Updates [Updates] Patch Notes - August 18, 2021
Black Desert Aug 18, 2021, 10:00 (UTC)



Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on August 18, 2021 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 110 updates and is approximately 679.86 MB.





● Distorted Dark Rifts event has started.
- August 18, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance - September 1, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance
Is it just me or is that Dark Rift looking a little different!? ༼◉_◉ ༽
During this event, you can obtain [Event] versions of the Box of the Dead and encounter the long-time returning Titium, Skeleton King, and Leebur from the Dark Rift!
[Distorted Dark Rifts]


● Scallywag Cannonball Hunt event has started.
- From August 18 (Wed) after maintenance to August 25 (Wed) before maintenance.
It has already been a week since Corsair’s Awakening has been released, and the Slippery Scallywags are nowhere near done celebrating it!
After a particularly important brainstorming full of mischief, they have decided to prepare a big treasure hunt with the GMs – because which pirate doesn’t like a good ol’ treasure hunt?
So, prepare your best detective skills and join in on the fun!
[Scallywag Cannonball Hunt]


● Item Drops Ahoy! event has started.
- August 18, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance - September 1, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance
What’s better than Item Drop Rate +50% and Life EXP +50% buffs? How about more Hards and Sharps as well!
It’s time to plunder some loot, Adventurers!
[Item Drops Ahoy!]


● Five a Day, Black Spirit's Adventure! event has started.
- August 18, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance - September 1, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance
Adventurers, this is your chance to get more rolls in Black Spirit's Adventure! During the event, the number of daily dice will increase from three to FIVE!
[Five a Day, Black Spirit's Adventure!]


● A Helping Hand for New/Returning Adventurers! event has started.
- August 18, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance - September 15, 2021 (Wed) before maintenances
Adventurers, we’ve prepared special Challenge rewards to help new and returning Adventurers on their journey in the Black Desert world!
First! New Adventurers can receive more support items the longer they play!
Second! Returning Adventurers can receive enhancement materials for leveling up!
Check out all the details below!
[A Helping Hand for New/Returning Adventurers!]


● Choose Your Own Attendance Rewards! event has started.
- August 19, 2021 (Thu) 00:00 (UTC) - September 22, 2021 (Sun) 23:59 (UTC)
Adventurers, your new daily attendance rewards are here! This time there are new items such as the Combat or Life Box and Choose Your Shakatu Box that let you choose the rewards you want!
Make sure to log in every day, so you don’t miss them!
[Choose Your Own Attendance Rewards!]


New and Improvements


● Reduced the cooldown of the 'Change Skill Preset' function in the Secret Book of Old Moon from 60 min to 10 min.

● Added the new 'OX Quiz' social action.
- Using this social action will display your character holding up a sign with either an O or an X.
- There's no prerequisite to be able to use this action.



● Fixed the issue where the transition into basic movements appeared unnatural after you stopped sprinting while in Awakening combat state.



