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GM Notes Apr 21, 2022, 12:52 (UTC) Meet our Eternal Winter x Alienware nominees!


It's time to start revealing our nominees for our Eternal Winter x Alienware video contest. Here are some creators that clearly knew how to record Eternal Winter in all its beauty!


Do you think you can create even better content? It's not too late to join the event yet, you have until May 4 to enter and try to win an Alienware x15 R1 laptop!


Nominees, for what exactly?

* Creators have been challenged to celebrate the launch of Eternal Winter by creating videos about it.
* Videos can range from all sorts of categories: new content walkthrough, new region story introduction, 'fan-made' trailer...basically anything Eternal Winter related!

* Winners will be selected among all nominees to win an Alienware x15 R1 laptop and an Eternal Winter’s Giftbox!
* You can find more details on this event and its rewards by checking out our notice, [Events] Eternal Winter x Alienware: A Winter Story, Created by YOU!

Thank you to everyone who has submitted a video so far!

Nominee: Valentz – Eternal Winter Cinematic Trailer


Nominee: Maely – Eternal Winter Cinematic Fan Trailer


Nominee: Ryuujinkurae – Eternal Winter Expansion Trailer


Nominee: Roosaline – Eternal Winter – in her Soul


Nominee: RESTRICT – Introducing the Mountain of Eternal Winter!


Nominee: Kayos – Eternal Winter Trailer


Nominee: InvadoS – Eternal Winter Walk (Montage)


Nominee: SATELLIZER – Eternal Winter Trailer

Nominee: Sarawada – Eternal Winter Music Video

Nominee: Demandred – Eternal Winter Trailer

Nominee: JinMoonie – Story – Twins of the Eternal Winter

Nominee: Cherrycake4 – Mountain of Eternal Winter & Drakania Cinematic Trailer

Nominee: Malone – Labreska, The Ynix, and The Drakania

Nominee: Kleante – Lovely Adventures in the Frozen World

Nominee: ETHii – The Beauty of Eternal Winter

Nominee: Nezbit – Drakania & Eternal Winter | Fan-made Cinematic Trailer

Nominee: Kavhan – Eternal Winter Trailer

Nominee: SuperSourCat – Mountain of Eternal Winter Trailer

Nominee: Hixili – Black Desert Online Trailer

Nominee: Panckateers – Eternal Winter: A Pirate's Tale

Nominee: Haoru – Trailer Mountain of Eternal Winter & Drakania

Nominee: Tayah – The Advent Of Drakania

*Please note this is not the final list of Nominees, this list will grow throughout the course of the event.
*Being nominated does not mean that you are guaranteed to win the event prizes.
*The nominations are chosen by the Black Desert Team.

Oh my, thank you so much for adding me to this list! C:
This post has been deleted.

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