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Updates Sep 1, 2021, 00:00 (UTC) Patch Notes - September 1, 2021



Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on September 1, 2021 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 97 updates and is approximately 657.86 MB.




● Hot Time? Neigh, It’s Horse Time! event has started.

- September 1, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – September 15, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance

Giddy up, Adventurers!

It’s time to level up your mounts and Training!

We all know there’s no better feeling than traveling the world of Black Desert with your magnificent mount. So, take this chance to get one step closer to Mythical Arduanatt!

[Hot Time? Neigh, It’s Horse Time!]


● Find the GMs! Where are the GMs hiding? event has started.

- September 1, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance – September 8, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance

The GMs thought a special hide-and-seek could be fun! So, they’ve prepared a couple of screenshots as clues for our Adventurers to solve!

It’s up to you to find out where the GMs were and take screenshots of those spots!

[Find the GMs! Where are the GMs hiding?]



New and Improvements


● Added the following text to the Elvia Spirit buff you can obtain from the Elvia Realm:
- The duration of this effect will decrease even after disconnecting.


● Take Down (I to Absolute, Prime) - Changed the skill descriptions as shown below.
Before After
on hit on grapple


● Suicide Fall (I to Absolute) - Changed the skill descriptions as shown below.
Before After
on hit on grapple


● Changed the movements to flow more naturally when holding ↑ OR Shift + ↑ while Jumping during Sprint in non-combat mode.
● Adjusted the movement speed of your character to match its movements when stopping Sprint in non-combat mode.


● Fixed the issue where you couldn't jump by pressing the spacebar while your weapons are not equipped.
● Fixed the issue where you could keep Sprinting without consuming Stamina when pressing LMB during a Sprint while your weapons are not equipped.



● Changed the text color of the item description for the boxes containing Elvia Spirit buffs.
● Changed the line breaks in the item description of wooden fences to be more natural.
● Added the following text to the item description of the Perfume of Courage, Perfume of Swiftness, Khalk's Elixir, Elixir of Deep Sea, Spirit Perfume Elixir, and Perfume of Charm: Only the effects of the last draught used will be applied.
● Added the Shabby Shovel to be sold by the NPC, Zobadi.
● Added an item description that tells you how to obtain a Shabby Shovel.
● Changed the Crystal Covered in Black Ash to be family bound instead of character bound.
● Fixed the typo in the description that appears on the UI when opening the [Ranger] Treant Camouflage Premium Set.
● Separated the shoes worn upon equipping the [Hashashin] Domtur Armor.
- [Hashashin] Domtur Shoes were sent to the Heidel Storage of an Adventurer with the [Hashashin] Domtur Armor.
- [Hashashin] Domtur Shoes were added to the [Hashashin] Domtur Outfit Set.



● Changed to display "Unknown Adventurer" above the character's head when the camouflage effect is applied from the Treant Camouflage and Desert Camouflage outfits.


● You can exchange your Treant Camouflage and Desert Camouflage outfits for Cron Stones after maintenance on September 1, 2021 (Wed) via the NPC Tranan Underfoe in Velia. The number of Cron Stones you can exchange for each part of the outfits are listed in the table below.
- However, you cannot exchange Treant/Desert Camouflage outfits purchased after maintenance on September 1, 2021 (Wed) for Cron Stones.
- You can exchange each part of your Treant Camouflage outfit for the following number of Cron Stones:

Outfit Number Exchanged
Treant Camouflage Helmet 45
Treant Camouflage Armor 180
Treant Camouflage Main Weapon 69
Treant Camouflage Sub-weapon 42
Treant Camouflage Awakening Weapon 84
Total 420

- You can exchange each part of your Desert Camouflage outfit for the following number of Cron Stones:

Outfit Number Exchanged
Desert Camouflage Armor 225
Desert Camouflage Main Weapon 69
Desert Camouflage Sub-weapon 42
Desert Camouflage Awakening Weapon 84
Total 420


● Changed the tabs and the order of the tabs displayed when using the Beauty Album/Photo Gallery.

