Pearl Shop [Pearl Shop] Preview of Upcoming New Outfits – September 22, 2021
Black Desert Sep 10, 2021, 00:00 (UTC)



Hello Adventurers! 


Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming new Musa outfit that will be released on September 22, 2021 (Wed)!  



▲ Upcoming Musa Outfit


New Outfit Release Date Class
September 15, 2021 (Wed) Kunoichi
September 22, 2021 (Wed) Musa
September 29, 2021 (Wed) Sorceress
 October 6, 2021 (Wed) Maehwa
 October 13, 2021 (Wed) Ninja

* Please note that the release order of the outfits/classes is subject to change. We will do our best to continue to release amazing outfits to repay your support and interest.  

* The actual appearance of the released outfit may differ from the preview image above. The outfit’s release date is also subject to change.  

- We will update you through this notice if any of the release dates are changed.