Updates [Updates] Update Details - November 3, 2021
Black Desert Nov 3, 2021, 16:38 (UTC)


Greetings Adventurers.


Here are the latest updates being applied to Black Desert on Wednesday November 3.


Please launch the game client to begin downloading the latest update to apply the changes listed below.


Changes and Fixes

● Fixed an issue where the "Item Pick Up Time" that was displayed in the Pearl Shop and item description of Putrakium (Atoraxxion Pet) did not match its actual time.
- This pet's actual "Item Pick Up Time" is 20 seconds at level 1 and 8 seconds at level 10 (at Tier 1 for both).
* Please note that sales period announced in the Pearl Shop notice for the Atoraxxion pets has also been changed due to this issue being fixed.



Happy adventuring!

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