Beauty Album - Download Ranking (Default)
- Creator Ranking
- Gallery
- My Folder
Photo Gallery - Popular Photos (Default)
- Gallery Ranking
- My Gallery



● Changed the location where the Shadow of Gahaz appears from its previous location where you could extract the Essence of Garzar required to proceed with the quest, "[Valencia] Enervated Black Dragon."
● Adjusted the AP and HP levels of the Shadow of Gahaz that appears at Gahaz Bandit's Lair to be suitable for the recommended AP level.


Quest, Knowledge

● Lowered the difficulty of the quest "Task 2: [Crossroad] Indiscriminate Attack - Combat" from Kalicha in O'dyllita as follows:

Before After
Hand over 3,500 Moonlight Spirit Powder Hand over 1,000 Moonlight Spirit Powder
● Changed the quest text for accepting "Watch Your Step While on Patrol" in Calpheon to read naturally.
● Fixed the issue where selecting the "Become Edana" branch of Sage's Awakening questline would leave the secret passageway in the Ancient Stone Chamber placed by Sol Magia open even if you hadn't proceeded with the Atoraxxion main questline.
● Modified the camera to show an effect while doing the quest "A Memorial Service for the Fallen."
● Added a camera that navigates the path to the location you have to go to when Interacting with the Beedle during the quest "Infiltrating Cron Castle."
● Changed the camera that shows Cron Castle in the first dialog that appears upon accepting the quest "Never-ending Troubles" to be more natural.
● Changed the quest, "Hustle and Bustle" to flow more naturally.
● Changed the Giath's Journal NPC to be more natural during the quest "Abandoned Fate."
● Changed the dialog of the quest completion NPC for "Support from the Church," Michael, to read more naturally.
● Expanded the spectrum of Alustin's Relics you can interact with during the quest "On the Top of the Spire."
● Expanded the spectrum of Caphras' Seals you can interact with during the quest "What Was Left Behind."
● Changed the dialog that appears when accepting the quest "Fragment of Earth" to read more naturally.
● Changed the dialog about Origin of Clear Water during the quest "Searching for Clues" to read more naturally.
● Added more details to Marni's Journal that appears during the quest "Marni's Journal."
● Changed the camera angles shown during the quests "Misty Foresight" and "The Essence of Water" to be more natural.
● Changed the quest dialog of "[Mediah] The Awakened Ones" to read more naturally.
● Changed the location of the merchant that you can meet during the quests "[Valencia] [Co-op] Wicked Basilisk" and "[Valencia] [Co-op] The Head of Harnan League" to be easier to reach.
● Changed the quest objective description for the quest "[Valencia] Enervated Black Dragon" to read more naturally.
● Changed the quest objective description for the quest "[Valencia] A Question" to be clearer.
● Changed the quest objective description for the quest "[Valencia] Story of Gahaz Tuval" to be clearer.
● Added 10 Shabby Shovels to the reward for completing the quest "[Valencia] Tracking Zobadi."
● Changed Zobadi's quest dialog during "[Valencia] Moving Ahead" to read more naturally.
● Changed the quest dialog for "[Valencia] Memories of Eliza" to read more naturally.
● Changed the "Invitation from I" quest to flow naturally to the Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea quests.
● Added the knowledge for "Worn Orc Binding Test Records," which is obtainable from the Marni Farm Ruins.
● Added the following knowledge that you can obtain by handing over Silver to Calpheon City's Rubin the Herald.
- The knowledge, "Situation of Casualties in the Slum" is a new addition, and "Enemies of Calpheon I" and "Bree Tree Forest Cave" can be obtained via the same method.
Knowledge Requirement Knowledge
Hand over 100 Silver Situation of Casualties in the Slum
Hand over 500 Silver Enemies of Calpheon I
Hand over 700 Silver Bree Tree Forest Cave

● Added the "[Daily] Old Moon Subjugation Request" daily quests, which you can accept from Jetina.
- The added the following quests. You can complete them to obtain Burning Moonlight Black Stone Powder x2, which is the same reward for the other "[Daily] Old Moon Subjugation Request" quests.

