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2 Start the game once installation is complete.


Events Dec 22, 2021, 10:00 (UTC) Winter Season Pass


Not sure what to do in the Winter Season?


Then let the Season Pass be your guide!


Season Pass?

The Season Pass is available in-game via the Black Spiritbutton located at the left of the minimap. It is meant to help Adventurers progress through the game by providing milestone rewards for experiencing the diverse content offered by Black Desert.


Event Period

- December 22, 2021 (Wed) after maintenance - March 30, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance


Event Details

① Log in with a Winter Season Character to start the special “Winter Challenges.”

- These Challenges can only be completed by Winter Season Characters.



▲ Check out the Season Challenges from the Black Spirit icon at the left of the minimap!


Challenges Completion Rewards 

Additional Rewards with the Black Spirit Pass 

(Purchasable in the Pearl Shop)

Leveling Up, One Step at a Time! 1

Reach Lv. 10 on a season character

[Season] New Adventure Box x1 

[Event] Classic Outfit Box x1 

Leveling Up, One Step at a Time! 2

Reach Lv. 15 on a season character

Inventory +2 Expansion x1 

[Event] Value Pack (7 Days) x1 

Leveling Up, One Step at a Time! 3

Reach Lv. 20 on a season character

Elion's Tear x3 

Inventory +2 Expansion x1 

Black Spirit's Gift!

Receive Black Spirit's Gift (Inventory Slot)

[Season] Secret Book of the Misty Breeze x3 

[Event] Maid for Hire Box x1 

Horses, the Adventurer's Companion

Complete the [Horse Emblem] Seal of the Secret Guards quest

[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 

[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 

Leveling Up, One Step at a Time! 4

Reach Lv. 25 on a season character

Inventory +2 Expansion x1 

Elion's Tear x3 

Leveling Up, One Step at a Time! 5

Reach Lv. 30 on a season character

[Season] Finto's Box of Juices x10 

Inventory +2 Expansion x1 

Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 1

Enhance a Naru main weapon to +3 or higher, then equip it

Inventory +2 Expansion x1 

[Event] Maid for Hire Box x1 

Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 2

Enhance Naru Armor to +3 or higher, then equip it

[Season] Secret Book of the Misty Breeze x3 

Inventory +2 Expansion x1 

Leveling Up, One Step at a Time! 6

Reach Lv. 35 on a season character

Inventory +2 Expansion x1 

Megaphone x11 

Leveling Up, One Step at a Time! 7

Reach Lv. 40 on a season character

[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 

[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 

Leveling Up, One Step at a Time! 8

Reach Lv. 45 on a season character

Elion's Tear x5 

Inventory +2 Expansion x1 

To a Higher Goal

Complete the [To Level 50!] Go Beyond Your Own Limits quest

[Event] Sealed Book of Combat (7 Days) x1 

Elion's Blessing x2 

Leveling Up, One Step at a Time! 9

Reach Lv. 50 on a season character

Book of Training - Combat (1 Hour) x10 

Book of Training - Skill (1 Hour) x10 

Trading Energy for EXP!

Summon the Black Spirit and exchange energy for an EXP buff

Laila's Petal x10 

Elion's Tear x5 

Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 3

Enhance a Naru main weapon to +15 or higher, then equip it

Combat or Life Box x1 

Combat or Life Box x1 

Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 4

Enhance Naru Armor to +15 or higher, then equip it

[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 

[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 

Equipping Naru Adventure Gear 5

Enhance a Naru sub-weapon to +15 or higher, then equip it

[Season] Finto's Box of Juices x10 

[Season] Finto's Box of Juices x10 

Leveling Up, One Step at a Time! 10

Reach Lv. 55 on a season character

[Event] High-Quality Draught Box x3 

Premium Elixir Box x3 

Blacksmith of Altinova

Speak to Mevo Muranan, the Blacksmith of Altinova

Tuvala Ore x25 

Tuvala Ore x25 

Equipping Tuvala Adventure Gear 1

Enhance a Tuvala ring to PRI (I) or higher, then equip it

Time-filled Black Stone x100 

Time-filled Black Stone x100 

Save the Abandoned Iron Mine!

