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1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.


Updates Jul 27, 2022, 08:00 (UTC) Patch Notes - July 27, 2022


Greetings Adventurers,

Here are the latest update details for Black Desert Online on July 27, 2022 (Wed). Today’s patch contains 92 updates and is approximately 1.16 GB.

Drakania Awakening

● Ashen wings which incinerate fear itself take flight. Drakania's Awakening has been released.
- The awakened Drakania wields two spears known as the "Trion" (Drakanic for "spear").
- The awakened Drakania can shift between "Hexeblood" and "Dragonblood" forms.
* In "Hexeblood" form, Drakania will fight in her Human form.
* In "Dragonblood" form, Drakania will fight in her Dragon form, fully embracing her Dragon heritage.          

Drakania’s Awakening is finally released for all regions on July 27, 2022. 


Unlike other classes, we began developing her Awakening after her Succession. This was rather a bold and new decision on our end, and we are finally glad to be able to reveal the news of her release to all of our Adventurers who’ve waited with great anticipation. We hope you enjoy her Awakening form. 


To go into greater detail regarding her development process, our primary focus was to introduce new combat mechanics that allow Drakania to perform quite differently in Awakening compared to her Succession. Since she is dual-wielding spears, we wanted her movements to feel more primal, and we focused on a “stance dancing” mechanic that emphasized manual control of the class with precise timing of skills. 


Drakania’s Hexeblood form is focused on swift and relentless attacks that chain together to overwhelm opponents, while Dragonblood is a more heavy-hitting form. You may initially feel slightly overwhelmed by the different variations of certain skills available in both forms. The basic animations for the skills are similar, so we felt that once Adventurers grow accustomed to these differences. Along with the “stance dancing” mechanic (which can also automatically activate after certain skills), we will see more and more Drakania Adventurers maneuver between forms with relative ease. (Of course, since her Awakening was designed to be so conceptually different from previous classes, we do expect it will take some time for Adventurers to get used to as it may appear very complex at first glance.  We hope you’ll take the time to see her true ability shine.) 


Thank you. 

Drakania Awakening – Primary Skills            
● Aerial Burst - Flow: Obliterate            
- Unleash the might of Dragons to crush all those nearby, then obliterate them by slamming down your trion.        

● Doombringer             
- Channel the winds into your trion’s left spear, ascend, then come crashing down to the ground.

● Tectonic Slam (Hexeblood)            
-  Combine both spears to channel the winds, then charge toward the enemy. 

● Tectonic Slam (Dragonblood)            
- Combine both spears, then unleash the winds forward to push back the enemy.

● Sundering Roar (Hexeblood)            
- Channel the winds into your trion’s left spear, then unleash them forward. Set your right spear aflame, then leave a burning claw mark on the ground.

● Sundering Roar (Dragonblood)            
- Channel the winds into your trion’s left spear, then call upon the might of Dragons to unleash an earthshattering roar forward. Your destructive Dragon breath decimates all enemies ahead.

▲ Preview Drakania's Awakening

[Go to Drakania's Wallpaper]            

Season: Dawn of Dragons

● The new Season: Dawn of Dragons has begun.
- You gain EXP boost when playing on a season server, where you can equip "Tuvala gear" to quickly level up your season character while completing the season pass.
- Select "Season Character" in the Character Creation menu when creating a new character to access the season servers.
- Season characters can access both season servers and normal servers. Normal characters cannot access the season servers.
- Season characters can only equip seasonal gear issued by completing the main questline and cannot mount up on Dream Horses.
* For more information, please refer to the Adventurer's Guide - [Season Servers & Characters].            
- With the start of the season servers, the NEW Olvia (Novice Only, 2, 3, 4, 5) servers have been changed to season (Novice Only, 2, 3, 4, Arsha) servers.
- Conditions to access the Season-1 (Novice only) servers are as follows.
New Adventurers with character levels that add up to 150 or below in Family Adventurers with character level total of 150 or below and have logged in within 60 days (1440 hours) of creating their secondary password
Returning Adventurers with character levels that add up to 150 or below in Family Adventurers with character levels that add up to 150 or below in a Family, who have not logged in within the past 30 days (720 hours) and have not used the Web Central Market
※ Conditions for connecting to the Season-1 (Novice only) server will be applied following the maintenance on July 27, 2022 (Wed).  
- If you have characters waiting for deletion after maintenance starts on July 27, 2022 (Wed), you might not meet the requirement for connecting to the Season-1 server (Novice only), as it might be counted in the total levels for server consideration.       
● Applied the following changes to Season: Dawn of Dragons:
- Changed so New Adventurers must create a season character as their first character during a season.
- "[Season] Brimbolt Dragon Coin" and "[Season] Rift's Haze" can be obtained from Season: Dawn of Dragons.
● The "Dawn of Dragons" Season Pass is here!
Tip! A guide for New Adventurers!
※ For more information, please refer to the [Adventurer's Guide - Season Server Guide].
 - The contents on the left-hand side of the Adventurer's Guide are there to help you better navigate through the guide.