Quest Quest Requirement Quest Reward
[Daily] Old Moon Guild Subjugation Request - Defeat 3,000 monsters Defeat 3,000 monsters;

Burning Moonlight Black Stone Powder x2

[Daily] Old Moon Guild Subjugation Request - [Elvia] Defeat Vaha's Ancient Weapon Defeat [Atoraxxion] [Elvia] Urukios;
[Daily] Old Moon Guild Subjugation Request - Defeat Vaha's Ancient Weapon Defeat [Atoraxxion] Urukios;
[Daily] Old Moon Guild Subjugation Request - Kagtum Tribe Defeat 2,000 Kagtums;
[Daily] Old Moon Guild Subjugation Request - Sherekhan Necropolis (Day) Defeat 1,500 monsters in Sherekhan Necropolis (Day);
[Daily] Old Moon Guild Subjugation Request - Tshira Ruins Defeat 2,000 monsters in Tshira Ruins;
Many of Black Desert's Adventurers have sent us their opinions on wishing to proceed with the Old Moon Subjugation Request quests in monster zones of their preference. Accordingly, we added the quests so you can do them in monster zones of your preference. Also, we have prepared quests for those of you who especially enjoy Atoraxxion, so you can do the quests to defeat Atoraxxion's Ancient Weapons with your party members during the Atoraxxion main questline.
● Fixed the issue where you couldn't use the Honorable Adventurer's Certificate to accept the quest "[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World" if you had already converted your season character to a normal character and previously forfeited the quest as a normal character.
- In the case of the aforementioned character, you can proceed with the quest, "[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World" after completing "[Season Server Graduation] At the Crossroad" by receiving guidance from the NPC Leila at the Velia Workshop via "I wish to proceed with the [Season Server Graduation] Completion quest" when talking to Fughar.
- You can complete the quest by talking to Fughar in this case, since you have already used the Honorable Adventurer's Certificate.
● Changed the main quest "[Atoraxxion][Co-op] Recovered Vow" so you can now solve the thread in Atoraxxion - Vahmalkea by yourself.
- Interact with the Exchange located within Vaha's Heart to consume 10 Energy for some supplies while proceeding with this quest. These supplies will let you solve the thread all by yourself.
- To solve the thread by yourself, you will need 4 of these supplies.
- We've also deleted "[Co-op]" from this quest's name.


Conquest War, Node War

● The Conquest War Pre-season that was planned to end after maintenance on September 1, 2021 (Wed) will be extended to October 6, 2021 (Wed) maintenance. This is so that we can continue to apply feedback and bug reports from our Adventurers each week.
- The territory information was reset during the September 1, 2021 (Wed) maintenance. Please note that there will be no Conquest War on September 4, 2021 (Sat).
- As there is not Conquest War happening, the tribute wagons in Serendia and Balenos will also not be running on September 4, 2021 (Sat).
- Conquest War Pre-season is planned to recommence on September 11, 2021 (Sat) after the maintenance on September 8, 2021 (Wed). The accumulated taxes in each of the territories will carry over and will be available for collection by the winners of the Conquest War on September 11, 2021 (Sat).
- However, taxes will not accumulate any further in each of the territories from the maintenance on September 1, 2021 (Wed) until the maintenance on September 8, 2021 (Wed).
* The forts and annexes installed to participate in the September 4, 2021 (Sat) Conquest War were removed. The expenses spent to construct them were refunded as Guild Funds during maintenance on September 1, 2021 (Wed).
* Click on the link below to find out more about the changes made to the update schedule due to the extension of the Conquest War Pre-season and the details of the process for extending the pre-season.

