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UTC 6 : 24 Jul 20, 2024
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Awk Warrior Cancels + Flows Not Functioning | Moxie/Fierce Momentum changes, lack of block update
Jun 20, 2024, 00:48 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jun 21, 2024, 02:40 (UTC)
# 1

With the latest hit changes, Awakening Warrior's Q (Block) cancel into another ability has been removed. Flow: Overwhelm -> Q -> Next skill no longer will speed up, same with Balance Strike.

As for flows, a number of Awakening Warrior's flows (Flow: Reckless Blow -> Grave Digging(GD), Reckless Blow -> Flow: Ankle Break, Ankle Break -> Pulverize, Pulverize -> Tempest, GD -> Flow: Slashing the Dead) are all clunky and slowed down.

I doubt this is the only class affected negatively by these changes, but this definitely needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Either Overwhelm/Balance Strike need their hits returned to normal, moved around to be similar to before, or changed to be flows instead of having to Q cancel.

Burning Moxie/Fierce Momentum was changed to no longer stack with Q block DR. Burning Moxie's passive (previously 40 DR at max) was just added to the game not too long ago, and now (20 at max) the DR is functionally useless - meanwhile Berserker and a couple of other classes gained overall DR. Warrior lost Magic DR on Rabams, there is no reason for us to also lose defense while being a mostly forward guard class.

On the topic of guards, both preawaken shield and the greatsword block have not been updated to the block strength of other shield classes. Without a proper class overhaul/balancing of all the classes, there needs to be a change to both sides of Warrior - not just Succession. The class lacks heavy sustain, utility compared to the other shield users, yet has the weaker block, weaker damage - why?

Awakening/Succession Valkyrie, Awakening/Succession Berserker, Succession Nova, Awakening/Succession Drakania (not to mention newly released classes, i.e. Maegu/Woosa) all have a signifcant amount of percentage healing when compared to Awakening Warrior. Flow: Tempest is our one decent heal while also requiring a target, and needs either Pulverize or Reckless Blow to be used first as Tempest cannot be accessed by itself. Warrior's heal on hit has not been updated in a long time, and the newly added Meditation heal is 500 hp on a 20s cooldown. In a world of 8000 and above HP pools, this greatly affects Awakening Warrior's ability to keep itself alive as a melee class.

Last Edit : Jun 21, 2024, 02:29 (UTC)
# 2

Upvoted. Good post by Vasi - nails it.

Last Edit : Jun 21, 2024, 02:35 (UTC)
# 3

Thank you for putting this post together, Vasi. It is well articulated and concise. If possible, could include video footage of these issues in specific? It helps overcome some translation barrier issues.

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Last Edit : Jun 21, 2024, 02:55 (UTC)
# 4


This sums up pretty much every issue and error currently Awakening Warrior has.

I would say, put up a word for Succession Warrior too, a lot of forum  post and complain about it being really slower compared to before and it's like that for months now, without answers from balancing team.

I really  hope that Pearl Abyss can look forward to bring older classes like warrior on par with the new released classes, because we are in need of some sort of "rework" or atleast dusting off the whole pre-awakening and awakening kit of the class. Maybe at the Heidel Ball? maybe later? I hope soon and not in 7 months "soon".

Stay strong fellow Warriors.

This was deleted by the writer.
Last Edit : Jun 21, 2024, 05:20 (UTC)
# 6

From our Succession Warrior brethren:

Succ warrior bugged for 3 months with multiple players reporting with video evidence. With the new patch the class has become even slower. Just please make warrior DECENT again 😭
Not to mention that they've found a new way to bug succession solar flare, turning it into a frame skipping TP

Last Edit : Jun 21, 2024, 06:15 (UTC)
# 7


a lot of problems with the fluidity of the character since the update on awake.
I always played the warrior for its simple and fluid gameplay, while learning to master it
using cancel animations.
The two points that I have just mentioned are no longer present since the last patch making
me lose interest in a class that I have been playing since the release of the game,
I am counting on you PA to rebalance that.