● Added Corsair to now be playable as a trial character.
● Black Spirit: Cap'n's Orders: Open Fire! - Fixed the issue where Labao appeared in an awkward position for the skill demo.
● Light 'Em Up - Fixed the issue where the skill demo wouldn't show the Actin' Cap'n.
● Whale Song - Fixed the issue where Corsair would sometimes lose her clothes during the skill.
● Fixed the issue with Corsair's Lv. 56 Skill Enhancement icons appearing abnormal.
● Core: Cap'n's Orders: Open Fire! - Fixed the issue where the audio output would not work properly in certain cases upon learning the skill.
● Fixed the issue where your weapon would appear abnormal when using the auto-navigate function while sprinting in Awakening state.
● Cap'n's Orders: Open Fire!, Cap'n's Orders: Cease Fire! - Changed the skill to have the split damage effect applied in PvP.
● Wind-piercer Patraca - Increased the cooldown from 4 sec to 6 sec.
● Labao on Deck! - Decreased the cooldown from 10 min to 1 min.
● Flow: Earth-render Patraca - Changed to be activated by pressing LMB after using Sun-shielder Patraca.
● Close Quarters: Suppress - Changed to be activated by pressing ↓ + LMB after using Spare No Quarter!.
● Crow's Mark - Changed to be activated by pressing Shift + LMB after using Spare No Quarter!.
● Flow: Earth-render Patraca - Changed to be activated by pressing LMB after using Spare No Quarter!.
● Crow's Mark - Improved the skill to combo better when used after switching from serenaca to patraca.
● Mareca Swing - Fixed the issue where the skill did not activate above water when in awakening.
● Flow: Wave Skedaddle - Fixed the issue where jump would activate first when the commands for the skills were pressed after using Smooth Sailin' going forward.
● No Mercy, Scallywags! - Improved the Scallywags with Secret Weapons to be distinguishable by visual effects.
● Sea Mist, Close Quarters: Charge - Improved to combo smoothly into Crow's Mark.
● Ocean's Allure - Increased the lateral range of damage.
● Crow's Mark - Fixed the issue where the Sprint Attack would activate first if Crow's Mark was input immediately after stopping from a frontal Smooth Sailin' in Awakening state.
● The chatter of Slippery Scallywags and First Mate Labao will no longer flood the chat windows.
● Spare No Quarter! - Fixed the issue where Corsair would sometimes climb on top of monsters during the skill.
● Smooth Sailin' II ~ Absolute - Fixed the issue where using the skill in the front wouldn't combo into Cap'n's Orders: Open Fire!
● Light 'Em Up - Improved to now be usable during Smooth Sailin' in Awakening state.
● Cap'n's Orders: Open Fire! - Added to the skill description that you can combo into Riding Waves and Wave-breaker Patraca.
● Cap'n's Orders: Open Fire! - Fixed the issue where the skill would auto-activate during Riding Waves or Wave-breaker Patraca.
● Cap'n's Orders: Open Fire!, Cap'n's Orders: Cease Fire!, Core: Sea Mist, Core: Close Quarters: Suppress - Fixed the skill demos to play more naturally in the Skills window.
● Fixed the issue where the Cannoneer Duo would disappear if they were too far away from Corsair.
● Add more detail to the descriptions for the UI for the Slippery Scallywags' Secret Weapons.
● Fixed the issue where Corsair's appearance appeared abnormal while using Mareca skills.
● No Mercy, Scallywags! - Changed to only be available in Awakening state.
● Labao on Deck! - Fixed the issue where Labao's voice was hard to hear.
● Fixed the issue where pressing the Shift key while auto-running would not allow you to keep sprinting.




● Reduced the weight of the following potions/recovery items by 50%.

- HP Potions
- MP/WP/SP Potions
- Grain Juices
- Herbal Juices

- Accordingly, the weight of items that have [Guild] or [Oasis] in front of their names was also reduced by 50%.
- However, the weight of potions that have content exclusive titles in front such as [Battlefield], [Savage] have the same weight as before of 0.01LT.

The update on the Black Desert Global Lab two weeks ago included the reduced weight of potions . The same update was applied today to the official servers, and although opinions were divided on this topic, we decided to reduce it by only 50% as it could greatly depreciate the value of the treasure.


However, as we mentioned on the update for the Black Desert Global Lab, we are still deciding on which direction to go for the development of the lesser version of Ornette’s Spirit Essence and Odore’s Spirit Essence. Please keep in mind that there might be future adjustments depending on the results of this update, but if there is a lesser version of Ornette’s Spirit Essence, its own unique value will be secured. However, Odore’s Spirit Essence is not actually used in combat frequently, and you can still enjoy powerful effects with the lesser version. That’s why we are currently having thoughtful discussions as we make our improvements, and would be keen to hear the wonderful ideas that our Adventurers have as we are trying to tackle this problem from all directions.

● Changed the effect of the last item used to be applied when using normal draught, perfume, elixir and Immortal draught, perfume, and elixir.
● Reduced the cooldown for the following items from 20 min to 10 sec.
- Accordingly, the cooldown for items with [Event], Immortal, Glorious in front of their names were also reduced to 10 sec.
- Perfume of Courage
- Elixir of Deep Sea
- Khalk's Elixir
- Spirit Perfume Elixir
- Perfume of Swiftness
- Perfume of Charm
Some elixirs such as the Perfume of Courage and Elixir of Deep Sea, have an appropriate cooldown of 20 min as their effects are powerful. However, this meant you had to wait for the long cooldown to end even after the death of your character. Our Adventurers have requested that we reduce the cooldown for this reason, so we have reduced this cooldown to 10 sec, along with regular elixirs. However, we will keep an eye on what effects this may have on class balance.

