GM Notes Jun 23, 2021, 08:00 (UTC) Corsair, a Pirate with Big Dreams!



'Wait for me, world! For I’m about to claim ye as me own! Hahahaha'

Yearning to quench her insatiable thirst for freedom and adventure,
Corsair boldly set out to sea,
unbounded by her family’s wealth
and the foreseeable prospects that could be afforded from it.

She is the master of the seas,

the everlasting Captain of the Slippery Scallywags,
and the keeper of the Heirloom of the Crow
with which she shall claim the treasures of the vast ocean.



Press the Play button to listen to Corsair’s tales!

There be treasure for the takin’” 


At long last... It all makes sense! 

 The family heirloom me father kept hidden all them years! 

 That dusty old treasure map of the Crows! 


It was no easy task. 

Me journey took me to all the known libraries of the world. 

 And even to Grána, where I donned a pair of pointy fake ears so as not to be detected by the locals. 

But I was, and thought me heart would burst when the Achers were interrogating me 

Me fake ears havin’ fallen off earlier in a scuffle with gargoylesyou see. 

 Then there be the time I looted a merchant ship headed to the Land of the Morning Calm, 

Never in me wildest dreams did I think I'd get me hands on a clue to unravelin’ the Three-Legged Crow's mystery! 




I don’t take after me father. Never have. 

Me mother... well, she passed not long after I was born. 

Aye, was many the day people would stare and whisper between themselves. 

But me father, he loved me dearly, and I him. 

Every time he set sail to sell his wares, there I was at his side. 

And every time I was filled with excitement at the thought of 

What new place and what new people I’d see next... 


And yet, while pretty words would oft tumble from me father’s mouth,

I can tell ye now he was quite the calculating man, 

And had planned out me future right down to the last detail. 

At fifteen summers old, I was to enter the Holy College of Calpheon. 

Cause in doing so I’d be worthy of marrying into a fine household, and thereby being of some use to me family. 

Not wanting to disappoint me father, I said aye to all his plans. 


The day before I’d pack me bags and leave for Port Epheria, 

Just happened to be me birthday. 

And when I slept that night I heard in me dreams a sweet and gentle melody. 

Drawin’ me towards the vast seas of Margoria, I suddenly found myself by its sandy shores. 

It was then I realized 


I be not me father! 

I yearned to be free! 

I was a romantic, wishin’ to be at sea! 


In the wee hours of the morn, I cast aside me once rich and promisin’ future and fled from the isle. 

Helpin’ meself to me father’s treasure map while I was at it. 

Since then, the legends of me exploits have begun writin’ themselves!


First, I subdued and took charge of an unassumin’ band of pirates known as the Slippery Scallywags. That was easy. 

I remembered those rogues from me father’s voyages through Velia. They were always plottin’ and schemin’. 

Either way, they’re my loyal-to-a-fault crew now. 

Hmm, had I not sought me freedom on the high seas... 

I’d probably be wed into House Encarotia or the Nesser Royal Family, no? Haha! 



Me long hard adventure be nearin’ its end. 

Me father had always said the family heirloom would be mine the day I reached adulthood. 

And spoke often of the unbelievable things it’d have in store for me. 

Well, I make the rules, and I’ll choose when I become an adult! 


'Wait for meworldFor I’m about to claim ye as me own! Hahahaha!'

Corsair Combat Clip

Corsair Combat Style


Corsair is armed with Serenaca, a flexible blade that can change its length at will, and Mareca, the jewel of the sea that grants the bearer the power of the tides. As a melee fighter, her free-form bladework is made up of fluid combos centered around unique rope movement skills that keep her afloat.


No one is quite as spontaneous as the Corsair when she glides about using her rope maneuvers only to suddenly protract her blade and strike her opponents at their most vulnerable moment. But do not let her agile movements fool you for her blade is as dangerous as the sea itself.


Using the mysterious powers of Mareca, Corsair can transform into a mermaid with the ability to summon gigantic waves to crush her opponents as she dances with the Dream Whales from the Lost Sea of Dreams.


Like any good seafaring pirate, she can quickly move about in the water and remain submerged longer than others.


Witness the songs of the Dream Whales and the tidal waves they’re about to bring to the world of Black Desert!



Corsair Main Skills

Wave Lash

Corsair slashes her blade left and right,
hurling a tide at her enemies that throws them off balance,

knocking them down to the ground.



Mareca Swing + Smooth Sailin’

Corsair slings her water-infused rope from afar,

and then slides across using the rope as a tether,

allowing her swift passage even above water. 



Wipe Out

Corsair extends her Serenaca in midair and slashes it against her enemies
followed up by a finishing chop from above.

The skill’s momentum can also be used to jump over foes,
giving her the perfect opportunity to strike them from behind.



Mareca: Sea Stroll

Corsair transforms into a mermaid

and drifts through her foes as if she was sailing on the tides.
Even when facing numerous opponents,
she is able to easily evade their attacks and glide around them.



Mareca: Jet Stream

Corsair dives into the Lost Sea of Dreams in her mermaid form

luring her enemies in and slowing them down.
Unable to even flinch against what will happen next,
they are soon consumed by the massive jet of water.


Welcome Corsair, the newest class to Black Desert!


