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GM Notes Jul 1, 2022, 14:00 (UTC) Greetings from J: In Celebration of Our Global Family


December 17, 2014, marked the day that Adventurers first step foot in the world of Black Desert. 

And on June 23, 2022, we created another milestone together as we proudly welcomed the newest member of our global family. 

To show our thanks to all the Adventurers who made this possible, Jae-hee, the Executive Producer of Black Desert, has written a letter of gratitude. 



We look forward to many more fun adventures in the Black Desert world with our Adventurers. 



[Link to Video]

I suspect some will start their "when" or "Gimme" typical rants. I find and see BDO goods and bads. It's not perfect but I'm there slowly and gradually going through everything and it's satisfying travel. Thanks PA.
@Arionell For accessories yes plz :D
Been an incredible journey with highs and lows. Thanks for all the QoL changes you all are continuing to make. It's been fun thus far. Keep up the good work!
I really like the path you set the game on. Keep it up!
Seeing people digging in the desert and the freaking wagons at sausans was a trip down memory lane in itself xD
well been here from when you could only play on the Korean server and i am still here and always find things todo
Okay that's nice but how do I stop the popup redirecting me to SA. Appears everytime I use the website.
This post has been deleted.
I would like more textures and polygons in the crotch of the characters, that part was left far behind in the remastered. In addition, the intimate clothes of the maids look very old.
Man, PA should make a section "In works" for the Balls, don't give dates or ETAs just let us know they are working on it.
I have been playing BDO since 2016. The montage video brought back so many great memories. Many of my friends have moved on, but we all agree that the combat system remains some of the best we have experienced in the gaming world. The visual world, the fun classes, and satisfying combat system will keep me here as long as it lasts. I appreciate this game and hope it will continue for a very long time. ALSO Js hammers give me hope. More please ;)

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