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[Mine][EU] The kite in Margoria. (My Secret Spot)
Jun 8, 2021, 17:26 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jun 8, 2021, 17:26 (UTC)
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Once upon a time, Dolishan (or, rather, the person who plays her) was studying fine arts in Paris. At school, she met the sweetest classmate she ever had: Soo*, a young lady of Korean heritage. Soo had come all the way from the United States, with her mom, to study art history and classical painting in France.


While talking, Soo and Dolishan realized they shared the same passion for foreign languages, and for video games. Soon, the two became very good friends.


Aside from gaming, Soo had a deep enthousiasm for flying kites. Every time she could, Soo would sneak out of the city by train, her own kite tucked under her arm, and go fly it in the countryside. 'Because it reminds me of my country, and of my friends there, who I miss very much', she explained once.


Soo also had an odd quirk: she would always hide her hair underneath a pretty, colorful scarf. Indoors, outdoors, at all times: you could never see her without it.


Months went by – until, someday, Soo abruptly stopped attending classes. At first, Dolishan wasn't concerned. Maybe Soo had stuff to take care of. She would probably be back soon.


After a couple weeks, Dolishan started worrying. So, she decided to try and call Soo's home (cellphones weren't a common thing to have at the time, and social networks hadn't been yet invented). It was Soo's mother who picked up – and who had to explain, best she could, that Soo had just passed away.


As a matter of fact, the habit Soo had of covering her head with a scarf wasn't an odd quirk. It was because she had lost her hair, as a result of being treated for cancer.


Dolishan was invited to attend Soo's funeral in the States – but, unfortunately, she simply couldn't afford the trip. Being a pennyless student sucks.


Dolishan went on with her life, but she never forgot her friend. And, for all the decades that followed, she sought kites in each and every video game she ever played.


Each year on April 17th, you'll find her outdoors, flying a real kite. And when she can't (for whatever reason – such as a pandemic), then you'll find her sitting near a virtual one – such as the kite that flies high in the sky of Margoria:

The kite in Margoria.

Remembering the wonderful Soo and her sweet smile.

Thank you for reading me, Doli


* The name has been changed, out of respect.

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