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UTC 4 : 46 Jul 13, 2024
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Guardian grabs phasing through people
Jun 21, 2024, 22:54 (UTC)
1025 3
Last Edit : Jun 22, 2024, 18:12 (UTC)
# 1

Hello, there has always been an issue/the concern that guardian grab was inconsistent/bad/felt goofy
recently i found out it was not just a skill issue. 

Succession guardian grab has a dash at the beginning of it, if you collide with someone the dash stops and the grab animation starts.

At the end of the dash there is also a check if there is an enemy inside of the grab range, if there is then grab them. (this works properly)

However if the enemy is doing a skill that has 'no collision' (i will explain what those are).
You will just phase through them with your dash, even though it looks like you should collide with someone and aimed properly.

It looks like the enemy resisted, that you just missed the grab by the slightest angle or even desync, but it is the ability itself

(the awakening grab has the same issue, however it is used differently and is very strong in other regards, see clip at bottom)

Skills with no collision are:
    Every movement skill that lets you phase through enemies, including the lingering animations (Both super armor AND unprotected skills)
    Random completely stationary skills (even when the skill description does not mention collision at all)

basically every class has these so this affects every guardian matchup somewhat

how normal grab should look like:

some examples of grab going through people: awakening valkyrie F-jump zerker spin, worst of everything, this happens 100% of the time evasion roll, the skill 99% of the classes have to lock because it is jiga bad, dodges my grab completely awakening striker skullcrusher guardian w+q, the end of it is completely unprotected but still does not have collision awakening striker dash, this works same with every other side/backwards dash in the game warrior shift+f/groundsmash, looks like a free grab, is a free way to get ccd 100% of the time

these are far from all, every class in the game has skills like these, but you get it at this point

this is 100% reproducable, all these clips were made first try who people who did not even know the key inputs of the classes (thank you all)

this interaction between guardian grab and skills with 'no collision' does not seem intended at all and is very frustrating, makes the grab way more inconsistent

you could say just grab from the right distance away so that you will get them at the end of the dash,

i counter with hitstagger influence the dash and make the distance inconsistent + by the time the dash is done they could have already gotten away
awakening clip:

Last Edit : Jun 21, 2024, 23:07 (UTC)
# 2

agreed... i miss on her grab like 80% of the time while there standing up ideal afk...

Lv Private
Last Edit : 4 Days ago
# 3

Guardian's grab is so useless it's not even worth using as part of her kit unless the person you want to grab is just standing in front of you doing nothing.

Everytime I miss, I end up standing there unprotected feeling like a chump. 😭


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