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GM Notes Oct 20, 2021, 00:00 (UTC) Revamped Node War Guide


On October 20, Node War returns with a fresh new face for the Pre-Season, which might leave some of you wondering what exactly changed. Before we dive in, keep in mind the three following terms: “Territory-based,” “Hopscotch,” and “Main Node.” Now then, let’s go!


Territory-based Node War 


Node War is now held based on Territory. Unlike before, where Node Wars were held in certain designated Nodes for each day of the week, Node Wars will now take place in a designated territory for each day of the week.


For example, Mondays will have Node Wars for all Nodes in Balenos and Calpheon, while Tuesday will involve all Nodes in Serendia and Mediah.


Be warned! All territories with active Node Wars on the server will be changed to a PvP zone! Check out the table below to see what territories will have Node Wars on each day.


* The Kamasylvia Node Wars were added with the update on October 27, 2021 (Wed). (Added)








Kamasylvia (Added)














Kamasylvia (Added)






All Territories

Balenos and Serendia are now entirely made up of Tier 1 Nodes. So, if you want to participate in Conquest War, make sure to capture a Node since only guilds that occupy at least one Tier 1 Node can participate!


Hopscotch Concept 



| Expanding via Connected Nodes


Once you build a fort in one of the territory’s Nodes, you’ll be able to join the Node War. If you conquer that Node, you can gradually expand your conquered territory through other connected Nodes.



| Bordering Nodes Only  


You can only try to expand to Nodes that are bordering your conquered territory, and you are unable to expand through faraway Nodes. That’s why you need to make sure that the next Node you are planning on conquering is bordering the area you currently occupy!


| Claim Victory by Successfully Defending the Fort  


Before, guilds defending a Node needed to destroy the forts of attacking guilds to keep the Node. Now, the defending guild will claim victory if they successfully defend their fort through the entire Node War.



| Occupying a Node Prevents Participation in Another Territory’s Node War 


One guild can occupy up to ten Nodes in a territory, and you can expand one Node at a time. Furthermore, occupying a node in one territory prevents you from participating in the Node Wars of another territory.



| Limited Number of Siege Weapons 


You can build annexes at all Nodes. However, there are limits to the number of siege weapons (elephants or cannons). Keep this in mind as you plan your annexes!


Main Node 



Guilds controlling two or more Nodes can designate one of their Nodes as a “Main Node.” Outside Node War times, the guild master and advisors can freely designate a main Node, but the main Node cannot be changed during Node War.



If a guild fails to defend a Node when occupying three or more Nodes and the occupying Nodes are “disconnected” from each other, then the Nodes not connected to the “main Node” will be lost!



When the main Node is destroyed, then the forts of all occupied Nodes will be destroyed. If your guild occupies two or more Nodes, make sure to be wary of this fate!


Node War Rewards 


As for collecting taxes, guilds will no longer collect the accumulated taxes right after occupying a Node, guilds will automatically collect the taxes that accumulate while the guild occupies the Node 15 minutes before the start of the next Node War



Additionally, victorious guilds can access a “War Shop” through a War Vendor. This shop offers items that are not available in normal shops. Occupying higher-tiered Nodes will open up a greater selection of items, so it’s a good idea to set your sights on higher-tiered Nodes! And for guild masters who work tirelessly for their guilds, we’ve added gear and accessories that you can purchases!


That wraps up this GM Note, so head out there and enjoy the new and improved Node Wars!


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