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Notices Feb 5, 2021, 11:15 (UTC) Game Data Transfer Q&A



Greetings Adventurers,


Starting from February 25 (Thu), Black Desert’s new journey will begin under Pearl Abyss. To help everyone get ready for the transfer, we've previously provided an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) which contains the information you need to know.


Today, we'd like to address how we will be transferring game data and information once we begin our service. While most game data will be safely transferred, certain content will, unfortunately, have to be reset.

Specifically, we will be resetting Friend and Guild data that contains data about Families and Guilds that have not transferred.


For more details on what in-game data will and will not be transferred, check out the Q&A below.



Game Data Transfer Q&A

Q. Will game data transfer safely with the Service Transfer?

A. Yes, most of the game data will be safely transferred. However, data related to an Adventurer or Guild that did not transfer might cause server-side issues and will need to be reset as a result.

Q. What's on the list of game data that will be reset?

A. Game data that will be reset is listed below.


Friend Data

- Friend list, Friend Group list, Friend Request list


Ranking Data

- Fishing rank, Monster rank, Altar of Blood rank, War Hero rank


Guild Data

- Guild battle, Guild Alliance, Guild Guest Book, Guild Message, Guild info page, Guild battle data, Guild promotions, Guild applicants


Node / Territory Data

- Conquest status, territory tax rate, installed fort and annex buildings, tax information

Friend Data

Q. Will the Friend list reset?

A. Yes. All Friend lists, Friend groups, and Friend requests will reset.

In order to reduce potential issues that might occur if a Friend does not complete the Transfer, we have decided to reset Friend data.


Q. Will Guilds successfully transfer?

A. A Guild will only successfully transfer if at least one Guild member completes the Transfer Request by February 24 at 09:00 (UTC).

If none of the Guild members complete a Transfer Request by February 24 at 09:00 (UTC), all the data related to the Guild will be deleted after the February 24 maintenance.
All Adventurers who completed the Early Transfer Request before Feb 24 will retain their Guild Rank after the transfer.

Q. What happens to Guild members who do not complete the early Transfer while the Guild is successfully transferred?

A. All Guild members who did not complete the Transfer Request by February 24 09:00 (UTC) will be automatically removed from the Guild. This applies to the Guild Master as well.

Guild members who were removed from the Guild after February 25 can still complete the Transfer Request to Black Desert. They will be able to play the game without being in a Guild.

Q. The Guild completed the early Transfer Request without the Guild Master. If the Guild Master does not transfer, what happens to the Guild?

A. If the Guild transfers without the Guild Master, the position will be vacant, and all Guild members will have the [Delegate Guild Master] button activated.

Press this button to delegate a Guild Master without spending Guild Funds.
Customer support will not assist in regaining Guild Master rank if the original Guild Master missed the early Transfer Request period (before Feb 24).

Q. Why is there some Guild data that will reset when the Guild is transferring?

A. If at least 1 Guild Member completes the early Transfer Request, the Guild will be successfully transferred. If none of the Guild Members complete the early Transfer Request, the Guild will not be transferred and will be removed.

In order to reduce potential issues that might occur if the Guild is deleted, we have decided to reset the Guild data.

Q. Will forts and annex buildings be removed along with the Node and Territory Conquest data reset?

A. Yes. Node/Territory Conquest data will reset, and installed forts and annex buildings will be reset as well.

Please note that Guild Funds used to purchase forts and annex buildings that have been reset will not be refunded.

Q. What happens to a Guild’s Conquest info?

A. Since Guild’s Conquest data will be reset, all Nodes/Territories will be liberated, and the tax will be reset.


Q. Will my in-game coupons be transferred?

A. There are three types of coupons that Adventurers can have. Each type of coupon will be transferred as follows:

1. Redeemable Web Code Coupon

- Unclaimed items from redeemed web coupons will be sent to your in-game mailbox.

2. Pearl Shop Coupons

- Coupons that are registered in the Pearl Shop will be transferred with their expiration dates carrying over.

3. Coupons in Item Form (Registered to Pearl Shop Once Used)

- Coupons will be transferred while remaining in item form with their expiration dates carrying over.



Q. Which rankings will reset?

A. Most rankings such as fish size rankings from the Fishing Guide, War Hero rankings Target rankings, and Guild battle rankings will reset. Other data that might affect rankings will reset as well.

In order to reduce potential issues that might occur if the Adventurer in the rankings does not complete the Transfer, we have decided to reset the ranking data.

Q. Will the Red Battlefield score reset?

A. No. The Red Battlefield score will not be reset.



Q. What happens to unclaimed items?

A. All items that are not in the Inventory such as in-game Mail, Challenge rewards, and items in the Black Spirit’s Safe will be kept as is.

Items that are stored in Kakao Games Account Coupons will be sent to by in-game mail as well.

Q. Will the customization data of my Character transfer?

A. Yes. All customization information of all your characters will be successfully transferred. Customization information of other Adventurers registered in the Beauty Album will also be transferred.

Q. How will timed content such as Worker tasks, Worker promotions, crafting in houses, and horse breeding be transferred?

A. Time consuming contents such as Worker tasks, Worker promotions, crafting in houses, and horse breeding will be transferred as usual.

Q. What happens to registered items in the Central Marketplace and Horse Market?

A. They will all be safely transferred. Silver or items that are purchased/sold in Central Marketplace or stored in the Warehouse will be safely transferred. Registered horses in the horse breeding market will be transferred as well.

Q. I’ve been renting a horse from an acquaintance. How will the rented horse be transferred?

A. The rented horse will be returned to the original owner after the transfer. The reason for this is to avoid or minimize issues that may occur when Adventurers who rent or loan a horse do not transfer their accounts.

Q. My Guild purchased and is currently using a Guild House. Can we still use the Guild House after the transfer?

A. Yes, Guild Houses currently in use will be safely transferred. However, if a Guild that owns a Guild House does not transfer, their Guild House will be reset.


If you have any other questions regarding the transfer, please contact us via [Customer Support].


Thank you.


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