GM Notes Apr 6, 2022, 09:00 (UTC) New Season: Drakania

The progression-focused Season: Drakania will open after the maintenance on April 6 (Wed).

The season servers are only available for a limited time, so start your adventure today!
Please explain how someone who is new, or who has only just started the "How to Get a Powerful Accessory 1" is supposed to complete the "How to Get a Powerful Accessory 2" season pass requirement? Those questlines take weeks if not months to grind out and a lot of money, so I don't get this.

I tried the Subjugation Quest for Powerful Accessory 1 (killed 1500 Fadus) and it did not update my season... so am I screwed? I was going to buy the Black Spirit Pass also, but it seems pointless as I cannot complete it as it has an impossible wall for me!
@Kytestar You don't need to grind the daily until you actually get enough materials to get the PEN accessory.

You need to talk to Jetina & complete a quest where you get one of her non-sellable accessories that you're supposed to upgrade. That means you will complete the first quest needed for the pass. Then for the 2. quest you need to do 1 daily for the accessory enhancing materials. Both accessory quests for the pass can easily be done within an hour or so alltogether, depending on your gear & how many people you do it with.
@Kytestar Did you read the details about How to get powerful accessory 2? Because it does say you need to do: [Daily] Old Moon Guild Subjugation Request - All Regions. Not a specific region.
@LemonLime When I talk to Jetina, it doesn't have a quest available for me. I tried talking to the black spirit, but the quest doesn't show up there either. What did I miss? @_@
@Kytestar I finished the entire season in about a week on a brand new Drak with nothing from my main character(because you cant use anything except silver). You just simply start the quest line, you choose 1 of 3 accessories. Then after that you do a daily like, craft 1000 beers which you can afk overnight. Then the quest you need to do is the Old Moon Guild Subjugation Request - All Regions. which means you can kill any 3000 mob in any location, you can even kill the grass beetles to complete this. You don't need to __create a pen accessory or anything.
finally a class i can relate to !! ty
Please for the love of god stop with this pop up, my chat is placed right bottom corner and this shitty pop up keeps appearing even when I turn off all __alerts and notifications .... just please stop

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