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UTC 14 : 47 Jul 16, 2024
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Some Feedback about the Current PVP changes the good and the bads
Jun 21, 2024, 06:04 (UTC)
1097 1
Last Edit : Jun 21, 2024, 15:21 (UTC)
# 1

So let me start with the fact I understand these are just phase one of the pvp changes I understand people are upset because they can`t cheese the system or abuse certain things anymore I understand people don`t want to change their builds. But after doing some testing I will just say I get it and once certain numbers get changed and some classes get adjusted  then I really feel like things will be fine. This post will be long so stay with me if you can.

First thing first it is a blessing to actually be tanky on my ( Succession Warrior) main class not be semi tanky and get bursted by a drak once and well I guess it does not matter. I am glad that succession valk and guardian can actually pvp. I`m glad succession nova can enjoy themselves in pvp. It feel good that the tank spec actually can be tanks. You even said in your dev notes that you guys finally realize the Q block succession class line your tanky classes were not tanky at all and getting out tank by stuff like Awake Drak, Succ Zerker, and Awake Valk.  I am happy you kept your word and said that if you build tanky do not expect to do damage. I am glad damage classes are forced to go full glass to kill people. I am glad that because of this change some classes got their identity back.  I am glad that builds actually matter more now. You build tanky your job is cc and peel you build damage your job is take people down

Although the intent was to make some classes more tanky you went and made EVERYONE more tanky to the point evasion classes can build dr and be almost unkillable as well. You did not adjust succ nova DR like you did to Succ warrior to balance it so fighting her is annoying. You still have left healing the same which is causing succ zerk to be almost unkillable. Some classes damage is messed up.

Things I recommend:
1. Fix Awake Warrior/ Succ Warrior/ Ninja: Awake warrior and succession warrior are bugged due to the fact there are  issues with their skills currently however if this was the intent to take away awake warriors Q block cancels then give them more damage if your going to have the succession version  be the tank then let it be and give awake damage. Succession warrior has a attack speed be messed up for 3 months and needs to be looked at and right now ninja does no damage at all.

2. Review the gauntlet classes and hash: despite your effort to try to a plug into the unkillable evasion classes now they are even more unkillable since evasion gives dr brackets and they have become tankier but now they are tankier and still can do a lot of damage that needs to be reviewed.

3. Adjust Speical Attack Evasion: Some classes that relay on attack mods are doing almost no damage atm because of the hit reduction and speical attack evasion still being high. Once those numbers are adjusted then we can get more proper data.

4. Keep an eye on your tank busters: Hash, Succ DK, awake musa, Both Mageus and Succ Woosa: I was doing testing and we have some classes that once they build full damage they rip thru dr buffs and dr classes which is fine. However keep an eye on their damage you don`t wanna over do it ( I just want to add a edit and say I am using these classes as examples there are other classes that are doing a lot of damage when they build for damage oh nooo the damage class has to build for damage to do damage now what a surprize! All joking aside I am just saying that with the up coming balance patches and changes just watch the numbers and don`t over buff or nerf classes we don`t want another awake drak situation again.

5. Reduce Succession Nova and Zekrer to 30 DR: RIght now succession  nova and zerker are massive problems and need their dr buffs takne down to do  I do not think in the new changes any class should have more then 40 DR for free but succ zerker should not be a tanky class it should be a brusier. Yes I understand my Main Succession warrior can get 40 dr however its not for free you have to hit our Q block a few times to give us that other wise if you just out right cc us or grab us we don`t get that huge tank boost. What I mean for free is I mean you press one buttion like succ zerk, awake guard and succ nova right now and they are instantly almost unkillable that should be tone down a bit or make them work for their extra dr like succession warrior has to or succ valks

I have more  I wanna say but I got writers block so I will just leave it at this remember people this is just face one realx. Also I made some edits because I also made this while half asleep last night but it was one of those thoughts that if I did not put down I would forget so I am fixing things up I noticed I ether forgot or messed up



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