Listen to the community, we just want to play like before on these points.

thanks to you in advance

Last Edit : Jun 21, 2024, 07:24 (UTC)
# 8

Already posted this in the BDO Global Feedback discord but I'll post it here again to make sure it gets seen.
Title: Multiple Cancels Bugged
Merciless and armor break cannot be canceled now when it is on CD. Overwhelm, Ankle break, Pulverize, Reckless, even Slashing to Grave digging all feel slow to cancel. It's worse for warrior now that everyone is tankier since we are reliant on canceling and combos. The fluidity of the class is just not the same. It's most likely the cause of these bugs is from the changes to hits. Please look into this as it ruins the fun part of warrior. I'd also like to recommend some changes to hilt strike being able to be put on hot bar if it's not too much to ask. It was able to be put on hot bar before, but now that it always requires balance strike to come out first, it is painful to get off while also having our cancels not working. You'll find people standing up before even getting full use of it meanwhile, some classes have a static 25% accuracy on all skills. Thank you.

Last Edit : Jun 29, 2024, 15:00 (UTC)
# 9

   This is seperate from the main issue to warrior at the moment but our damage is also lower than a lot of the newer classes if you look at values even with class ratios factored in. Even some older ones like valk, striker, drak have higher damage while also being tanky. Even before the DR patch, a striker was able to kill me without even using their awakening, while I did less than 5% of his health with preawakening skills. I've compiled a comparison for absolute skills here: I believe PA is probably working on balancing numbers already but I hope this brings attention to the issue.
- A lot of our awakening skills have 70% damage reduction and lower damage numbers than some classes. In capped and large scale, you don't even get as many kills compared to other classes because it gets last hit by other classes that do more damage. Some melee classes even outperform(drak, valk, musa to name a few). We don't even use our 100% BSRs anymore because it's useless. By no means am I asking for warrior to be OP or overly buffed, all I ask is, to make it make sense.
- Burning Moxie change is useless now cause the DR bonus when hitting 6 players used to give 40. (It never stacked the lower values and took the highest which would override our normal 20 from block.) This would mean hitting 6 players would give us 40 total DR. Now that the max value is 20, it basically gives nothing except the attack speed which was taken from reckless blow anyways. You can get the same DP buff from using slashing with no requirement to be near anyone, unlike Burning Moxie. (A suggestion would be to just make slashing apply the AP buff from our block to slashing as well or add it to burning moxie) 
- Along with that, our block didn't get buffed in awakening, unlike these other shield classes. I don't think warrior should get a stronger block, in-fact I don't think any of these classes should've gotten a stronger block since the bonus DR made everyone tanky anyways. It makes any non-grab unable to kill Succ Nova, Valk, etc. Even if they would be lucky to land a CC in between their gaps, they would get up and sit in block to recover all their hp or valk heal anyways. (I'm not naming Succ Warr here since they don't have the same heals/sustain) 

-Warrior Pre-Awaken block is stronger than our block in awakening. I get that it's a sword and not a shield but it definitely seems like PA wants warrior to be more of an offensive class. So, where's the bonus to being in awakening other than just doing less damage than other classes. 

 Extra damage effects on the guard gauge are taken at a fixed reduction rate, and thus are not affected by this adjustment.
      • Classes with larger shields can reduce greater amounts of damage.            
      • Succession Nova - 60% reduction during Forward Guard while using Succession skills            
      • Awakening Valkyrie, Succession Warrior, Succession Guardian - 40% reduction during Forward Guard while using Awakening/Succession skills            
      • Succession Valkyrie - 30% reduction during Forward Guard while using Succession skills
        Anyways, sorry for the long post. I just wanted to voice my thoughts and again, I'm not trying to make warrior too strong or anything but we've been non-meta for a long time now. Thank you for reading this. 
        - I also wanna add; Our damage is a joke on capped content now with chimeras removed from game. Some classes kill people standing but here we are trying to full combo on 30 and 50 mans, just to get them ethier to 50% cause of special attack eva or 20% just for some ranged class or musa to steal it. The problem gets worse when resistance cap is higher. For uncapped content, most people have shai buffs meaning they're always full resistance. With how tanky people are, you just find them getting up even after double layering CC in a combo.
Last Edit : Jun 21, 2024, 13:07 (UTC)
# 10


In addition, those bugs still need to be fixed, main one being :

All skills with Right Mouse Button (RMB) or Left Mouse Botton (LMB) inputs have unintended gaps.

All skills that require RMB or LMB to input begin an autoattack animation before the skill is casted. This creates delays and gaps that vary between skill.

So far, only the "Absolute: Chopping Kick's second kick shouldn't exist" got fixed by adding SA to the second kick.

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