[Conquest War Pre-Season Extension and Data Reset]

● Added limits to Max Accuracy, Accuracy Rate, and All Resistance for Tier 1 Node Wars.

Node Tier Accuracy Limit Accuracy Rate Limit All Resistance Limit
Tier 1 Beginner 652 15% 20%
Tier 1 Intermediate 671 30%
Tier 1 Advanced 686
● Added limits to Max Accuracy and Accuracy Rate for Conquest Wars in Mediah and Valencia Territories.
Territory Accuracy Limit Accuracy Rate Limit
Mediah 708 20%
Valencia 716
● Increased the max durability of the inner and outer gates of Calpheon/Mediah/Valencia for Conquest Wars.
Name Durability
Outer Gate 130%
Inner Gate 165%
● Changed the appearance of Flimsy Barricades/Wooden Fences to differ from normal Barricades/Wooden Fences for Node/Conquest Wars.

▲ Wooden Fence vs Flimsy Wooden Fence

▲ Barricade vs Flimsy Barricade
● Changed the number of Flame Towers and Elephant Nurseries you can install on the item description of [Guild] Sturdy Square Fort (Tier 4) to match the actual number of the aforementioned items you can install.

● Alleviated abnormal movements and animations during Node/Conquest War.


Background, NPC, Effects, Cutscene

● Changed the locations of some NPCs and sailors in the Lunar Halo Inn in Velia.




● Added the keys X and Z to be visible in the Display Current Key Input UI.
- You can find this UI via ESC (New) Menu - Settings (F10) - Edit UI (2).
● Added the "Close UI When Hit" setting. Disable this setting to keep the following full screen UIs open even if your character is attacked.
UI Name
- Conversation with NPCs (including the Black Spirit)
- Pearl Shop (F3)
- Customization (F4)
- Dye (J)
- Knowledge (H)
- World Map (M)
- Skills (K)
● Added a Sort function to the list of Alliance members.
- When you select each title on the list of Alliance members, the categories will be sorted.
● Changed the spacing in Fughar's Letter of Encouragement for an easier read.
● Added the key guide to be displayed when selecting a placement in Place Mode.
● Added a feature that allows you to turn the durability display on/off for furniture with buff effects in your residence.
● Changed the scroll to move to the bottom of the list so that you can see your recent history when a new history is added to the Edit History UI in the Beauty (F4) window.
● Changed the Fugitive icon to no longer hide your character's name when equipping the Treant/Desert Camouflage Outfit Set.
● Added a category where you can check the list of items in the registration queue on the Central Market.
- The category is "In Registration Queue," and on the category list, the item price upon registration and the actual time it was registered on the Central Market will be displayed upon request. Also, if you press the following items, it will take you to a screen where you can pre-order items.
- The items displayed in the category are either items worth 20 billion Silver OR specific items listed below. These items have a 15-minute cooldown upon registration before you can purchase them.
PEN (V) Enhanced Gear
Giath's Helmet
Red Nose's Armor
Bheg's Gloves
Dim Tree Spirit's Armor
Griffon's Helmet
Leebur's Gloves
Urugon's Shoes
Blackstar Helmet
Blackstar Armor
Blackstar Gloves
Blackstar Shoes
Ogre Ring
Tungrad Necklace
Laytenn's Power Stone
Revived River Necklace
Tungrad Earring
Narc Ear Accessory
Dawn Earring
Vaha's Dawn
Ring of Crescent Guardian
Eye of the Ruins Ring
Tungrad Ring
Ominous Ring
Centaurus Belt
Basilisk's Belt
Valtarra Eclipsed Belt
Tungrad Belt
Orkinrad's Belt
Manos Golden Coral Belt
Manos Hoe
Manos Lumbering Axe
Manos Fluid Collector
Manos Tanning Knife
Manos Butcher Knife
Manos Pickaxe
Manos Trainer's Clothes
Manos Hunter's Clothes
Manos Sailor's Clothes
Manos Cook's Clothes
Manos Alchemist's Clothes
Manos Fisher's Clothes
Manos Necklace
Blackstar Serenaca
Manos Earring
Manos Ring
Manos Belt
Manos Gatherer's Clothes
Manos Craftsman's Clothes
Blackstar Battle Axe
Blackstar Shamshir
Blackstar Longsword
Blackstar Longbow
Blackstar Amulet
Blackstar Axe
Blackstar Shortsword
Blackstar Blade
Blackstar Staff
Blackstar Kriegsmesser
Blackstar Gauntlet
Blackstar Crescent Pendulum
Blackstar Crossbow
Blackstar Florang
Blackstar Morning Star
Blackstar Kyve
Blackstar Great Sword
Blackstar Scythe
Blackstar Iron Buster
Blackstar Kamasylven Sword
Blackstar Celestial Bo Staff
Blackstar Lancia
Blackstar Crescent Blade
Blackstar Kerispear
Blackstar Sura Katana
Blackstar Sah Chakram
Blackstar Aad Sphera
Blackstar Godr Sphera
Blackstar Vediant
Blackstar Gardbrace
Blackstar Cestus
Blackstar Greatbow
Blackstar Crimson Glaives
Blackstar Jordun
Blackstar Dual Glaives
Blackstar Sting
Blackstar Kibelius
Blackstar Patraca
TET (IV), PEN (V) Enhanced Accessories
Deboreka Necklace Ethereal Earring
Revived Lunar Necklace Turo's Belt
Black Distortion Earring -
Gear of All Enhancement Levels
Fallen God's Armor