- Season Servers are back as Season: Dawn of Dragons has begun
Before After
NEW Olvia (Novice only) Season4
Rulupee2 Season1 (Novice only)
Rulupee3 Season2
Rulupee4 Season3
New Olvia5 Season (PvP)

Marni Wave

Mad Scientist Marni's latest invention is already making waves, literally. Introducing, the "Marniwave!"
The Marniwave is our answer to all the feedback we received requesting for music to listen to while mounted. Now Adventurers will be able to turn on the Marniwave while riding most mounts (including ships) and choose from a variety of music to best match your tastes. You can also set the Marniwave to turn on automatically each time you mount up as well. The music channels of the Marniwave include Adventurer-favorite "horse music" along with several new additions. We plan on adding more and more songs to these channels in future updates.

While adventuring out in the world of Black Desert, you will come across a diverse range of locations that can be wonderous or frightening, warm or freezing cold. At times, thunder and lightning strikes, warning of the imminent rain soon to come. We hope that the addition of the Marniwave will compliment those unique moments so they can be better savored by our Adventurers. Thank you.

● Added the Marniwave, a music player for listening to a variety of background music in Black Desert.
My fame shall reach far and wide like the unrelenting tide!
● Wacky Toshi is apparently handing out Marni's latest invention.
- Witness the very sounds of the cosmos through the Mad Scientist Marni's latest invention, the "Marniwave!"

● You can choose from a variety of themed music channels to listen to via the Marniwave.
- You can make the Marniwave play automatically whenever you mount up via its settings.
- You can adjust the size of its UI with the minimize button.
- The following channels are available via the Marniwave. 
Channel Song
City Jazz Vibes Balenos 42nd Street
Mediahn Panorama
Sunday in Serendia
Balenos 42nd Street - Live at Seoul Wave (July 2, 2022)
Mediahn Panorama - Live at Seoul Wave (July 2, 2022)
Cool Jazz Hours Olvian Blue
Olvian Blue - Live at Seoul Wave (July 2, 2022)
Ethnic Fusion Waves Serendia Overture (Ethnic Ver.)
Glorious Calpheon
Sycrakea (Koh Sangji Band Ver.)
Rock in Abyss Balenos' Street Fight
Serendian Vegabond
Velians' Anthem
Symphonic Riders Into the Horizon
Riders on the Sand
Acoustic Guitar Legacy Time Leisure Ride in Balenos (Legacy Ver.)
Outlaws in Balenos (Legacy Ver.)
Blood, Roses and Desert (Legacy Ver.)
Celtic Legacy Buskers Buskers in Velia (Legacy Ver.)
The Pied Piper and Rats (Legacy Ver.)
Once Upon a Time (Legacy Ver.)
Celtic Legacy Parades
Balenosian Troupe (Legacy Ver.)
Shai's Serendian Dance (Legacy Ver.)
Calpheonian Folk Dance (Legacy Ver.)
Relevant Questline            
● You can begin the questline to obtain your very own Marniwave by speaking to Wacky Toshi from Lv. 50.
- Added the questline to obtain the Marniwave. 
 * [Marniwave] Marni's Invention, [Marniwave] Making Waves
(Make sure to toggle Other quests on in the Quests (O) window under Quest Types.)
- Once you complete the questline, you can access the Marniwave via Menu (ESC) - Adventure.

Family Fame Improvements

Family Fame constitutes of a daily Silver reward that grows as you continue your adventure in the world of Black Desert by increasing your combat prowess, life skills, knowledge (energy), and contribution points.
Thanks to the past update where we increased the Item Drop Rate buff granted by your Family Fame, a greater number of Adventurers showed interest in Family Fame. Considering the current state of game balance, we decided to increase the funds rewarded by Family Fame, particularly to increase in greater numbers in lower levels.
● Increased the amount of Silver obtained daily via in-game mail from your Family Fame.