Not only were there requests to reduce the cooldown of elixirs, but there were also a lot of requests to reduce the cooldown for food items. Unfdortunately, this is not as simple as elixirs, as eating food gives Health EXP. However, we are currently trying to find ways to make improvements and hope to show them first on the Black Desert Global Lab soon.

● Added information to the item description of [Event] Döner Kebab to inform that the item cannot be used to stack with the item Mermaid's Frozen Will.
● Changed the Marine Romance Outfit Box to now be openable by Hashashins, Novas, Sages, and Corsairs.
● Removed the 'Summer Season Exclusive' text from the Marine Romance Outfit tooltip.
● Added text to the Marine Romance Box and Hat warning that accessories will be invisible when equipped together.
● Changed the icon for the items [Archer], [Mystic] Marine Romance Clothes.




● Added the fourth volume of the Herald's Journal. It records Rubin's journey to be the greatest herald ever.
- Adventurers who have completed the three previous volumes of the Herald's Journal will be able to immediately continue with the fourth volume without requiring any other conditions.
- The fourth volume of the Herald's Journal offers a new type of quest objective that's different from previous timed quests. Regardless of the state of the adventurer's gear or class, all will be dealing with these new type of timed quests on an equal footing. The different objectives including ones where you will need to carry out a bunch of tasks in quick succession, such as moving boxes and carts, sweeping chimneys, while others involve shooting down scarecrows that pop up and disappear in an open field while on the clock, as well as transforming into a Stoneback Crab and dodging explosive obstacles to reach a goal.

The Herald's Journal was designed as an Adventurer's Log that would provide a different style of entertainment for the adventurer with the introduction of timed quests. The feeling of barely making the timer is a special offering of timed quests, but they can also be quite stressful for adventurers trying to complete the objectives while on the clock. Therefore, we tried our best to deliver a more entertaining form of timed quests in the fourth volume of the Herald's Journal. We hope you enjoy continuing the tale of how Rubin ended up as the greatest herald ever with the newly added fourth volume.
● Increased the maximum BPM to 200 on the Compose/Score window of the Music Album.
● Changed the Campsite function window to remain open if attacked when the 'Hide UI When Attacked' option has been deactivated in settings.
- Changed the system message window to turn on and off when attacked, depending on the Hide UI settings.
- Changed the Repair UI to not turn off when attacked.
- Fixed the issue where you could not type in numbers using the numberpad when attacked.
Having durability drop in monster zones can be frustrating. That's why the Campsite function was so convenient even if there was a repair NPC nearby. Previously, you had no choice but to quickly repair your gear while simultaneously battling monsters or using Invincibility skills because the Repair UI would close when you were attacked. However, you now won't have to worry about this problem. We would like to apologize for getting to this issue so late and will continue addressing “commonplace inconveniences” and make improvements.



● Increased the obtainable Skill EXP when defeating monsters at the following monster zones:
- You can obtain more Skill EXP than before when defeating monsters (excluding [Possessed by Darkness] monsters) at the following monster zones in Valencia:

Monster Zone Obtainable Skill EXP
Cadry Ruins Increased by +70%
Centaurus Herd
Bashim Base
Waragon Nest Increased by +50%
Gahaz Bandit's Lair
Desert Naga Temple
Titium Valley
Crescent Shrine
Roud Sulfur Mine
Pila Ku Jail Increased by +30%
- You can obtain more Skill EXP than before when defeating monsters at the following monster zones in Drieghan:
Monster Zone Obtainable Skill EXP
Tshira Ruins Increased by +50%
Sherekhan Necropolis (Day, Night) Increased by +20%
Blood Wolf Settlement Increased by +10%

- You can obtain more Skill EXP than before when defeating monsters at the following monster zones in Kamasylvia:

Monster Zone Obtainable Skill EXP
Forest Ronaros area Increased by +70%
Fadus Habitat Increased by +30%
One of the biggest concerns of our Adventurers when leveling a new character is Skill Points. Learning new skills requires a lot of skill points, and being forced to go to specific monster zones because of this was not a very enjoyable experience. With this in mind, we adjusted the amount of obtainable Skill EXP so that our Adventurers can earn skill points across the world of Black Desert. The above adjustments take into account the number of monsters at each zone so that you can earn the same amount of Skill EXP regardless of the monster zone.
● Fixed the issue where the 2 monsters Sandstorm Plunderer and Shadow of Gahaz appeared abnormally at Gahaz Bandit's Lair.


