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GM Notes Feb 9, 2021, 11:05 (UTC) We Hear You, Adventurers



Greetings Adventurers!


I'm [GM] Clorince, and today I'll be helping to clear up some questions Adventurers have been asking lately.


It has been almost two weeks since the start of the pre-registration for Game Data Transfer. Although it hasn’t been a long time, we’ve really felt everyone’s passion and support during this time.

We have been hard at work investigating issues and inquiries that we get from the Black Desert official website and other online communities such as Discord and Reddit.

We would like to quickly share some information on these issues and answer the most common questions and concerns that we’ve seen.



1. Regarding Transfer


■ Will I need to re-download the game client once Pearl Abyss’ service begins?
- No. As mentioned in the transfer-related FAQ, you will not need to re-download the game client. Once Pearl Abyss’ service begins, you will only need to download an installer with a small file size. After setting up the installer, you will still be able to continue to use the original client. We will provide more details about this in a future announcement.



■ I’m playing Black Desert on Console/Mobile. Do I still need to register for the transfer?

- No, you do not. Black Desert on Console and Mobile is already being serviced by Pearl Abyss; as such, you do not need to transfer your account. Currently, the only service that needs to be transferred is the NA/EU PC version of Black Desert Online.



■ I saw a notice regarding a Region change. Am I able to transfer characters between servers?
- No, you will not be able to. Even after the Pearl Abyss’ service begins, transferring characters between servers will not be available. The [Applying for a Region Change] notice was intended to inform Adventurers who entered their region information incorrectly on our website, so that they can request a region change. If you selected a region other than an NA/EU service region, please request a region change. Otherwise, you will not have access to the NA/EU Black Desert Online servers after the start of Pearl Abyss’ service on February 25 (Thu).

▶ Go to “Applying for a Region Change”


■ Will the Value Pack’s features remain the same after the start of the Pearl Abyss’ service?
- We are aware of concerns about possible changes to the Value Pack’s features due to the item having differences in different servers (service regions). We plan on keeping the Value Pack’s features in NA/EU the same after the start of the Pearl Abyss’s service. If any changes do occur, it will be in a way that is beneficial to Adventurers. More details about changes to in-game contents will be found in our GM Notes.


■ I’ve heard that the sales of Black Desert Online Game Packages, Kakao Cash and in-game Pearl Boxes will be terminated on February 10. When will these be available again?

- After the start of the Pearl Abyss’s service on February 25, you will be able to purchase these items (except Kakao Cash) from Pearl Abyss’ Black Desert official website. However, any remaining Kakao Cash in your account will not be usable through Pearl Abyss’ Black Desert official website, so please make sure to purchase Pearls with it before it gets deleted on February 25. Pearls and Pearl Boxes purchased from now until the end of Kakao’s service will be transferred.



2. Regarding Operational Policy


■ The Operational Policy states that recoveries concerning character death are not supported. But are there cases where recovery will be supported?

- Yes, there is. While we generally do not support recoveries when a character dies, if a character dies as a result of an in-game issue, we will recover lost EXP, crystals, and items used for resurrection such as Elion’s Tear after checking the game data. Due to Black Desert having PvP elements, we hope you’ll understand that we have placed these limitations on recovery as there is the potential for abuse/exploitation.


■ What is the “disrupting game operations" category for? The word "Disrupting" is too vague and broad in meaning.

- We understand that you may be concerned about this category as Black Desert is an RPG and PvP game that respects the importance of freedom in playstyles.

Nevertheless, we do believe there may be rare circumstances where this category is needed to take action against malicious individuals who take things too far. Our reasoning behind having this category is to have a way to protect our Adventurers who are playing the game. However, we will be looking at things on a case-by-case basis, and we will make sure our decisions will be based on in-game data as much as possible.

We hope for everyone’s help in making a better game for all Adventurers, and we will do our utmost to ensure a fair operation of Black Desert Online, so that all Adventurers can fully enjoy themselves while playing the game.


■ I would like to have the gifting system back.
- While we are aware of the potential abuse regarding the gifting system, we plan to allow gifting for a limited time, albeit with certain conditions and time limits. We will let you know of the details in a separate announcement once the gifting system is rereleased.


■ Do account restrictions applied by Kakao Games remain after the Game Data Transfer?
- Yes. As the data regarding account restrictions will also be transferred, restricted accounts will not have access to the game after the transfer. In case of a timed restriction, you will have access to the game once the restriction has expired after you have completed the transfer. However, permanently restricted accounts will not be able to register for Game Data Transfer. If your account is permanently restricted and you want to play the game under Pearl Abyss’ service, you can make a new character by creating a new account.



3. Regarding Official Forums

■ I would like to choose my own profile picture and a nickname without character limitations.
- The character limitations on nicknames will be removed soon. You will be able to change your nickname on My Page. For profile pictures, we are concerned that some Adventurers may set inappropriate profile pictures. We will be considering better ways to avoid that situation and allow Adventurers more freedom of choice.



■ I would like to have functions on the forum where I can unlike a post and see who liked it. If I can also get notifications when there is a new response on my thread, that will be perfect.

- We shared your suggestions with our development team, and they are currently working to improve the forums. However, it may take some time for these functions to be added depending on the development schedule. Additionally, there are other issues and suggestions that are currently being monitored and investigated. As always, we will strive to improve our services so Adventurers can be satisfied with the new forum experience.



This is all we can answer today regarding your suggestions and concerns that we’ve heard for the past two weeks.


As difficult as it may be to apply and implement all your wonderful suggestions, we thought that sharing our current progress and plans for all your concerns was a necessary step to improving our communication with our Adventurers.

Other suggestions or ideas that are have not been mentioned are also being discussed internally. We will do our best to make Black Desert better with your valuable feedback and ideas.



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