Combat Fame      
Combat Fame Before After
0 - 14 - -
15 - 300 300,000 4,200,000
301 - 600 480,000 4,900,000
601 - 900 660,000 5,600,000
901 - 1200 840,000 6,300,000
1201 - 1500 1,020,000 7,000,000
1501 - 1800 1,260,000 7,700,000
1801 - 2100 1,440,000 8,400,000
2101 - 2400 1,800,000 8,900,000
2401 - 2700 2,040,000 9,400,000
2701 - 3000 2,220,000 9,900,000
3001 - 3300 2,400,000 10,400,000
3301 - 3600 2,580,000 10,700,000
3601 - 3900 2,760,000 11,000,000
3901 - 4200 2,940,000 11,300,000
4201 - 4500 3,120,000 11,600,000
4501 - 4800 3,300,000 11,800,000
4801 - 5100 3,480,000 12,000,000
5101 - 5400 3,660,000 12,200,000
5401 - 5700 3,840,000 12,400,000
5701 - 6000 4,020,000 12,500,000
6001 or higher 4,200,000 12,600,000
* Combat Fame factors in the total sum of the combat levels of all characters in your Family. Characters from Lv. 56 will count for double, from Lv. 60 quintuple the fame.

Life Fame 
Life Fame Before After
0-9 - -
10 - 150 100,000 600,000
151 - 300 175,000 1,200,000
301 - 450 250,000 1,700,000
451 - 600 325,000 2,100,000
601 - 750 400,000 2,400,000
751 - 900 475,000 2,600,000
901 or Higher 600,000 2,700,000
* Life Fame factorsin the total sum of the life skill levels of all characters in your Family. Life skill levels from Guru 1 will count for double the fame. 
Special Fame
Special Fame Before After
0~49 - -
50 - 250 100,000 600,000
251 - 500 175,000 1,200,000
501 - 750 250,000 1,700,000
751 - 1000 325,000 2,100,000
1001 - 1250 400,000 2,400,000
1251 - 1500 475,000 2,600,000
1501 or Higher 600,000 2,700,000
* Special Fame factors in your Knowledge and Contribution Points.



Dawn of Dragons Season Pass has begun.

Not sure what to do in Season: Dawn of Dragons? Try the Season Pass!

[Dawn of Dragons Season Pass]


Ash Dragon’s Roar has begun.

Vatroth, the Ash Dragon, appears in the skies above!

[Ash Dragon’s Roar]


Drakania Awakening Twitch Drops! has begun.

Tune into your favorite stream and earn a variety of rewards!

[Drakania Awakening Twitch Drops!]


Dragons Hidden Within the Black Desert World has begun

Have you heard of the Dragon Appreciation Society?   

[Dragons Hidden Within the Black Desert World]


● 100 Loyalties Shop for Dawn of Dragons has begun

Check out the Loyalties tab in the Pearl Shop every day!

[100 Loyalties Shop for Dawn of Dragons]


● Get to 50 and Get a Game Pass has begun

Game Passes and Conqueror Editions?!

[Get to 50 and Get a Game Pass]



The Dragon Appreciation Society is Looking for Talent has begun

The D.A.S. wants our help in promoting their event!

[The Dragon Appreciation Society is Looking for Talent]

New Additions and Improvements

Class Changes

● Increased the max number of character slots from 27 to 28.
- There are no plans to expand beyond 28 slots at this time.

● Only newly created Drakania trial characters can access her Awakening.
- You will need to create a new Drakania trial character to play in her Awakening state.

● Evasion
- Fixed the issue where you could maintain the Invincibility effect of other skills by comboing with the skill laterally.

● Musa Spirit (I to Absolute)
- Fixed the issue where the key guide wasn't being highlighted.      

