skills just going through enemies that are in front of me with no damage dealt, like I just hit the air. Definitely something is off.

Last Edit : Jun 20, 2024, 11:50 (UTC)
# 7

I've been noticing the same delays on my Lahn. Along with a couple other differences.

But I think I know what's causing the delays. They cut back on our skill hits, but didn't adjust cooldown timing to compensate. The animations may be the same, but the skills themselves are not.

Another note is: When they cut the hits, they didn't really do correct adjustments to other factors, such as HP and WP regen. Yes, those things were slightly adjusted. However, if you take away 80% of hits and only give an adjustment of 30-50%, that does not calculate. That goes for damage as well. I've not only been testing these things out, but I've been watching the live feeds of our top players. And though some are trying to "play nice" so they don't anger PA because they think they'll lose their partnership status, when you listen, you can hear they have the same concerns.

General consensus: Horrible patch.

We're told that these changes went through "extensive testing", but it's clear they were not. They can't sugar coat it, no matter how much they'd like to try. We are the ones actuallt playing this product for up to 100 hours a week, some people even more. We are the ones paying for their Macro-transactions (there is nothing "micro" about the pearl shop.), even I've spent a couple grand over the past year alone (well some of us have to pay to keep this "free").

Truth be told, these changes needed much more testing. And to get more players into the Global Labs test servers to test this for them, they should actually show that they listen to and value their players input. At the end of the day, they are in this to make money. But if you have a dissatisfied player base, they start walking away. And word of mouth/video can and will keep other people from wanting to even try the game.

PA states that this is their "Flagship" product. Well, treat it like it is...

Last Edit : Jun 20, 2024, 16:49 (UTC)
# 8

lets be real guys, its same amount of hits some are just invisible.

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