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UTC 21 : 41 Jul 21, 2024
CEST 23 : 41 Jul 21, 2024
PDT 14 : 41 Jul 21, 2024
EDT 17 : 41 Jul 21, 2024
Increase the price of sailboats
Jun 23, 2024, 19:24 (UTC)
1129 1
Last Edit : Jun 23, 2024, 19:24 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name: Altieres

Region (NA/EU): NA

Suggestions/Comments: Raise the market price for sailboats by ~50%.  In the time it takes me to gather enough logs to make a sailboat, I could have collected enough tree sap to directly sell on the market to equal the money I would get from selling a sailboat.  Making sailboats takes a large CP investement as well as time, so the price should be higher for the greater investment. 
I am ignoring the gathering benefits of lumbering vs sap collecting here, but I am also ignoring the other mats needed for sailboat making.
The prices of other boats, except the frigate, should probably be reviewed/increased as well.


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