● Succession: Maehwa's Conviction
- Fixed skill description so it's easier to read.
- Added the following to the skill description.
 * "(Unavailable with Tiger Blade drawn)"
● Prime: Decapitation (I to IV)
- Fixed skill description so it's easier to read.
- Added the following to the skill description.
 * "Red Blade refreshes if the skill is used while Red Blade is active."
● Succession: Maehwa's Will
- Changed so that the skill doesn't display on the Skill Cooldown window.
(Can be used the same as before when registering Absolute: Maehwa's Will for a Skill Cooldown Slot.)
- Changed so that Absolute: Maehwa's Will is activated instead of the Succession version when used via command key inputs.
(However, it applies the same effect as in the skill description.)
● Decapitation (I to Absolute)
- Fixed the issue of the skill's additional hit damage being applied abnormally.
● Coldsnap
- Improved so that you can combo from Red Moon with your kerispear.

● Prime: Earth Arrow (I to II)
- Fixed so that effects display smoothly when using the skill after Succession: Magical Evasion.

● Flame's Calling
- Changed your summoned minion to no longer disappearing if you switch to equip a matchlock after using the skill.

● Prime: Earth Arrow (I to III)
- Fixed the issue where the skill wasn't applying debuffs and missing 2 hits when comboed from Succession: Magical Evasion.
- Fixed the issue of the skill activating one additional time when comboed from Succession: Magical Evasion.
- Fixed the issue of the skill activating after using Succession: Magical Evasion in certain situations.
● Earth's Calling
- Changed to now cause your summoned minion to disappear if you switch to equip a matchlock after using the skill.        

● Prime: Somersault
- Fixed the attacks to now target the same area as the effect.

● Fierce Disdain
- Improved to now activate before the skill animation begins when used via command keys with your jordun while guarding.
● Fireborne Rupture
- Fixed to now activate the Black Spirit version of the skill when comboed from God Incinerator.

● With the release of Awakening, Drakania's Succession and Awakening damage ratios have been changed as follows.
- Succession AP now consists of 70% main weapon AP and 30% awakening weapon AP.
- Awakening AP now consists of 70% awakening weapon AP and 30% main weapon AP.


Main Weapon

● Markthanan's Heart
- Changed the skill's recovery effects during non-Succession main weapon skills as follows:
* Recovery effects applied to: Markthanan's Scale, Black Spirit: Markthanan's Flourish, Black Spirit: Blazing Strike
* Recovery effects removed from: Brimbolt Strike, Markthanan's Flourish, Eviscerate
- Separated details regarding the Succession version of the skill.
※ Recovery effects applies the same as before during Succession.
● Markthanan's Scale
- Changed so you can now learn the I version of the skill at Lv. 20.
- Changed the cooldown for II to Absolute as follows:
* Before: 1 min 15 sec / 1 min 10 sec / 1 min 5 sec / 1 min / 50 sec
* After: 1 min 20 sec
※ The Prime version's cooldown remains the same as before.


● Changed the following Honor outfit appearances:

Class Appearance
[Honor] Hercules' Might Armor
[Honor] Hercules' Might Gloves
[Honor] Hercules' Might Shoes
Sage, Guardian, Drakania, Corsair, Tamer
[Honor] Dobart Armor
[Honor] Dobart Gloves
[Honor] Dobart Shoes
[Honor] Dobart Helmet
[Honor] Dobart Armor
[Honor] Dobart Gloves
[Honor] Dobart Shoes
● Added a recipe to mass process Cron and Marvelous Meals if you are at least Cooking Skilled 1.
- Nadia Rowen, who learned how to cook directly from David Finto himself, has been sending cooking vendors across the continent her special sauce.
- Cooking vendors in town will now sell "Nadia Rowen's Special Sauce" from their wares.
- Use Simple Cooking with 10 times the normal ingredients to cook Cron or Marvelous Meals with Nadia Rowen's Special Sauce to obtain 10 meals worth of food.
● The following pet feed EXP gains have been doubled:
- Good Feed
- Organic Feed
- Balanced Feed
- Brady's Nutritious Feed
- Kanpacho's Organic Feed
- Nutritious Feed
- [Event] Kanpacho's Organic Feed
- [Event] Nutritious Feed
- [Event] Brady's Nutritious Supplement
 * Hunger recovery effect remains the same when the pets have the above feed/supplement.
● Changed the item descriptions for Fiery and Frosted Black Stones to now mention that they can be used to upgrade Caravel and Galleass vessels.
● Changed details of exchanging "Silver Key" x100 to "Gold Key" x1 from Morco of Crow Merchants Guild as follows:
- Before: Exchange Silver Key x100 for Gold Key x1 through Recurring Quests
- After: Exchange Silver Key x100 for Gold Key x1 through Exchange.

