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Updates Jul 28, 2021, 10:00 (UTC) Patch Notes - July 28, 2021



Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on July 28, 2021 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 95 updates and is approximately 1.25GB.





Summer Nights at Terrmian Beach! event has started.

- July 28, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance - August 18, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance

This summer’s hottest vacation spot is Terrmian Beach! 💙

Summer has arrived at Terrmian Beach! That means it’s time to spend the summer nights at Terrmian Beach and soak in the festive atmosphere before it’s gone!

[Summer Nights at Terrmian Beach!]


A Summer Night to Remember event has started.

- July 28, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance - August 8, 2021 (Sun) 23:59 (UTC)

As you escape the summer heat with the Terrmian Festival, take some screenshots of the festivities and send them to us!
We’ll make you special photocard and portrait photo to remember your Terrmian summer!

[A Summer Night to Remember]


Terrmian Vacation Project event has started.

- July 28, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance - August 11, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance

Sun, sea, and... Terrmian 😎

This summer’s star attraction is the Terrmian Night Market! Offering a diverse selection of delicious food and fun festivities, there’s no better place to vacation than Terrmian!

Help us promote everything Terrmian has to offer by making a vacation poster, and we’ll return the favor with some great rewards!

[Terrmian Vacation Project]



New and Improvements

● Cold Blade I-IV - Changed the Ranged Accuracy Rate increase effect in the description to match the actual effect.
Before Now
Ranged Accuracy Rate increase on hit Ranged Accuracy Rate increase on 2nd hit


● Glide - Fixed the issue where the skill did not activate when used immediately after Tab is pressed while moving forward in combat stance.
● Glide - Changed so that the skill takes priority in activating over sprint when Shift is pressed after Tab is pressed while moving forward in combat stance.
After the past update, many Adventurers let us know that they couldn't engage in the so-called "Sliding Shot" or "Skating"-type of playstyle, which consumed low amounts of stamina while also letting the Archer easily move to a more advantageous location. We never intended for this type of playstyle to be prevented, so, just as it was registered as a known issue, we will be fixing it for today's update.


● Fixed the issue where certain skills could not be comboed immediately after Tab is pressed while moving forward in combat stance.
● Sand Warp, Prime: Sand Warp, Flow: Sand Warp - Changed so that the skills take priority in activating over sprint when Shift is pressed after Tab is pressed while moving forward in combat stance.
Like Archers, Hashashins used the Tab key to combo into Haladie Assault, allowing for a safer means of recovering Stamina while also pressing forward with the Super Armor buff. We never intended for this type of playstyle to be prevented, so, just as it was registered as a known issue, we will be fixing it for today's update.


● Mareca: Jet Stream - Improved to turn the character in the direction the camera is facing when comboed into Mareca: Spiral Soak.
● Smooth Sailin' - Improved to now cancel by pressing the S key when used sideways.
● Smooth Sailin' - Improved to now be comboable during the stop animations.
● Smooth Sailin', Riding Waves - Improved to combo more smoothly into Prime: Mareca: Jet Stream, Mareca: Spiral Soak, and Mareca: Sea Stroll.
● Ocean Melancholy - Improved to combo more smoothly into other skills.
● Wave Lash - Improved to combo more smoothly into other skills after the 2nd hit.
● Wave Pout - Improved to now combo into Flow: Raging Torrent.
● Mareca: Whale Song, Mareca: Spiral Soak, Mareca: Jet Stream - Increased the activation speed.
● Mareca: Sea Stroll - Improved to combo more smoothly into other skills that use the serenaca.
● Whirling Slash - Increased the activation speed.
● Absolute: Whirling Slash, Prime: Whirling Slash - Added All Accuracy +9% for 10 sec.
● Splashin' Around - Improved to combo more smoothly into other skills.
● Improved backward movement to combo more smoothly into other skills after guarding successfully.
● Tidal Slash III - Absolute - Fixed the issue where no Critical Hit Rate marker was being displayed.
● Mareca: Spiral Soak - Changed the description to match the actual hit damage effect.
● Changed the PvE damage for the following skills (PvP damage remains the same, but PvP damage reduction rates have been adjusted accordingly):
Skill Before Now
Prime: Mareca: Jet Stream 1st Hit Damage 1167% x8 / 2nd Hit Damage 1228% x6 / Last Hit Damage 1228% x5 1st Hit Damage 1239% x8 / 2nd Hit Damage 1304% x6 / Last Hit Damage 1304% x5
Prime: Mareca: Whale Song 1st Hit Damage 1209% x6 / 2nd Hit Damage 1209% x10 1st Hit Damage 1308% x6 / 2nd Hit Damage 1308% x10
Prime: Mareca: Spiral Soak 1st Hit Damage 1202% x6 / 2nd Hit Damage 1202% x10 1st Hit Damage 1402% x1, Max 6 Hits / 2nd Hit Damage 1402% x10
● Mareca: Sea Stroll - Improved to now combo into Prime: Mareca: Jet Stream even after the 2nd hit.
● Wave Pout - Improved to combo smoother with Storming Gale and Wave Lash after using the skill.
● Whale Song - Improved to activate the last hit when used during Mareca: Sea Stroll.
● Flow: Tide's Kiss - Improved on the issue where hitting with the skill caused her to move slower.
● Crashing Wave - Decreased the range she moved when using the skill.
● Wipe Out - Improved to combo smoother with Riding Waves after using the skill.
● Wave Breaker - Fixed the issue where stamina was being consumed twice when using this skill.
● Wave Breaker - Fixed the issue where the skill would stop when used with insufficient stamina.
● Absolute: Smooth Sailin' - Changed the on use effect "All Evasion" to +9% for 10 sec.
● Smooth Sailin' - Changed to turn slightly when used right in front of an enemy.
● Wipe Out - Improved to be able to combo with Prime: Mareca: Jet Stream, Prime: Mareca: Sea Stroll, and Mareca: Spiral Soak during the skill.
● Fixed the issue where her appearance moved abnormally in the Pearl Shop and Customization window.



