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GM Notes Aug 13, 2021, 09:47 (UTC) Learning About World Bosses Part IV – Ancient Kutum



Hello Adventurers!


Welcome back to the fourth lesson about World Bosses with [GM] Daisy! In this lesson, we’ll be covering Ancient Kutum. New and returning Adventurers alike, everyone is welcome!


Let’s dive right in!


Beginnings of Ancient Kutum


Appearing deep within the Scarlet Sand Chamber, Kutum first erupted into the world of Black Desert on September 14, 2016.


What’s the story behind Ancient Kutum?


▲ The Massive Form of Ancient Kutum!


First discovered by archaeologists and explorers, Kutum is an ancient weapon powered by a fragment of the ancients, which acts like a beating heart. As Adventurers who’ve faced Kutum before are well-aware, Kutum appears deep within the Scarlet Sand Chamber.

In truth, if wasn’t for those archaeologists and explorers, Kutum may still be quietly resting within the sealed chamber, unbeknownst to the world...


Although this ancient weapon mostly remains dormant, it ensures its presence is never forgotten by emitting a thunderous, heartbeat-like sound whenever it awakens.


Where does Kutum appear? What rewards do you get for defeating Kutum?


Here’s an image that helps answer both questions!



Kutum appears in the Scarlet Sand Chamber, right of Deserted City of Runn.

If you’ve journeyed to the Scarlet Sand Chamber to defeat Kutum, just follow the path to reach the deepest place within the chamber.


Now, let’s have a look at the rewards!

Remember that you have a higher chance at better rewards the more you contribute to Kutum’s defeat, so keep your chin up and fight with courage!


 Kutum’s Sealed Sub-weapon Box


This is a box containing a sub-weapon imbued with the power of Kutum. Just imagine how powerful it must be? Make sure to open the box with the right character to get the appropriate weapon for the class you want to play!



 Kutum‘s Latent Aura


These are fragments of Kutum’s Power. You can take 100 of these to Desalam at the entrance of the Scarlet Sand Chamber to exchange them for a Kutum’s Sealed Sub-weapon Box.



Belongings of an Adventurer


A precious bag left behind by an adventurer who perished while fighting Kutum...


If you defeat Kutum, you have a chance to obtain the Belongings of an Adventurer. Opening the Belongings of an Adventurer will grant you one of the following accessories (up to TET (IV) enhancement level).

- Ogre Ring

- Laytenn's Power Stone

- Eye of the Ruins Ring

- Orkinrad's Belt

- Valtarra Eclipsed Belt

- Narc Ear Accessory

- Basilisk's Belt

- Ring of Crescent Guardian



Black Magic Crystal - Assault


The Black Magic Crystal - Assault can be transfused into glove sockets, which then grants Attack Speed +2 and Grapple Resistance +5%.



 Ancient Magic Crystal - Carmae


Ancient Magic Crystal – Carmae can be transfused into main weapon sockets, which then grants Critical Hit and Attack Speed +1.



 Ancient Magic Crystal - Viper


Ancient Magic Crystal – Viper can be transfused into glove sockets, which then grants Attack Speed and Casting Speed +1.



Black Stone (Weapon), Black Stone (Armor)


Black Stones are one of the must-have items for adventuring in the Black Desert world, allowing you to enhance your weapons and armor!


Although Adventurers who are playing on the season servers with Tuvala gear don’t quite need them yet, there will be a day when they outgrow their Tuvala gear after the end of the season, so it’s a good idea to stock up on this must-have item.



Special Title!



Here’s a look at the special title, KuuutuAaannng!


The title’s description says, “We started with a 'We,' but 'I' finished off Kutum! KuuutuAaannng!” So, you might be wondering, just how do you get this title?


You obtain it being the one to deliver the final blow to defeat Kutum!


Holding this title truly signifies your bravery, so make sure to keep hitting Kutum until the end!


So, when does Kutum appear?


Ta-da! Here are timetables with the appearance times for all the World Bosses on the North American and European servers!



Thundercloud Kutum?



The Scarlet Sand Chamber is a place that immaculately preserved the remnants and mysteries of the Ancients.


When archaeologists uncovered the chamber, Kutum was overcome by the unknown energies that seeped out from the room, quickly turning the once guardian of the chamber into its destroyer. Having witnessed its never-before-seen destructive power, archaeologist Desalam christened this new form as “Thundercloud Kutum” and suggested restricting entry to the Scarlet Sand Chamber.


Thundercloud Kutum will electrocute and slowly kill any Adventurer who enters the stone chambers. In this form, Kutum radiates powerful energies in a much wider range than its original form.

Thundercloud Kutum appears!

Kutum, sucking in all things in its vicinity.

They say when Thundercloud Kutum appears, an ancient device activates in the stone chamber...

For more details about Thundercloud Kutum and the Scarlet Sand Chamber, please refer to [Patch Notes - May 4, 2021]!


Are you an Adventurer who is ready to take on Thundercloud Kutum?

Of the World Bosses, Nightmarish Kzarka, Bloodstorm Nouver, and Stormbringer Karanda, Thundercloud Kutum is by far the most dangerous and difficult World Boss to face. Although Thundercloud Kutum’s patterns may seem a bit easier to dodge compared to Bloodstorm Nouver, don’t be fooled. Depending on the circumstances, you will need to work in tandem with other Adventurers, adding another level of difficulty.


If you’re someone who’s scared of plain-old Kutum, make sure to be on your toes whenever you face the ancient weapon because no one knows exactly when Thundercloud Kutum will appear.

On the other hand, if you’re someone that has no fear, defeating Thundercloud Kutum will grant you more valuable loot for braving such a powerful foe. You can obtain up to a TET (IV) Kutum Sub-Weapon and Kutum’s Power Stone, which can be equipped in the Alchemy Stone slot.



Using Kutum’s Power Stone will unleash Kutum’s concentrated energy as area of effect damage, like the image below!



You can no longer use Kutum's Power Stone once its durability reaches 0, so if you’re the lucky Adventurer who looted a power stone, make sure to use it carefully!


Another special item you can obtain is Ancient Kutum's Fragment, a part of Kutum that broke off during the intense battle. It is used as a material to make Kutum Lamps.



Here’s a picture of a brightly shining Kutum Lamp! You can install the lamp in your residence and interact with it to get an All AP +15 and Ignore All Resistance +5% buff which lasts for 2 hours.

And as you may guess, you’ll also have an increased chance of getting the Belongings of an Adventurer, Gold Bar (up to 1KG), or a type of Magical Black Stone.



That covers pretty much everything about Ancient Kutum. Now, it is time for you to go out and face the ancient weapon yourself!


Worried about taking on Kutum? Scared to brave it alone? Join the GMs at the following times:



August 19 (Thu) 17:00 (PDT)

August 19 (Thu) 20:00 (EDT)

August 16 (Mon) 14:00 (UTC)

August 16 (Mon) 16:00 (CEST)


Season1 (Novice only)

Come to the entrance of the Scarlet Sand Chamber on the Season1_Novice Only server at the times listed above to meet the GMs! They’ll show you the way to the secret room, and give you tips on dodging the ancient weapon’s most powerful attacks! See you there!

That wraps everything up for Kutum! Please stay tuned for Part V!



Take a look at all the new Adventurers who helped us defeat Ancient Kutum!






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