● Improved so that the location of Morco of Crow Merchants Guild in Mediah, Valencia, Drieghan, O'dyllita, Mountain of Eternal Winter can be seen when Finding NPC by pressing RMB on a Silver Key.
● With the release of Drakania's Awakening, the Marni's Pocket Watch item has been removed.            
- Any item used to reform or that was transfused into Marni's Pocket Watch, such as Inverted Heart of Garmoth, Heart of Karanda, and any crystals, will be moved to your storage in Heidel.            


● Changed Centaurus Axeman to detect Adventurers in certain parts of Taphtar Plain correctly.

Quest, Knowledge

We seek to change how you can obtain Mythical Feathers. First off, we will be removing the complicated means of obtaining them from the Old Moon Grand Prix and adding a new weekly quest to obtain them instead. We also increased the amount of Royal Fern Roots, which are used to craft Mythical Powders, obtained through daily quests as well.

Mythical Arduanatt and Mythical Diné were originally designed as slightly difficult and challenging content not everyone could attempt at once. While most Adventurers were understanding of this intention, we've still received much feedback regarding the higher level of difficulty. We admit that we took a bit of time to find the right response, but we promise to keep looking for additional ways for our Adventurers to better obtain all relevant materials (including Royal Fern Roots).
● Added the following weekly quests where you can get Stonetail Horse Ranch essentials from Wapra at Stonetail Horse Ranch.
- You can only choose 1 of the following weekly quests which reset every Thursday at 00:00.
Accept Quest and Proceeding NPC Objectives (Choose 1) Quest Reward
NPC Wapra Help with Krogdalo's Origin Stone x1 Mythical Feather x1
300 Contribution EXP
NPC Wapra Carrot Confit Support x600~800
(Number of items vary per level.)
Mythical Feather x1
300 Contribution EXP
- The required number of Carrot Confit per training level upon accepting the "Hand over Carrot Confit to Wapra" quest are as follows:
Training Level Required Item
Beginner to Apprentice Carrot Confit x800
Skilled Carrot Confit x750
Professional Carrot Confit x700
Artisan Carrot Confit x650
Master or higher Carrot Confit x600
● Adjusted the maximum price of Mythical Feathers on the Central Market. 
- 20 million Silver → 40 million Silver
▲ A Mythical Feather used for Mythical Horse Awakening.

● Removed the weekly quest "[Weekly] Old Moon Grand Prix, Rider of Honor" available via the Black Spirit (/) where you could exchange 40 Old Moon Grand Prix Coins for 1 Mythical Feather.
● Changed the amount of Royal Fern Roots rewarded for completing the following daily quests to tame wild horses.
Quest Royal Fern Root Rewarded

[Beginner] No Worries for the Prepared
[Apprentice] No Worries for the Prepared
[Skilled] No Worries for the Prepared
[Professional] No Worries for the Prepared
[Artisan] No Worries for the Prepared
[Master] No Worries for the Prepared
[Guru] No Worries for the Prepared
1 → 2
1 → 2
2 → 3
2 → 4
3 → 5
4 → 6
5 → 7

▲ Royal Fern Root used for Mythical Horse Awakening.

Thanks to the persistent requests of some of our Adventurers, you can now earn the once season-exclusive title "Island Hopper." We've added a tale of Lorenzo Murray's unrequited love. We hope this questline helps cool down the warm summer heat, as it will take you through the refreshing views along the waters of the coast.
● Added a new questline to obtain the "Island Hopper" title once exclusively awarded by completing "[Season] Great Pioneer's Footsteps."
- Croix, the wharf manager of Velia, seeks to aid Lorenzo Murray with his unrequited love.
- You will need to have learned the "An Epic Romance" Knowledge entry, you must activate the "Other' Quest Type in order to accept and proceed with this questline.
- Once you complete this questline, you will be able to bump into Lorenzo Murray and Clorince in another location at a certain time of day.
- Once you complete this questline, certain customers at the Dancing Marlin Tavern will mention juicy details regarding Lorenzo Murray and Clorince's date.
- Baulo has set up a lantern to stand at the location where his confession was made. Proceed with this quest to find clues hinting at the exact location.
How to Learn "An Epic Romance" Knowledge
- You can proceed with the "Oh, My Melissa" quest when your Amity with Heidel's Stablekeeper Izaro is at least 10.
- "An Epic Romance" knowledge can be obtained by interacting with Izaro after completing the "Oh, My Melissa" quest.
● Added a way to obtain "Herman Feresion, Kalis Chairman" knowledge:
- This knowledge can be obtained by talking to Herman Feresio without losing energy even when the knowledge requirements have been completed.

