Notices [Notices] Upcoming Changes to Certain Pearl Items
Black Desert Aug 25, 2021, 10:00 (UTC)



Greetings Adventurers!


We want to give you advance notice about the upcoming changes to certain Pearl Items during the maintenance on Wednesday, September 1.


Please refer below for the exact details.


Upcoming Changes

- Equipping the [Class] Treant Camouflage 4-Set or [Class] Desert Camouflage 3-Set (for the Camouflage effect) will now display your character’s name as “Unknown Adventurer” to other Adventurers.

- Camouflage outfits purchased before the September 1 (Wed) maintenance will be updated to allow you to exchange it for Cron Stones.

- Camouflage outfits purchased after the September 1 (Wed) maintenance will not be exchangeable for Cron Stones.


Happy adventuring!