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UTC 6 : 43 Jul 21, 2024
CEST 8 : 43 Jul 21, 2024
PDT 23 : 43 Jul 20, 2024
EDT 2 : 43 Jul 21, 2024
Skills do not smoothly cancel into one another after the 6/19 patch
Jun 20, 2024, 07:52 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jun 20, 2024, 07:52 (UTC)
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When trying to use skills that previously cancelled into one another, before the most recent patch, you will notice that subsequent skills are quite delayed when hitting an enemy. Not hitting an enemy results in no delay however (which is similar to the way they worked previously regardless of hitting an enemy or not). This seems to affect many skills from multiple classes.

One example of this is seen one Valkyrie:

1. Move to a location with no enemies around

2. Use Death Line Chase followed by Promptness while holding Shift+LMB

3. Notice the delay after Promptness before Purificatione (or lack there of)

4. Repeat Step 2. while targeting a dummy in the Battle Arena

5. Observe that the delay before Purificatione comes out is noticably longer than when no enemy is targeted

A side affect of this bug is that the feeling of playing many classes has become noticably awkward and clunky. Performing combos has become much more difficult with these delayed timings and skill inputs.


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