● Added a way to obtain "The Phantom Knight of Bartali III" knowledge:
- This knowledge can be obtained after completing "[Balenos] [Boss] Summoned by Royal Blood, the Phantom Knight" questline and defeating Phantom Knight. 
● Improved so that navigation info does not appear when completing the following questline:
- The Minstrel of Altinova
- Play in My Stead
- Missing from Performance
- Hang in There! It's Time for the Encore!
● Improved so that navigation info does not appear when accepting the following quests:
 - Why the Kitten Cries
 - Grapes of Wrath
 - What Do You Propose?
 - [Crossroad] He'll Do Fine
 - [Crossroad] Cupid Is My Name
● Added more information to the notification that appears when you press the ESC key during the opening tutorial.
● Improved so that "Footsteps of Wind" can be received so that you can move to the following quest location quickly during the Mediah and Valencia questlines.
● Added an additional means to learn the "Basilisk Statue" knowledge:
- "Basilisk Statue" knowledge can now also be obtained by talking to Rahim, the Basilisk Den Node Manager.

NPC, Background, Sound

● Fixed the text that displays when pressing ESC during cutscenes.            
● Fixed some of the opening tutorial objective descriptions.            


We have added a Location Snapshot function to the World Map to make it more convenient for adventurers who frequently reference certain locations on their map. In particular, it can be useful when browsing information displayed on the World Map outside of major cities such as Bartering or Node Management sites. We hope this minor improvement will make a meaningful impact on your experience.
● Added a function which you can snapshot your favorite locations on the World Map and easily pan the camera to them.
- You can save your current world map view by pressing ALT + key number.
- Return to the snapshotted location by entering the key number.

● Fixed the warning text that is displayed on the Select Server and Change Server screens to now account for the Elvia Calpheon Server when entering an Elvia Server.
● Fixed some species descriptions that appeared differently in Fish Guide and Knowledge. Fixed species are the following:  
Fish Species
Beluga Whale
Black Marlin
Sperm Whale
Black Spotted Dolphin
Ghost Whale
White Grouper
Golden Albacore
Giant Black Squid
Golden Sea Bass
Yellow Corvina
Blue Bat Star
Blue Shark
Black Eye Crab
Yalu Grayling
Dark Sleeper
Longsnout Catfish
Spined Bittering
Silver Carp
Chameleon Goby
Ussurian Bullhead
Common Bleak
● Improved so that the node info does not activate when "Node" info is turned off from the World Map (M) even when the World Map is reopened.
● Added an animation to the character that appears when selecting Awakened or Ascended from the Skills window.
● Adjusted so the Repair Settings button does not overlap with Repair button.
● Added tabs to sort main and awakening weapon skills in the Skill Add-on UI.
● Fixed the issue where the Quest alert widget's background appeared abnormal after you changed the font size.
● Changed the background when selecting your starting zone after creating your character and completing the opening tutorial to appear a shade darker.


● Fixed the issue where the font size and line breaks did not appear properly for certain languages in the Crafting Notes.            
● Fixed the issue where some sections of the notices on the Adventurer's Board did not appear properly.            
● Fixed the issue where the Open/Minimize function in Adventurer's Board posts appeared abnormal.            
● Changed the rules to prevent duplicate views of the Photo Gallery.            
● Added Drakania's Awakening to the Class Introduction page.                      

● Changed the message that pops up when Twitch drops rewards are obtained.            


