GM Notes Mar 26, 2022, 12:00 (UTC) Watch Drakania’s New Class Trailers!

Drakania emerges from the Mountain of Eternal Winter in her quest to quell Ynix’s flame!
For what purpose? And why now? What is her story?

Pre-create Drakania on March 30 and discover the answers when she releases on April 6!

Destroyer of Ynix, Drakania - Story Trailer

Black Desert’s 24th newest class, Drakania, is the very antithesis of Guardian. One stands as the destroyer of the Ynix while the other stands as its bearer. What led these two to walk such opposing paths?

A past filled with hardship and survival. Get a glimpse into Drakania's story in this new trailer.

Lightning’s Blaze, Drakania – Combat Trailer

A dignified and mysterious surface belies the draconic rage within! Witness the wielder of the Slayer and Shard wreak havoc on her foes in this combat trailer!

Last Hope of the Dragons, Drakania – Dev Commentary

Get the behind-the-scenes on how the Black Desert Studio developed Drakania – everything from her concept, weapons, skills, animations, and sound effects are covered in this dev commentary!

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Am i trippin or any "video" that's supposed to be there on the latest few announcements isn't there?
@Drifter I can see the videos on black desert+ mobile app, but I can't see the videos on Firefox or Chrome on my PC.
@Rina Funny, i'm also on chrome on PC & can't see them (didn't try the mobile app), though i did find the trailer on the youtube so i got to see it, looks amazing & can't wait for this new class to drop (just might end up being my new main combat class ^^)
@Drifter You will be able to see the videos if you remove the __cookies on this website, then __refresh the page and accept the __cookies again.
Video download in 4k or uncompressed please.
The devs don't understand why awaken hash, succ sage, and guardian, and now succ nova get dominated in 1v1 so easily and why classes like succ zerk, ninja, and warrior have become the __meta.

The current game is designed around speed. This is just another flavor class that gets tried for a moment and is ditched just like the last few new classes because the devs don't want to address the massive damage output problem in pvp. By the time these classes are done showing off a single slow flashy attack, they've already eaten a combo from a ninja and are dead.
@Ghoulz Good thing i don't care 1 single bit for PVP, so as long as this class is gonna be good in PVE & not nerfed and ruined later on like Sage & Corsair did for pve, i'll be very happy & satisfied (finally even have my main pve class for once)
When will female classes finally get flat bottom boots? Or at the very least, platform shoes. We're not asking you to delete the heels, we would just like to be able to choose.
@InvXXVII Why? Your not looking at the feet.
@InvXXVII Actually agreed, so many outfit would be billion times better with flat bottom shoes then heels forced on all of em... we can only dream & hope of this happening.
@InvXXVII As a female I actually like the outfits and heels they provide and would probably not like flats since irl I wear heels and love heels a lot. Heels and outfits are one of the main reasons I prefer sorc over tamer. So I guess they are appealing to girls like me while also pleasing the male players who are attracted to the character's physical features.
@InvXXVII it is korean game all their women have only heel instead feet, we have same problem on tera, lineage, kingdom under fire, etc
@InvXXVII I look at my feet, and I like my heels!
Well hell. This throws a monkey wrench into my plans. That Story trailer did nothing for me, but I really like what I saw in the Combat trailer. So if there is a new Season for the new character, I guess I'll be making one. I only have 4 slots left and I already had plans for them. Oh well. Hope they add more slots eventually.
This post has been deleted.

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