Pre-creation begins this June 23rd! Stay tuned for the tides to come!
i __create this new class on Season Character and its not let me play and i have to wait for future update is my Season Character is destroy if i delete this character ?
@frozenpearl " If your season character is deleted at the time the rewards are given out, you may be excluded from the rewards." so it says season will go live next week then your char will be playable
Can you guys please bring up the max limit on the size of the character's thighs (not just the females). All the characters since Mystic has been too limited and it annoys me so much that I almost don't even want to __create them. I pre-__created the Corsair
and was so let down, I just quit the game instead of logging all the way in to play.
@Sholities First you need to increase the body weight under height adjustment, then go adjust the individual parts. That should allow much larger thighs
@Saturnal That has never helped me. It widens everything but the legs.
@Sholities how is this preventing you from playing? thighs size? really?
@LossHz It's not preventing me from playing. I said it disappointed me so much that I didn't feel like playing at that moment. I just want my characters in game to look like they can destruct stuff while not skipping leg day. AND, if I can get the Sorceress
to have thicc thighs, why can't the Mystic and (especially) the Guardian? It makes no sense.
@LossHz Honestly I wouldn't even worry about that dude Sholities . It's weird that not having "thighs" on a character makes a person want to play a game. I mean if he did what the other dude said I'm sure it works fine. It just that some ppl want to complain
about anything they can.
@Saturnal yea, some players want to __create fat characters like themselves. that should be allowed. make max weight 500 lbs :D
@Gotdayum First, nobody needs to worry about me. Second, moving the weight slider after maxing out the legs does nothing to the legs, but everything else expands out. And, I just didn't play for the rest of that day after making the Corsair. I didn't completely
stop playing the game altogether just because I want all my characters to have to have as thick as thighs that all the initial characters can get (because they don't have these low limits like the Mystic and beyond). I just want a bit more max limit to make
the thighs bigger. Otherwise, I'm good with the game.
Morning, just checking I haven't made an error.
New character expansion purchased this morning, had the option on character selection for a season character, made a Corsair, got to end of character creation (after name) and option only to __create normal character.
I clicked on this, checked character selection and Corsair there but nothing indicating she is a season character. It may be correct, and when new season starts I will have option to use Corsair on season server (if so, no problems). If a season character should
be distinguishable at the moment please let me know. Not playing or planning to play Corsiar prior to new season. Not begrudging PA anything but money spent to get the character slot so I can get the pre season creation rewards.
I don't know about anybody else, but so far I don't enjoy any of Corsair's mermaid moves... They seem to WAY overshoot my target, and be unpredictable (one combination of keys I hit while I thought I was sliding and gliding turned me into a mermaid, shooting
me WELL beyond my intended target(s)...) This is only at level 17 I feel this way! It makes her feel... well, unwieldy.

Also... cosmetically I wish the mermaid a) wasn't so scantily clad, and
b) either kept the same haircut (but it changed colour) or changed to the long waves but kept your hair colouring.

So it still looks like your character, at least a bit, y'know?

BUT, I love love love her Serenica moves, especially RMB skills. (RMB, forward/W + RMB, Shift + RMB).
Alright, ignoring what I wrote earlier in GM Notes, I have played a bit more with her and she's very fun to play. It would seem that her tail isn't physical, but magic, so I can be more forgiving here than I was before. I do have some things that really
bother me about her swimming, though.
She can only go into mermaid form while under water, not when on the surface of it. She __b__links in and out of it. She has a bit more oxygen, but both that and her stamina drain really quickly. Honestly... it is very underwhelming for a mermaid.
If nothing else, at least give her infinite stamina when swimming, at all times (so under water and on the surface of it); Hashashin has infinite stamina to run with in the desert. With Corsair, you swim maybe 100 - 200 meters or so and you're all out of stamina,
stranded in the water until your stamina regenerates, slow as heck just like with any other character.
For a mermaid, that is really, really silly.

Aside from infinite stamina while swimming, I'd like to see infinite oxygen, but I can let it slide if that doesn't happen I guess. She doesn't transform into an actual fish woman after all. I hope though, with her awakening, since I'm expecting her to fully
'awaken' to the mermaid form she may not be used to yet, that she'll remain in mermaid form while swimming. __b__linking in and out of it is too clunky for a mermaid who's gotten used to her powers imo.
I also hope that her awakening will have a Trident, but I guess that remains to be seen.

Finally, her customization - the new long hairstyle is the one I use, but it is once again a hairstyle you cannot edit. What is the point of letting us edit only a handful of hairstyles? Even more important: everyone's mermaid form is the same. Please allow
us to customize at the very least the colors of the scales and hair, even if not the magic tail.

In summary:
- She should have infinite stamina while swimming. That is the most important thing for me and Hashashin has the same for running in the desert, so I don't see why this can't happen.
- Sea Lungs' oxygen should be buffed, preferably with infinite stamina in succession and awakening, I don't mind needing a couple more skill points for that. Preferably it should be infinite, but I can understand it more if this doesn't happen.
- In awakening (and perhaps succession), it would be preferable if she can swim in mermaid form without constantly __b__linking in and out of it. It's quite jarring, but I can understand it for a mermaid who is not used to her powers yet.
- Corsair should be able to take mermaid form on the water's surface when swimming normally, not only under water.
- New hairs should be customizable.
- We should be able to at the very least give her mermaid form hair and scales/golden 'outfit' different colors. Everyone's mermaid form looks the same.

Here's hoping that Awakening Weapon is a Trident.

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