Notices [Notices] Regarding Node/Conquest War Issues
Black Desert May 18, 2021, 13:44 (UTC)



Greetings Adventurers,


First off, we want to sincerely apologize for the inconveniences caused by the Node/Conquest War issues on May 15 (Sat) - May 17 (Mon).


We discovered that the root cause of the issues was an issue which caused the game to reload in certain situations during Node/Conquest War. As of the May 18 (Tue) maintenance, all the related issues have been resolved.

Additionally, we’ve closely examined the causes of this issue and taken steps to prevent it from occurring again. We’re also creating a process to prevent fundamental issues like this one from occurring in advance.

Once again, we want to apologize to our Adventurers for the inconvenience caused. Based on our Adventurers’ Node/Conquest War participation and victory/defeat records during the period the issues occurred, we plan to provide Resplendent Medals of Honor and Guild Funds as follows.



■ Regarding Cancelled Conquest War

Sieging/defending guilds that constructed a fort to participate in Conquest War before the May 15 (Sat) Conquest War cancellation announcement will receive 2,000,000,000 silver as guild funds.

- Date Provided: Sent to Guild Storage during the May 26 (Wed) maintenance


■ Regarding Issue of Unremoved Node War Forts and Annexes

We discovered an issue where guilds that did not have their forts and annexes removed for the Node War on May 16 (Sun) were able to build another fort in a different territory. As a result, all related forts and annexes were removed during the May 18 (Tue) maintenance, and all Adventurers will receive Resplendent Medals of Honor.

- Note: Guilds that occupied up to two Nodes due to their Forts and Annexes not being removed on May 16 (Sun) and May 17 (Mon) will be excluded.

- Date Provided: Sent to in-game mailboxes (B) during the May 26 (Wed) maintenance


Thank you for your patience and understanding. We will work harder to provide a better service.

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