● Changed the PRI (I) Tuvala Main and Sub-weapon Boxes exchanged from PEN (V) Naru Main and Sub-weapons to now open immediately upon receipt, granting you a suitable weapon for your class.
● Changed Rift's Fragments, obtainable on the Season Servers to form Rift's Echo, from character-bound to Family-bound.

"Rift's Fragments," which combine into the Rift's Echo item, are character-bound, and when "Fughar's Timepiece" is used, these items couldn't be moved to the new season character. To improve the fate of "Rift's Fragments" unintentionally turning into junk loot, this update will change "Rift's Fragments" to now be family-bound, and you'll be able to access them through means such as the storage keeper to use them on a season character once more.

● Added Nova and Corsair to the list of classes that can open [Event] Loranne Bikini Box to get a Loranne Bikini for their class.
● Added Sage to the list of classes that can open [Event] Luvis Swimsuit Box to get a Luvis Swimsuit for their class.
● Changed the description for Golden Terrmina regarding how to obtain the item.



● Fixed the issue where the notes would be rearranged abnormally if a composition was saved after expanding the score or changing the BPM in the Compose/Score window of the Music Album.

We apologize for sharing the news about this fix so late. We can understand how frustrating it must be to save a new composition then find all the notes rearranged by 1mm. So after much hard work, we are glad to finally announce that the notes in the Music Album compositions will now stay in their original, saved positions.

● Changed certain regions of Iliya Island so you can fish up Black Eye Crabs, a Prize Catch type, once again.
● You can now fish up Black Eye Crabs, a Prize Catch type of Iliya Island, in certain regions of the Slippery Scallywags isle.
● Expanded the safe zone by the entrance to Blue Maned Lion's Manor.



● Increased the lowest possible chance to obtain knowledge from defeating monsters in Balenos to Mediah by 10%.
- However, the rates to learn knowledge from Shultz Guard monsters remain the same as before.

Gathering bits of knowledge as you grow stronger is one of the small pleasures of playing Black Desert. Especially some knowledge of certain monsters can be more difficult to learn, which may serve as a challenge to the collector within all of us. On the other hand, only by learning a certain monster's knowledge will you be able to see their health in detail. Thus, some Adventurers have requested we provide an increase in the rate for learning knowledge to help new adventurers adjust better. In response, we have decided to increase the rate of learning knowledge for monsters up to the Mediah Territory. However, the Shultz Guard garrison is not a monster zone for novice adventurers, so they've been excluded. We will continue to look for better ways to provide support for New Adventurers.

● A bunch of Kzarka's followers have succeeded in unlocking the sinful power of the Vessel of Inquisition.
● The [Sin-filled] Harbinger of Defilement monster now appears from the Vessel of Inquisition at Star's End.
● [Sin-filled] Harbinger of Defilement will throw its sin-filled spear mightily from afar to provide support to power-hungry followers of Kzarka.

You could previously defeat the cultists who sought after the power of the Vessel of Inquisition by gathering them into one spot at Star's End. We saw that many Adventurers were using the same skill in the same location, reducing this monster zone to a rather simple affair. We deemed this method diverting a bit from our original intentions for this monster zone, so we decided to implement the Harbinger of Defilement to change up how you'd face off against the followers of Kzarka.
* The ""[Sin-filled] Harbinger of Defilement"" will appear in a manner least interruptive to Adventurers who engaged the location as a generic monster zone. We will continue to monitor its appearance and provide necessary updates in order implement this monster in the best way possible.

