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GM Notes Jun 24, 2022, 09:00 (UTC) Which Class Are You? 

Are you an Adventurer who didn’t get to try the Class Personality Test yet? We’ve got good news, because the fun-filled Class Personality Test is back with a new addition – our newest class, Drakania!  


Just answer the questions, and you’ll be given the class that best fits your answers! If you’re having trouble deciding on a class, how about giving this a chance?  


Plus, there’s even a coupon code on the results page as a small gift for finishing the test!  

Coupon Code Item Names
Previous Class Personality Test Coupon 
Redeemable until December 8, 2022 (Thu) @ 23:59
[Event] Advice of Destiny x1 
[Event] Enhancement Help Kit I x1
Complete the New Class Personality Test to Get the Code! 
Redeemable until December 8, 2022 (Thu) @ 23:59 
[Event] Advice of Safety x1 
[Event] Enhancement Help Kit II x1
Three Ways to Redeem Coupons 
1. In-game ESC menu -> Adventurer Support (F11) -> [Use Coupon] 
2. Black Desert official website’s [Coupons] page 
3. Black Desert+ app > Menu > Coupons 
Careful! Incorrectly entering the wrong coupon code 10 times in a row will prevent you from entering coupon codes for 1 hour! 
It’s says that I’m a mystic, but I’m a class that can’t get into the top 100 cos she need some pvp buffs
@Xylen #2 in EU was a mystic, seems like your problem is skill wise
@Labreska Eu pvpers kekw look at na ladder I see 0 mystics. It could be a skill issue sure but mystic is pretty weak compared to all the frontline classes. Her literal only use is a dp meme and why use mystic when shai or striker do better.
Hey as I can't decide what to play - how do I take that test? Where to click?
@Morciak There should be this text in blue [__link to the Test] above the Coupon Code and Item Names. Just click that and should open :)
It says I should play sorceress, I’m not confident I could do her justice, I just started playing less than a month ago
@CloudNine Picked Sorceress for me as well, and I've never given it a shot because I am bad at combos
@SparkleFairy To both of you: Where there is will there is a way! Practice make perfect! ^^
I felt like this too, still do.. Some people can learn fine through videos and guides. Others need a more hands on way of learning.. I can recommend asking a friend or guild mate for help, that of course plays or know the class. :)
Honestly, if you want to try her or any other class out, go for it. Especially if you think you would enjoy it <3
Kunoichi. (Surprisingly?) It's the only class I've actually played!

PS: There's a spelling mistake in Q11
For me the test code doesnt work , it saying i cant reddem .
@Azzazello If you haven't already, try and redeem it in game, if it says the same thing, it might already be redeemed and ready to be collected in your in game mail :)

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