Changes & Fixes

● Fixed the issue where the dye did not apply on certain parts in the [Dark Knight] Violetta outfit.
 * [Dark Knight] Violetta Kriegsmesser part 2, [Dark Knight] Violetta Kriegsmesser part 8
● Fixed the issue where sometimes you could not access the My Documents folder when using the Setting Archive.
● Fixed the issue where some Pearl Shop outfit displayed a different outfit when viewing through the Fashion Album. Fixed the issue where a different outfit appeared when viewing certain Pearl Shop outfit from the Fashion Album.
● Fixed the issue where images or videos on the loading screen sometimes did not display properly.
● Fixed the issue where you could not cross the bridge at the Derelict Trade Post while on a wagon.
● Fixed the issue where the Mini Coconut Tree could not be installed in certain areas within your Residence.
● Fixed the issue where effects did not appear during the unique idle motion for the following outfits when equipped:
- Sage: Contular Armor (7 Days), Contular Armor (Cannot be registered on the Central Market), Contular Kyve (7 Days), Contular Kyve (Cannot be registered on the Central Market)
- Corsair: Maretakant Armor (7 Days), Maretakant Armor (Cannot be registered on the Central Market)
● Fixed the issue of obtaining Griffon's feed item when accepting "[Pet] Becoming the Alpha" quest.
● Fixed the issue of the arm part showing awkwardly when equipping [Warrior] El Pento Summer Outfit in awakening combat stance.
● Fixed the issue of the feet part showing awkwardly when equipping [Ranger] or [Sorceress] Oblivion Outfit Set shoes.
● Fixed the issue of the back hair showing awkwardly when equipping [Berserker] Lahr Arcien Helmet.
● Fixed the issue of the underwear and tattoos displaying awkwardly when having [Tamer] Epheria Marine Clothes equipped.
● Fixed the issue of the lower garments displaying awkwardly during Imperial Cuisine when having [Valkyrie] Solaria Armor equipped.
● Fixed the issue of the lower garments displaying awkwardly during combat stance after equipping [Striker] Rakshasa Outfit Set.
● Fixed the issue of shoes displaying awkwardly when equipping another outfit's shoes while having [Mystic] Banha Armor equipped.
● Fixed the issue of the chest part displaying awkwardly when equipping [Kunoichi] Envi Bikini and [Kunoichi] Sicarios Armor.
● Fixed the issue of the back neck part displaying awkwardly when equipping [Witch] Ivies Hat.
● Fixed the issue of the left shoulder displaying awkwardly when equipping [Guardian] Mueburus Armor.
● Fixed some text in Valks' Cry item description.
● Issued out titles which are obtainable, based on the amount of Crow Coins in possession or number of Yar! wins achieved, to Adventurers who previously could not obtain them.            
- Crow Coin Title: A Single Coin / One Coin, Two Coins, One Hundred Coins / Feeling Coin-y / You Gave Me Coin / Full of Coins / The Ocean Market is Your Oyster            
- Yar Title: Gettin' Yar Feet Wet / Looking for Yar Players / Yar-mageddon / Yar Incarnate /Welcome to Yar / Heart of Yar Cards / Yar Outta Time / Yar Arena Master            

Recent Major Updates

To help newer or returning Adventurers keep up with the latest updates, we've compiled a list of some of our recent major ones. Check them out below!


For Progression-minded Adventurers:

Monster Zone UI Revamp Where's the best monster zone suited to my stats?
Look no further than the Menu (ESC) - Adventure (F5) and click "Monster Zone Info"!
Artifacts and Lightstones Artifacts and Lightstones were added!
They will greatly aid you in your adventures!
Ornette and Odore's Spirit Essence Improvements The fabled infinite potions of Ornett and Odore now have newly-added extra steps and weekly quests to hasten the process.
Guaranteed PEN (V) Boss Gear Questline Speak to Jetina to begin a reforming questline to obtain your very own set of PEN (V) boss gear, guaranteed!
PEN (V) Accessory Questline Complete daily quests to gather materials to complete your very own accessory at the highest enhancement grade possible.

For Combat-focused Adventurers:

Elvia Calpheon The corruption of Hadum has reached Saunil Camp, Rhutum Outstation, Gehaku Plain, Hexe Sanctuary, and Quint Hill of Calpheon.
You can obtain materials for the Godr-Ayed weapon and reforming alchemy stones from here.
Marni's Realm - Private Monster Zones Your very own monster zone with no other Adventurers to duel!
Subjugate monsters to your heart's content in Marni's Realm.
Tier 5 Pets Alpha pets are finally here! Train Tier 4 pets to Tier 5 and appoint them as the alpha to increase the looting speed of all active pets.

♥ For Amusement-seeking Adventurers:

Liana's Tool Bag Pickaxe, Hoe, Butcher Knife, Fluid Collector, and other Gathering tools can be stored in this amazing tool bag and used with ease.

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