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GM Notes Mar 16, 2022, 00:00 (UTC) Advent of Lightning
Born fated to extinguish the flame...

...her thunder now roars throughout the Mountain of Eternal Winter...

Meet the Destroyer of Ynix

@J13 They already said at the last ball that wukong was not going to be the next class but that it would be coming at some point in the future. At the time, they only showed us the silhouette of the next class, but it was this one. The only reason that anyone was expecting wukong was because they were making assumptions based on what was datamined.
In the Movie ;P The Forbidden Kingdom xD
Some people actually thought we would see Wukong next because of some data mining.
@Zadamose Made sense. Since Guardian it has been one female then one male and so on.
ANOTHER FEMALE CLASS? Make MALE classes, 95% of players are MALE, a lot of us dont want to play with female classes.
@Muskan It could be a non-binary class, you don't know. Stop assuming jeez :p
@Muskan wait...
we MALES play with GIRLS ! the hell? :o

the gurls play with pwetty ebois.
we macho man play with hawt AF bimbos. duh!
@Muskan Lol I fid the opposite to be true actually. Most guys I know on this game want to play a female class because they like looking at the boobs KEK
@babymochi Well, you don't see the boobs that often, since you're usually looking at your character's backside, but personally, I would much rather look at a girl's backside than a guy's. And just in general, since I'm a guy, I prefer to look at girls. Why on earth would I want to be staring at a guy's rear end while playing?
@Muskan Yeah. I'd like to see where you get your statistics from. A guy here with 22 characters. only THREE of them are male and if ever i get to the point where I have to delete a character to make room for a new one, one of the dudes is going to go.
@Muskan Dude, what world do you live in?
@Muskan A lot of us would much rather look at a females butt rather than a males butt too :D
These teasers are kinda lame...

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