● Changed dying in Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea on the season and normal servers to no longer deal penalties.
● Reduced the damage of the falling rocks and rock attack patterns of Apex Urukios at Vaha's Cradle in both the season and normal versions of Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea.
● Changed defeating Apex Urukios to now drop Caphras Stones in Vaha's Cradle, Elvia server Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea.
● Increased the DP reduction debuff applied to Apex Urukios in phase 3 at Vaha's Cradle, Elvia server Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea.
● Changed Apex Urukios at Vaha's Cradle, Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea to enter phase 3 while invincible when its HP drops to a certain point while it is a statue.
● Added camera effects for Apex Urukios at Vaha's Cradle, Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea when entering phase 2 and 3.
● Changed Apex Lucretia at Vaha's Cradle, Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea to prioritize sycronizing when its health gets low.

We've gathered a lot of feedback from our Adventurers after the release of Atoraxxion. First off, in order for more Adventurers to enjoy the dungeon, we removed the penalty for dying in Atoraxxion on season and normal servers, While this penalty will be retained for Elvia Realm servers, the awards have been bolstered in exchange.


In addition, in order to mitigate the need for a specific class when facing Apex Urukios, we've increased the DP reduction debuff applied to Urukios in its 3rd phase. We've also made it more clear each time Apex Urukios enters a new phase in Vaha's Cradle so Adventurers will be able to prepare better for the next pattern.


We also determined that the damage of the falling stones and boulders posed too much of a threat to Adventurers with lower health bars when facing Apex Urukios, so we adjusted their damage accordingly.


We look forward to hearing and reading your feedback on Atoraxxion: Sycrakea as well. Thank you.



Quest, Knowledge

● Fixed the issue where completing some of the main quests before becoming a season character by using the item "Fughar's Timepiece" would prevent completion of some of the Season Pass objectives.
- The objectives that could not be completed before can now be completed by summoning the Black Spirit (,) and talking (W) to it.
● Fixed the issue where characters with main quests before the main quest rework who become a season character by using the item "Fughar's Timepiece" could not complete some of the Season Pass objectives.
- If the character completed the following quests, then they can now be completed by summoning the Black Spirit (,) and talking (W) to it.

Quest Season Pass Title
[Boss] Black Spirit and the Giant Imp Rudolph's Cousin?
[Boss] Confronting the Goblin Chief Take Off the Mask!
Big Fish in a Small Pond Ready? Then, Embark!
[Boss] Frenzied Altar Imp Captain Hmph, a Coward!
To Enrico Mancini Justice Theater! A Moment of Choice!
[Awakening] Artifacts of the Naga Edan, Stay Out of This!
[Boss] Muskan of Madness Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 1
[Boss] Org the Greedy Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 2
Visit Calpheon City Attended Parliament!
[Awakening] Bree Tree Cave Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 3
[Boss] Black Mane Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 4
Catfishman Extermination II He's Qoobe!
[Boss] The Witch of Horrors Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 5

● Changed characters who've accepted the pre-revamped main questline to now be able to exchange Beginner Blackstones for Naru Gear upon completing the [Boss] Witch of Horrors quest.
● Fixed the issue where season characters who had been transferred via using the timepiece and had been proceeding with the pre-revamped main questline couldn't open Season Leveling Aid Boxes.
- Having completed the following pre-revamped main quests will now allow you to open the corresponding Leveling Aid Boxes below:  

Quest Season Leveling Aid Boxes
Big Fish in a Small Pond [Season] Lv. 30: Leveling Aid Box
To Calpheon! [Season] Lv. 50: Leveling Aid Box
[Boss] Witch of Horrors [Season] Lv. 53: Leveling Aid Box



Background, NPC, Effects, Cutscene

● Fixed the dialog of certain NPCs in the Lake Flondor area.
● Fixed the issue where Grace Lauren's voiceovers were overlapping during the Atoraxxion main questline.
● Changed so you can now control the volume of Atoraxxion NPC voiceovers.



● Added the settings for the custom HP bar to the game settings you can go to by pressing (New) Menu ESC, then Settings (F10).
● Added a description about how the days and nights work in the Black Desert world that appears when you hover your mouse over the game schedule category on the upper right of the screen.
● Changed the notification widget that appears on the bottom right of the screen when your Inventory is full or when you exceed the weight limit to disappear when you empty your Inventory, decrease the weight, or click on the widget.

● Improved moving items through the Central Market Directors and Storage Keepers to be able to move 20 non-stackable items at a time.
- However, only gear of the same enhancement level can be moved together. As for PEN (V) gear, only one of them can be moved at a time like before.
- Added the same function to Head Storage Maids/Butlers.

