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UTC 3 : 42 Jul 25, 2024
CEST 5 : 42 Jul 25, 2024
PDT 20 : 42 Jul 24, 2024
EDT 23 : 42 Jul 24, 2024
Add a benefit to raising the level of City/Town or Worker production nodes.
Jun 24, 2024, 13:22 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jun 24, 2024, 13:27 (UTC)
# 1

Family Name:  Goroshi

Region (NA/EU):  NA

At the Heidel Ball there was an announcement of a new lifeskill function in the city in LoML2 where you could level nodes within the city for various production reasons and benefits to be announced in more detail later.
I know mechanically it won't work and isn't quite the same, but we can already raise the level regular nodes in the game with energy.  Why not give us benefits to raising the levels of all of those as well?  Yes, you can get slight droprate buffs for leveling grinding nodes, but what about other types of nodes?  
Putting energy into a worker gathering node does absolutely nothing (and is a complete waste of energy for new players who don't specifically know that already) and leveling a City/Town node only confers a slight bonus to the amity minigame which hasn't been relevent to 99.999% of the playerbase in nearly 10 years.
It doesn't have to be major bonuses or anything, just some reason to actually use the function that has had no practical use in almost a decade.
Raising the level of a worker production node could simply offer a small bonus to materials gathered by the workers stationed there.   Raising the level of a City/Town could do something like offer some inate amount of bonus storage space, stat bonus to workers hired in that city, or refund small amounts of material used in workshops in that city similar to a worker's "Thrifty" skill, etc.
Last Edit : Jun 24, 2024, 14:08 (UTC)
# 2

Yeah it seems really weird you can invest in a node that gives you no benefits since it isn't linked with any mob.  They definitely should do this.

Levellign a node should also give you lifeskilling benefits like if you fish or gather in a zone you leveled it would increase your gathering drop ràte and  for fishing, either your auto fishing speed or just your odds of getting higher tier fishes. Could work with trading too. And definitely bartering, they could make is so that if you barter on a leveled node it uses less parley.  

Last Edit : Jun 24, 2024, 15:54 (UTC)
# 3

they did but only for the new lotm town

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Lv 61
Last Edit : Jun 25, 2024, 02:58 (UTC)
# 4

I think energy should provide a bonus to nodes you care most about. So it's an energy grind in a way. But I still don't think that extra materials for energy is an interesting system, people would just level the higest reward nodes. So while I compeltely agree, I think they could do more, like lower the cost of CP for that node at 5 and 10 if it costs 3CP. Or another idea I have for workshop systems, make it so that you get 1 town 'CP' that you can use in that region's workshop every time you have an active node at level 10. I have so many ideas to improve worker system to be more interesting idk where to begin. It's my favorite system in the game. I think they're testing stuff with LoML-Seoul to see how people like the system first. 

Last Edit : Jun 25, 2024, 03:42 (UTC)
# 5

Mearly possible examples.   The point being they should do something rather then the literally nothing and effectively nothing they do at the present time.



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