Defeat 100 Rhutums, Saunils, and other monsters at Abandoned Iron Mine

Refined Magical Black Stone x20 

Refined Magical Black Stone x20 

A Whole New Me

Reach Lv. 56, complete the Awakening or Succession questline

[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 

[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 

Different Skills for Different Situations

Complete the [Skill Preset Coupon] Using a Variety of Skills quest

Advice of Valks (+20) x3 

Advice of Valks (+20) x3 

Equipping Tuvala Adventure Gear 2
Enhance a Tuvala Main Weapon to DUO (II) or higher, then equip it

Cron Stone x50 

Cron Stone x50 

Equipping Tuvala Adventure Gear 3

Enhance a Tuvala ring to TRI (III) or higher, then equip it

Frozen Tides Black Stone x1 

Old Moon Costume Coupon x1 

Abundant Inventory Support

Complete one of the [Suggested] [ADV Support] Inventory Expansion! quests

Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x5 

Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x5 

Pets, Loyal Companions

Complete one of the [ADV Support] Pets, Loyal Companions quests

Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min) x2 

Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min) x2 

How to Progress Faster

Use the Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll

[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 

[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 

Defeat the Monsters at Bashim Base

Defeat 100 monsters at Bashim Base

Time-filled Black Stone x200 

Time-filled Black Stone x200 

Exterminate the Gahaz Bandits

Defeat 100 Gahaz Bandits

Tuvala Ore x50 

Tuvala Ore x50 

Leveling Up, One Step at a Time! 11

Reach Lv. 57 on a season character

Refined Magical Black Stone x40 

Refined Magical Black Stone x40 

Weekly Chance to Get Stronger!

Complete one of the [Recurring] [Season Weekly] Stronger Tuvala Gear quests

Advice of Valks (+40) x1 

Advice of Valks (+40) x1 

Leveling Up, One Step at a Time! 12

Reach Lv. 58 on a season character;

Cron Stone x50 

Cron Stone x100 

Finding Traces of Agris, God of Abundance

Complete the Book of Margahan - Chapter 1

[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 

[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 

Abundant Junk!

Consume 3,000 Agris Fever points

Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min) x5 

Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min) x5 

Leveling Up, One Step at a Time! 13

Reach Lv. 59 on a season character

Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x5 

Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x5 

My Flying Friend

Complete the [ADV Support] Fairy, Mysterious Companion questline from the [Suggested] tab

Advice of Valks (+50) x1 

Advice of Valks (+50) x1 

The Legendary Blacksmiths?!

Complete the [Suggested] [Lv. 51] Mediah: The Legendary Blacksmith questline

[Event] Sealed Book of Combat (7 Days) 

Elion's Blessing x2 

Magically-filled Naderr's Belt!

Complete the [Suggested] [Lv. 58] Naderr's Belt questline

Advice of Valks (+60) x1 

Advice of Valks (+60) x1 

An Invitation You Can't Refuse

Complete the [Invitation from I] Invitation from I quest, then find hints about Atoraxxion

[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 

[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 

Shakatu's Hidden Treasure

Complete the [Suggested] [Lv. 60] Bag of the Stars questline, then get your Family Inventory

Advice of Valks (+70) x1 

[Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days) x1 

A Whole New Experience Presented by Fughar!

Complete the [Winter Season] Fughar's Special Timepiece quest

[Event] Tachros' Spirit Stone x1 

[Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (7 Days) x1 

I'm a Seasoned Adventurer Now!

Reach Lv. 60 on a season character

Advice of Valks (+80) x1 

Valks' Cry x10 

Silenced the Echo

Defeat the monster summoned from the Rift's Echo

Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min) x5 

Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min) x5 

Steps to Greater Heights

Complete the [Season] To Greater Heights! quest

Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x10 

Supreme Old Moon Box x1 

All Are Equal Before Me

Defeat 1 boss from the Dark Rift

[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 

[Season] Aurora Snowflake x5 


Defeat Igor Bartali, Chief of Velia, at a game of Yar!