● Made improvements to better deal with forged/fake game access.
● Added an AMD FSR function you can apply when playing Black Desert.
- The FidelityFx Super Resolution(FSR) function is an upscaling technology that delivers high frame rates and quality details while maintaining high-resolution graphics.
- You can enjoy adventures in the world of Black Desert in a smoother and more pleasant environment, depending on the settings.
* The AMD FSR function includes a feature that displays high-end graphics. For Adventurers who have set the Sharpening function from the Graphics Card settings, please keep this in mind. (Added)
* To enable the AMD FSR function, you have to enable High-End Graphics - Remastered Mode, Anti-aliasing TAA, and Upscale settings. Performance may vary according to computer specifications.
▲ Upscale Not Applied ▲Upscale FSR - Ultra Quality ▲ Upscale FSR - Performance
● Changed to apply the AMD FidelityFx Super Resolution(FSR) function to the Upscale function.
- You can set this function by going to the ESC menu > Settings > Display Settings > Quality > Upscale OR Settings > Performance Settings > Optimization > Upscale menu.
(However, you can adjust the detailed options of the AMD FSR function by going to Display Settings > Graphic Quality > Upscale.)
● Added a feature that allows you to check the copyright information of AMD(Advanced Micro Devices) FSR from the following menus:
- ESC(New) menu > Information(F1) > Copyright(8) menu (Copyright Information)
- ESC(New) menu > Settings(F10) > Settings(1) menu (Copyright)
* The function works not only for graphic hardware of AMD but also for other graphic hardware. You can check the types of graphic hardware you can use via "Supported Graphic Hardware."
* It is recommended that you use the most up-to-date version of your graphics driver when using the AMD FSR function. You do not need to install an additional software.
Supported Graphic Hardware
AMD Radeon™ 6000 Series
AMD Radeon™ 5000M Series
AMD Radeon™ 600 Series
AMD Ryzen™ Desktop Processors with AMD Radeon™ Graphics
NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 20 Series
AMD Radeon™ 6000M Series
AMD Radeon™ VII Graphics 
AMD Radeon™ RX 500 Series
AMD Ryzen™ Mobile Processors with Radeon™ Graphics
NVIDIA® GeForce® 16 Series
AMD Radeon™ 5000 Series
AMD Radeon™ RX Vega Series
AMD Radeon™ RX 480/470/460 Graphics
NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 30 Series
NVIDIA® GeForce® 10 Series
We have implemented an AMD FSR(AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution) to Black Desert. FSR is AMD's cutting-edge upscaling technology that improves framerates, provides better quality details, and maintains high resolution without hardware upgrades. Through this added function, we hope to spread the beauty of the Black Desert world to even more Adventurers. Also, we will continue our technological research and development to provide a higher quality gameplay environment for our Adventurers.