Quest, Knowledge

● Added a Help window that appears when talking to Fughar if the character is holding the Honorable Adventurer’s Certificate after becoming a normal character by using a timepiece after accepting the quest, [Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World.
- Since a normal character does not need it, Fughar will take the Honorable Adventurer’s Certificate so that it does not take up space in your Inventory. Also, when you go to Fughar after becoming a season character through a timepiece, you can proceed with the quest again by obtaining the Honorable Adventurer’s Certificate again.
● Fixed the issue where the navigation to the destination appeared awkward after accepting the quest, '[Corsair Awakening] Paruo, Paruo, and Paruo'
● Fixed the quest objective text to appear clearer for the quest, '[Corsair Awakening] Rapscallions of the Sea.'
- Speak to Hurao to receive the Shovel Sprinkled in Tears.
- Use the Shovel Sprinkled in Tears to dig through the sands hiding a buried bomb.
- Defeat the Rapscallions hired by Lantinia
● Added a line of dialogue to the quest '[Corsair Awakening] Rapscallions of the Sea' when the first objective is completed and Hurao guides you to the spot of sand where the bomb is buried.
● Added the line '※ If you forget where the bomb was buried, talk to Hurao and he will guide you once more.' to the quest summary of '[Corsair Awakening] Rapscallions of the Sea.'
● Changed the camera angle at the end of the quest '[Corsair Awakening] Rapscallions of the Sea' to better show Lantinia slumped down on the floor.
● Changed the camera angle when reading the letter during the quest '[Corsair Awakening] Farewell, Again' to appear more natural.
● Changed the awakening tutorial text to yellow in the quest '[Corsair Awakening] Patraca Conquest - Combo.'
● Fixed the typo for the quest objective of the quest '[Corsair Awakening] Rapscallions of the Sea.'
● Fixed the issue where proceeding with the Simplified Main Questline would prevent you from accepting certain Adventure Logs.
Adventure Log Conditions for Accepting the Quest
Adventure Log: Traces of a Great Adventurer Can accept after completing [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 6
Adventure Journal: From the Bottom to the Top Can accept after completing [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 9


Conquest War, Node War

● Added an effect that is visible to allies when using the Blessing of Battle skill during Node/Conquest War that occurs when the Spirit of Battle gauge is filled to 100%.
- The effect will be displayed once when the Blessing of Battle skill is used and the buff is applied.
● Changed a part of the way that the Spirit of Battle Gauge would accumulate during Node/Conquest Wars.
Before After
Spirit of Battle Gauge -1% when defeating enemies Spirit of Battle Gauge -2% when defeating enemies
We are constantly checking your feedback from the previous Conquest War pre-season weekend. First off, we have applied a change that was suggested for the Spirit of Battle. An effect was added so that your guild members can know that the skill was used (it is a short but very visible effect. Depending on feedback, we are considering increasing the duration of the visual effect). We also changed a rule for filling the gauge so that weaker guilds can take better advantage of it.

Additionally, we are currently coming up with something that can be used during mid to late war, like a 'finishing move.' The previously announced Culverin is currently being designed in this manner. We are also trying to add more ideas, so continue to send us suggestions.

● Added details about particular attacks in the item description of Forts/Command Posts/Field HQ, Flame Towers, Wooden Fences, and annexes used in Node/Conquest Wars.


Background, NPC, Effects, Cutscene

● Removed the cross pattern from the Keplan area in Calpheon.
● Changed the Slippery Scallywags Den to no longer be a town, but a regular area.



● Improved the Central Market UI so that you can re-register items listed for sale or ordered.