Artisan's Memory x7 

Artisan's Memory x15 

Apex Adventurer

Reach Lv. 61 on a season character

Cron Stone x100 

Cron Stone x100 

Honorary Crow Merchants Guild Member

Finish the Season Pass

[Season] Crow Merchants Guild Contribution Certificate I x15 

[Season] Crow Merchants Guild Contribution Certificate II x15 

* The Winter Challenge rewards and Black Spirit Pass rewards can only be received once per Family.

* Any unused Black Spirit Pass items will be deleted after the end of the Winter Season.

* The default Challenge and Black Spirit Pass rewards can only be claimed during the event period. Please make sure to claim the rewards during the event period as you cannot claim the rewards once the event ends.

* You must complete the previous objective to activate and obtain the rewards for the next stage.

* The [Event] Supreme Old Moon Scroll will expire 14 days after being obtained.


■ If you progress through the simplified main questline, you can talk to the Black Spirit to receive the “Normal Season Pass” rewards after completing a quest.


The simplified main questline is offered by the NPC Alustin. You must fulfill all of the following requirements to be able to accept it.

- Playing on Season Character

- Completed “The Sage of Velia” quest

- Completed “[Pet] Bareeds' Junaid” quest



After you fulfill the requirements above, you will be prompted by a questline selection window to select either the original main questline or the simplified main questline. Keep in mind that once you pick a questline, you can’t change your selection!


Selecting the simplified main questline will change the Season Pass Challenges as follows. You’ll need to complete the quests below and talk to the Black Spirit to complete the Challenges.

Upon Completion of a Simplified Quest Offered by the NPC Alustin Automatically Complete the Season Pass Challenges Below!
Complete [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 2 Joy of Growing Stronger
Complete [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 2 Don't Get Ahead of Yourself!
■ Not sure how or where to use the rewards you obtained? Just check them below!
Item Name Description

[Season] New Adventure Box

Contains a variety of items, including adventure buffs, leveling aid buffs, gold bars, and the [Season] Aurora Snowflake, to help your character progression.


Please note that this box can only be opened by a season character and the leveling aid buff is activated immediately upon opening the box.

[Season] Aurora Snowflake

Bring the [Season] Aurora Snowflake to the NPC Pulvio to exchange them for special items!

Artisan's Blessing (30 Days)

You can exchange [Season] Aurora Snowflake x30 to obtain this item. If you use this item, you’ll see icon at the top of your UI, and for 30 days, you’ll be able to obtain an Artisan's Memory from the Challenge (Y) menu.

Inventory +2 Expansion

Expands your inventory by up to 2 slots.

[Season] Secret Book of the Misty Breeze

Read this secret book to obtain Skill EXP.

[Event] Maid for Hire Box

Open this box to select a maid to hire!

A Storage Maid allows you to access the closest Storage without having to walk to it, while a Transaction Maid means you don’t have to visit the Central Market yourself to access the Market!

Cron Stone

An item that safeguards your item’s enhancement level from dropping when failing an enhancement.

Elion's Tear

This item allows your character to resurrect immediately when they die.


If you lose Combat EXP due to a death, you can use it to instantly restore the lost Combat EXP.

Elion's Blessing

This item allows your character to resurrect immediately with 100% HP/MP when they die.


If you lose Combat EXP due to a death, you can use it to instantly restore the lost Combat EXP.

[Season] Finto's Box of Juices

A box filled with Finto's collection of juices. Contains [Season] Finto's Filling Juice, [Season] Finto's Sweet Juice, and [Season] Finto's Fresh Juice,

[Event] Value Pack (7 Days)

Using this item will grant you a variety of buffs for 7 days including 16 Inventory/Storage slots, Unlimited Beauty Salon, and Combat/Skill/Life/Mount EXP +30%, Weight Limit +200LT, and more.