● Adjusted the size of the game client listed in the Download page.
● Improved the layout area for comments posted under the latest news.
● Improved the adventurer's profile page to now display the number of comments per posts.
● Added a function on My Page that allows you to change your email address that you input intially when accessing the game as a Steam user.
● Improved the layout of the Parental Controls website.
● Improved the Parental Controls website to have language options for English or Korean.
● Improved the rules for deciding upon thumbnails to be posted on the gallery-style forums.
● Changed the Free Trial and Twitch Drop coupons to be usable even after failing at more attempts than the number of coupon code errors allowed.
● Added TikTok to the share link to SNS function.



● Changed the following terms in German:
- Wildkraut to Wildgras.
- Kostüm: Iliya to Freizeitkostüm aus Iliya.
- Freizeitkleidung: Iliya to Freizeitkleidung aus Iliya.
- Kostüm: Velia to Freizeitkostüm aus Velia.
- Freizeitkleidung: Velia to Freizeitkleidung aus Velia.
- Freitodfall to Fall ins Schattenreich.
● Changed the following terms in Spanish:
- Evento - Cofre de la putrefacción to Evento - Cofre de la muerte distorsionada.
- Evento - Cofre de la desesperanza absoluta to Evento - Cofre de la muerte desesperada.
- Rubí distorsionado de Lucrecia to Rubí imperfecto de Lucrecia.
● Changed the following terms in French:
- Chariot to Char.
- Explosion suicide de golem to Bombe autodestructrice de golem.
- Chute suicidaire to Chute mortelle.
● Changed the following term in English:
- Suicide Fall to Death's Descent.



● Changed requirements for Adventurers under 18 so that they must now have a legal representative's (parent, guardian, etc.) consent when signing up for membership, playing games, and using paid services under the Children's Code announced by the UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).
* You can find information on receiving a legal guardian's consent for users under 18 from the following notice.
[Go to [United Kingdom and British Territories] Regarding Parental/Guardian Consent for Users Under the Age of 18 ].


Modified or Changed

● Fixed the issue where the Dark Rift icon would be highlighted again even after checking the Dark Rift via the icon on the bottom right when pressing the Challenge and Knowledge icons.
● Fixed the issue where your character would move to an unusual location in certain areas of the Serendia territory.
● Fixed the issue where certain areas of the Oquilla Coast would appear abnormal.
● Fixed the issue where the scars would appear abnormal when changing the appearance of your Striker's head by equipping the [Striker] Burning Soul (Scarred) Helmet.
● Fixed the issue where some notes wouldn't load in Zoom In mode on the Compose/Score window.
● Fixed the issue where your character's appearance would appear abnormal when wearing the following outfits:
- [Hashashin] Marine Romance Hat
- [Shai] Coco Hat
● Fixed the issue where exchanging Predator's Roots for Valtarra's Flame, Okiara's Tide, Narc's Lightning, or Seed of Void would fulfill the objectives for the quest "[Elvia Daily] The Power of Three Ancient Spirits."
● Fixed the issue where your character's hair would appear abnormal in particular graphic qualities upon equipping [Sorceress] Yianaros and [Nova] Yianaros helmets.
● Fixed the issue where [Event] Leebur summoned at the dark rift wouldn't return to its original position after leaving its combat range.
● Fixed the issue where certain items would disappear when selling the same item on the Central Market while holding the Rich Merchant's Ring.
● Fixed the issue where your character's hair would appear abnormal in certain situations when wearing the [Archer, Hashashin, Sage, Corsair] Marine Romance Hat.



Happy adventuring!

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