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GM Notes Mar 11, 2021, 21:30 (UTC) Sage, the Savior Awakened from Eternal Slumber



"The Last Ancient"


Soon, the blood-eyed, dark invaders will seek out these lands.

On that day, I shall make my return from eternity.




This was what he concluded the moment he witnessed it.

On a night where bleak darkness devoured every trace of starlight,

a mysterious red star, never-before-seen,

glimmered alone within the constellation of the Sealing Stone

in the northern region of the sky.


"We must all unite to prepare for the coming calamity.

Otherwise, all that awaits us is annihilation!"


Rux Maha Dehkia.



Nicknamed the "Oddball of the Ivory Tower" for his eccentric ideas,

he appeared before the masses for the first time.

In a blink of an eye, a crowd formed before him

as he revealed the existence of the invaders he had long studied and tracked.



"I've seen with my own eyes the comet that orbits the North Star.

A comet bearing blood-eyed, dark beings that promise destruction.


That's right. The fell invaders foretold in the Revelations of Margahan are coming.

Three days is all they will need to reduce this glorious kingdom into nothing more than ash!”



But even the appearance of a mysterious comet

was not enough to evoke fear in the people blessed by the bountiful Agris River.



They had been lulled into the illusion of eternal abundance by

the bountiful grain that lined every warehouse and the aroma of wine that accompanied every meal,

despite knowing that eternal life and endless bounty did not exist in this world.

They had lost themselves in their daily, honeyed prosperity.



“Hear me! That which none have laid eyes on before is coming.

Pay heed to what my creation - made with my very own hands - has allowed me to witness!

Believe what my astronomical telescope, Atorarkiaka, has revealed!”



But before he could continue his speech, he was imprisoned for dissent.

Confined to the very prison he had designed, which none had ever escaped,

he set aside his sorrow for the kingdom set on the path of ruin.

Then, on a night when only a sliver of moonlight shone through the bars,

he vanished without a trace;

except for a letter contained in a small cube he left behind.







“Foolish citizens...

When the comet descends and the invaders bring ruin to this world...

When the temples collapse and the Ivory Tower burns, and your tears of regret wash over the split earth...
I will come to save you all.”



And so, after exactly 49 years,

the comet—with its invaders in tow—fell upon the world.

The temples collapsed, the Ivory Tower burned, and the earth split open.

As the people shed tears of regret, they looked for his return.

And yet, he did not come to save them.






“Carthuo Fenhaus Atoraxxion: The Final Day Cometh.”

Sage Main Skills

Rift Chain

Move freely without collision to a desired point

for a short duration with dimensional energy.

Spatial Collapse

Unleash destruction to inflict massive damage

to enemies in the area and weaken their DP.

Ator's Energy

Sage's primary skill, which requires casting time,

but can inflict massive damage with a 100% critical hit rate.


A main skill used after Ator’s Energy.

Knock down nearby enemies with powerful lightning damage.

Can inflict greater damage if enemies are grouped together.



▶ From the Black Desert Studio: About Sage

Sage is the first caster-type class developed ever since Wizard and Witch's release. We wanted a figure depicting the archetype of the Ancients, a character that would also be very appealing to our NA/EU Adventurers. Sage was an actual denizen of the ancient kingdom whose ruins have been found all over the world of Black Desert. A scientist and Ancient Weapons researcher, he taught students atop an ivory tower.

A master of time and space, Sage commands both to unleash destructive power. After the teaser aired, some viewers wondered if Sage was "a Bitcoin class?" due to cube-shaped object shown in the teaser. That was "Kyve,” Sage's main weapon, which he wields to open rifts in space and call forth Ator's Fist to crush his foes, as well as plenty of other powerful offensive magic.

Sage can accelerate time and manipulate space to reduce the cooldown of specific skills or open rifts in space to move short distances, regardless of obstacles in his path. This allows him to position himself strategically to gain the upper hand in combat. He also has the unique trait and advantage of utilizing his skill combinations to make himself adaptable to what the situation calls for.


All of his skill effects are highlighted by colorful, kaleidoscope-like visuals, which capture the mysticism and beauty of the ancient's combat style. Lastly, Sage can enter Hystria Ruins or Aakman Temple directly with no materials and will have Succession available at launch.


“I will save you from the blood-eyed invaders.”

Sealing himself away to thwart the impending destruction, Sage re-opened his eyes only to learn that the ancient kingdom that he belonged to was long gone. But why has Sage arisen now?



Sage’s Combat Style

Sage wields the Kyve, made of a special substance he developed, and the magic-filled Talisman. He uses Kyve's special ability to freely change its form to distort time and space, bringing forth powerful physical forces. Sage can inflict damage with powerful attacks from afar and interrupt foes who try to catch him off guard. Also, he can quickly re-position himself in the thick of battle and turn the odds to his favor. His versatility enables Sage to carry out multiple roles depending on what the situation calls for.




Bear witness to Sage as he flips the hourglass of fate in his long-awaited return to this world.






The Last Ancient

Sage, the newest class, arrives to Black Desert Online this coming March 17.

Please stay tuned!


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