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GM Notes Aug 3, 2022, 10:01 (UTC) Summer Events: At a Glance
Papu vs Otter
Which side will you choose?
August 5, 2022 (Fri) - August 12, 2022 (Fri) 23:59
Leave a comment with what side you're supporting and why to be automatically entered for the event.

Victory will be ours, pu!

Let's kick those Otters off this beach, pa!


Follow my lead, queek!

Let’s show those noisy Papus who’s the boss, queek!


[Event] Otter's Surf Die x2


[Event] Papu's Turf Die x2

Defend the Sand Castle
It’s time to stay cool with Papus and Otters!
Terrmian Gift Box

Cool Swimwear 
Mythical Feather 
Inventory +4 Expansion Coupon
Sand Castle Shore-down
Papu vs Otter! Which side are you on? Test your PvE and PvP skills!
A Masterpiece of a Thousand Years Could Be Yours 
A special auction of artwork created by geniuses..
Summer Black Spirit’s Adventure 
Roll the dice for sherbet that’ll let you taste the Secret Book of Old Moon and Kamasylve’s Blessing
Papu or Otter?
Who Do You Want to Fish With?
Grill for Buffs



Sunset Butterflyfish

Purple Butterflyfish

 Sell for Silver



Mystical Sunset Butterflyfish
Mystical Purple Butterflyfish

Papu & Otter
Who’s the Best Merchant?!
The Papus and Otters have prepared their best items.
Which ones do you like the best? 
Summer Memories With Papus & Otters 
#BDOSummer #SocialMedia #Screenshot #Event
Twitch Drops Available Now 
Watch your favorite Black Desert streamers on Twitch for rewards! 

Oasis Box of Secrets


Oasis Box of Blessings

Summer Outfits for All Classes
Check out the Mr. Mussels, Shell Belle & Conch Cherub outfits!
This post has been deleted.
boo! they removed the only useful event...
Exchanging relics for mems cmn PA thats just dum..
There is a weird fungus on my left big toe, should I consult with a GM?
Well, good job at ruining the event. This is the EXACT same situation Warframe had back in the day with the Corpus vs Grineer dilemma event, where Grineer objectively gave better rewards than Corpus. This is the same situation with Otters vs Papus, where Papus are objectively giving more valuable rewards than Otters.

Otters will be at severe disadvantage, and the game itself doesn't tell you about the reward differences between Papus and Otters while you're picking a side, which is a MASSIVE oversight.

Papus are combat exclusive and Otters are lifeskill exclusive. Due to how the prices at central market are and how valuable the untradable combat consumables are such as loot scrolls, no one in their right mind would side with Otters, unless they haven't read the patch notes, or they're pure lifeskillers that haven't even killed a grass beetle in their lifes before... Not to mention that Papu's rewards are bound to get better in the coming weeks.

I don't understand why you've implemented such a massive value differences between rewards for an event that was about to be having ''fun'' and chilling around. You've basically made it so that Otter's daily is going to take twice as long than Papu's and they'll most likely never going to win during prime times.
@Arionell I don't want these scrolls and I chose otters.
But you are right that we have to choose (and lose half the prize) is stupid.
They can't be bothered to tell people what this free Coco Set is?
Awesome Happenings!
Love the outfits and the events!
Great changes too!
Keep up the hard work, and thank you for all that you do <3

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