[Event] Sealed Book of Combat (7 Days)

Right-click to unseal and get the [Event] Book of Combat (7 Days). The unsealed [Event] Book of Combat (7 Days) can grant a Combat EXP +100% and Skill EXP +50% buff.

Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min)

Use this item to receive the following buffs depending on the activated level.


[Level 0] Deactivated

[Level 1] Item Drop Rate +100%/Item Drop Amount +50%

[Level 2] Item Drop Rate +100%/Item Drop Amount +100%

Combat or Life Box

Open this item to obtain buff items for either Combat or Life content.

Old Moon Costume Coupon

Allows you to exchange the following costume boxes with the Black Spirit.

- Old Moon Costume Box (Valor)

- Old Moon Costume Box (Viper)

- Old Moon Costume Box (Swiftness)

Frozen Tides Black Stone

An enhancement material that has a guaranteed chance to successfully enhance season character exclusive Tuvala gear from TET (IV) to PEN (V). (Excluding Tuvala accessories)

[Event] Secret Book of Old Moon (7 Days)

A buff item that gives you the following effects for 7 days: Combat/Skill/Life EXP boost, reset skills freely, change skill add-ons freely, and more!

Time-filled Black Stone

Tuvala Ore

Refined Magical Black Stone

Enhancement materials, which are exclusive to the season server, that are used to enhance the season server “Tuvala” gear. They can also be exchanged for Tuvala gear and accessories.

[Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days)

Provides the following benefits for 7 days:

Energy Recovery +2, Item Drop Rate +20%, Central Market Warehouse Capacity +2,000 VT, Transaction Maid Volume Limit +100 VT, and Storage Transport Weight Limit +1,500 LT.

[Season] Crow Merchants Guild Contribution Certificate I/II

Bring the [Season] Crow Merchants Guild Contribution Certificate I/II to the NPC Fughar to start special daily quests! Keep in mind that you need a [Season] Crow Merchants Guild Contribution Certificate each time you want to complete a quest.

Advice of Valks

An item that increases enhancement chance.


Advice of Valks (+20) increases it by +20 and Advice of Valks (+80) increases it by +80.

Valks' Cry

An item that gives Enhancement Chance +1. This item stacks up to 10 times (to give you a total of +10!)

■ Check out the outfits you can obtain by exchanging the Old Moon Costume Coupon.

- Old Moon Costume Box (Valor)

▲ Male Delphe Knight Armor (Costume)


▲ Female Ahon Kirus's Armor (Costume)


▲ Shai Florin Herb Gatherer Clothes (Costume)


- Old Moon Costume Box (Viper)

▲ Male Jordine's Casual Wear (Costume)


▲ Female Jarette's Armor (Costume)


▲ Shai Drieghanese Winter Clothes (Costume)

The [Shai] Drieghanese Winter Clothes (Costume) is a costume that cannot be currently crafted, but will be available after the “Mountain of Eternal Winter” update.


- Old Moon Costume Box (Swiftness)

▲ Male Serendian Formal Suit (Costume)


▲ Female Terrmian Casual Wear (Costume)


▲ Shai Kanna's Naga Disguise (Costume)

* Please refer to the in-game item descriptions for more details about each item shown above.

* Questions about Black Desert’s content? Check out the [Adventurer’s Guide]!

* Feel free to ask questions in the Lunar Halo Inn that is accessible from the in-game menu (ESC) → Community → Chat Group!

Additional Notices

- This event is only available for season characters.

- Event items may have restrictions (sale/trade) and/or different binding settings/expiration dates. Due to this reason, these items cannot be transferred or restored.

- For details such as whether the item is bound, please refer to the in-game item description.

- Items and/or rewards that were normally used cannot be recovered.

- Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances. If changes are made, they can be found on this event page.

- Participating in the event using inappropriate methods may result in a cancellation/retrieval of your reward(s) and/or restriction from the game.

- For any questions or concerns regarding the event, please contact us via [Support].

- Any content not mentioned on this page is subject to the [Black Desert Event Rules].

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