This is another improvement suggestion we have been receiving from Adventurers for a long time. We really wanted to get this changed, but the system structure made it a fairly difficult task. We regret making you wait so long, but we’ve found a solution. You aren’t able to move all the items at once, but we still hope this will lessen the inconvenience for our Adventurers.

● Added and changed the search function for each of the following: Inventory, Pearl Inventory, Family Inventory, and Central Market Warehouse.
- Changed the effect that appears on the searched item to be maintained even when the item is moved to a different slot.
● Added a function in which the Skill (K) window opens when you click on the skill points icon in the upper left of the screen.
● Added a function in which you can set up to 20 items to display the amount of cooldown remaining at the Skill (K) window.


● Added a feature that causes buttons for the NPC Pathfind function to appear on the left side of the Minimap when you enter a village.
- You can click on the following UI to fold and unfold.


● Improved the Guild Recruitment window.
- Changed the Guild Recruitment window to list up to 30 random guilds.
- Added the Sort and Search functions on the Guild Recruitment window.
- Changed to allow the applicant to write a message when asking to join a recruiting guild.
- The Guild Master can now send invites to applicants to join the guild regardless of if they are online, offline, or on a different server.
- When invited to join a guild, you'll join as an Apprentice guild member with a 15-day contract period, that has a deposit of 30,000 Silver, and a 15,000 Silver cancellation penalty. When your contract as an Apprentice ends, you will be able to become an official Guild Member.


As our Adventurers may be aware, Black Desert is a game that exists in a single world where you can freely come and go on many different servers. Unexpected inconveniences often occur since the servers run on a channel-like system. Due to this, you previously had to be on the same server when inviting a party or guild member. Though we had the means to overcome these structural issues, the original intent of maintaining such a traditional system was to make sure our Adventurers had direct communication when cooperating with one another. However, we realized it was important to give our Adventurers more convenience while playing Black Desert, so we ultimately revised this system. We would like to apologize for being so late to provide you these results.
● Changed the End Game window to add a line break if the item name is long.
● Changed the location of the View Details button in the selection products that appeared awkward for regions where gifting is not available.
● Changed the Recruit Guild Member window to refresh each time the Combat, Life, Sailing, Adventure tabs are clicked.
● Fixed the issue where text overlapped in the Guild Invitation description.
● Fixed the issue where the buttons to the left of the minimap would deactivate when resetting all settings in the Edit UI window.
● Fixed the issue where the NPC Finder would not appear when the function buttons were hidden in Edit UI mode then changed to display in a safe zone.
● Fixed the issue where the minimap would overlap with the Find NPC UI when changing the minimap mode.


Pearl Shop

● Moved the "Captain's Medallion" item from the "Consumables" category to the "Slot Expansion Coupon" category.

● Fixed the issue where the [Sage] Exclatus Awakening Set banner appeared abnormal in the Pearl Shop (F3).



● Added a message to appear for Steam users if they have not completed the email verification process.
● Changed the sender name to Pearl Abyss in the text message sent for verification and mobile verification.
● Changed the sign-up page to automatically log you in and go to the official website if you go "Back" to the email verification page after completing the sign-up process.

● Improved the loading speed for certain pages on the Black Desert official website.
● Changed the pages you will be forwarded to when logging in or completing the registration process from the Black Desert official website to the following:
- When you attempt to log in while viewing a post, you will be sent back to the post after logging in.
- You will be sent to the Download page after completing sign-up.
● Improved the Black Desert client to allow you to complete the registration process in the client when logging in with "Log in with Social Media."
● Changed the dates displayed on the official website to match each of the language settings.
● Added each of the class symbols to the images at the top of the Class Introduction page.
● Increased overall security on the official website.
● Fixed the issue where the Adventurer's profile is not displayed if you select the profile while you're on a certain page. (Added)



● Changed the following terms in English:
- Frightening Witch, Hex of Terror, and Witch-Hunting were unified to Witch of Horrors.
- Marketplace were changed to Central Market.


Modified or Changed

● Fixed the issue where items would move to the locked slots when using the Auto-Arrange function on your Family Inventory.
● Fixed the issue where the color of the Exchange Pet button would appear abnormally after applying the Summer Season UI theme.
● Fixed the issue on the Recruit Guild Member window where the guild intro and icons were not displayed immediately.
● Fixed the issue where proceeding with the Black Spirit quests would cause the game to have issue if the character has completed all of the main quests.
● Fixed the issue where the [Mystic] Makalu Outfit Set's Pearl Shop banner incorrectly shows the Awakening Set's banner. (Added)


Happy adventuring!

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