It was a hassle to sell/purchase items as it required you to collect the items being sold/ordered and post them again for items like eggs, milk (required for cooking), and Caphras Stones. Therefore, we added the “re-register” function as it became tedious to check the Central Market window every time an item would be purchased/sold. The same function will be added to the Central Market on the Black Desert+ app soon.
● Changed the 'Skill Log' previously included in the 'Skill Guide' to be able to be managed separately in the Edit UI window.
This update may not be much, but the content of this update provides a separate function for Adventurers who want to only see the Skill Guide or only see the Skill Log. We will continue to provide updates that are minor but meaningful like this.
● Added a setting through which you can turn on/off the Friend Login Alert that appears in the top center of the screen.
- This setting can be found above the Guild Members Login option in the ESC menu > Game Settings > Notifications.
● Added an effect to make it easier to find the new item you obtained from the Central Market Warehouse.
● Changed the Show Equipment/Inventory window to stay on the Pearl Inventory tab when checking another character while it is selected.
● Changed the Minimap to maintain its zoom state when resetting the UI with the Minimap in 3D mode.
● Changed the Adventurer's Board to open by pressing the hotkey F2.
- It will not be changed if you set F2 as the hotkey for another function.
● Changed the Letter (B) UI to show a message on the bottom right of the screen if you have a letter that will expire soon when it is closed.
● Added a message notifying you that your party/platoon invitation was rejected.
● Added a notification that appears when you attempt to apply for a party that does not exist by clicking the link for the party/platoon in recruitment chat.
● Increased the size of the scroll button on the Processing Knowledge List in the Processing (L) window.
● Increased the size of the scroll button in the Inventory (I) window.
● Changed the search function in Placement mode to only search for items within the selected area of the tab.
● Added a search reset button on the Inventory and Warehouse windows loaded through a maid/butler.
● Added a function that allows you to control the UI by participating in the OX quiz event when using the Gamepad UI.
● Fixed the issue where setting the UI Theme to Season: Summer would prevent the background image of the Time Remaining notification to be displayed.



● [NA] In order to ensure a more optimal Conquest War in Mediah and Valencia, the servers have received optimization improvements.
● Reduced the waiting time for changing servers from 15 min to 10 min.

We reduced the time required to wait to change servers. The 15 min wait time was placed in the past because of Imperial Trade, trade market prices, Adventurers avoiding unwanted fights, and various other reasons. However, we received the feedback it was still way too long for our Adventurers. Therefore, the time was reduced. As we slowly update the content tied to moving servers, perhaps there might come a day when server change delays are not required.


Pearl Shop

● Changed the Pearl Shop (F3) to update the information when selecting another product in the selection window.
● Fixed the issue where the Pearl's Blessings counter appeared abnormal if you purchased an item on the Pearl Shop (F3) with a coupon that resulted in a discount of 1,000 Pearls or more.




● Added a Corsair Awakening class introduction page.
● Fixed the issue where the tab on the upper part of the Beauty Album/Photo Gallery would appear abnormal.
● Improved the loading speed of the Forum and Adventurer's Board pages.
● Simplified the sign-up process.


Modified or Changed

● Fixed the issue where the portrait of the wild horse could overlap with the message that appears to provide registration guidance when registering it.
● Fixed the issue where the background in Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea - Vaha’s Heart appeared abnormal.
● Fixed the issue where your character would get stuck abnormally in certain locations of the following areas:
- Waragon Nest
- Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea – Vaha’s Heart
- Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea – Vaha’s Head
- Stonetail Wasteland
● Fixed an issue where guild promotion priorities apply only to certain servers.
● Fixed the issue where the point of view would appear abnormal when spectating in the Atoraxxion boss room.
● Fixed the issue where the Observe Mode UI and Skill Guide UI would overlap in Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea - Vaha's Cradle.
● Changed the progress to not reset when a player dies 5 minutes into battle during the 'Rapscallions of the Sea' Corsair awakening quest.
● Fixed the issue where the Guild Invitation UI would be displayed when inviting adventurers to a clan through the chat window.
● Fixed the issue where the effect would remain unnaturally when moving the same item from your Inventory to the Warehouse all at once.
● Changed the system message to appear in accordance with the situation when trying to purchase a worker through Worker Exchange.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn't change your group name or delete groups from the Friend UI from time to time.
● Fixed the issue where the content of the 1:1 Chat window would appear abnormal after loading when you select a character, change servers, etc.
- Deleted the existing abnormal content of the chat.
● Changed the notification window for obtaining rewards from a box you select to appear in front of the Select Your Reward UI so that you can properly make adjustments when using the Gamepad UI.
● Fixed the issue where the CI would not be displayed when you first run the game after installing it.
● [Corsair] Fixed the issue where errors occurred when a summon attacked during certain Awakening skills.



Happy adventuring!

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