Events [Events] What is Your Black Desert Personality?
Black Desert Dec 24, 2021, 08:56 (UTC)


Are you an energetic ESTP, or maybe an intuitive INFP?


How about finding out which one of the 16 types you are in the Black Desert world?


Event Period

- December 24, 2021 (Fri) - January 5, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance


Event Details

① During the event, take the Black Desert Personality Test!


[Click Here] for a new window


② Once you complete the personality test, a coupon code will be displayed on the results page.

Coupon Code Reward
Available on the results page

[Event] Black Spirit's Tree Exchange Coupon x1

* You can only redeem one coupon per Family.

* Coupon/Web Storage/In-game Mail Expiration Date: January 5, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance

* Coupon codes are no longer redeemable after the expiration date, and any redeemed items stored in the Web Storage or in-game mail will also disappear after the expiration date.


③ Bring the Event] Black Spirit's Tree Exchange Coupon to the NPC Lebyos in Heidel to obtain a Christmas Tree with your MBTI type.


▲ ISTJ’s [Event] Tree of Perseverance


Images Names


[Event] Tree of Perseverance 


[Event] Tree of Reality 


[Event] Tree of Humor 


[Event] Tree of Logic 


[Event] Tree of Peace 


[Event] Tree of Nobility 


[Event] Tree of Free Will 


[Event] Tree of Sympathy 


[Event] Tree of Insight 


[Event] Tree of Sensibility 


[Event] Tree of Free Spirit 


[Event] Tree of Warmth 


[Event] Tree of Strategy 


[Event] Tree of Fantasies 


[Event] Tree of Ideas 


[Event] Tree of Confidence 

* You can still exchange the item even after the event ends.


Additional Notices

- Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances. If changes are made, they can be found on this event page.

- Event items may have restrictions (sale/trade) and/or different binding settings/expiration dates. Due to this reason, these items cannot be transferred or restored.

- For details such as whether the item is bound, please refer to the in-game item description.

- Items and/or rewards that were used or collected normally cannot be recovered.

- Participating in the event using inappropriate methods may result in a cancellation/retrieval of your reward(s) and/or restriction from the game.

- For any questions or concerns regarding the event, please contact us via the [Support].

- Any content not mentioned on this page is subject to the [Black Desert Event Rules].

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