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GM Notes Sep 12, 2022, 14:00 (UTC) Upcoming GM Events for New Players
Greetings, Adventurers!
I'm GM Polly, and the team and I have prepared three events to welcome the new players into the world of Black Desert.

Because these events are dedicated toward our new Adventurers, they will take place on the Season servers!

Rift’s Echoes with GMs!

Event Schedule and Server

Date Server NA EU
September 13, 2022 (Tue) Season2 & Season3 16:00 (PDT)
19:00 (EDT)
15:00 (UTC)
17:00 (CEST)
September 16, 2022 (Fri) Season2 & Season3 16:00 (PDT)
19:00 (EDT)
15:00 (UTC)
17:00 (CEST)


How to Participate

① At the times listed above, go to the Rift’s Echo spawn location on the servers above.

② Defeat the monsters that appear from the GM-spawned Rift’s Echo and obtain Season enhancement materials!

What is a Rift's Echo?
An item that is said to open a rift that calls forth various monsters, including Red Nose, Dastard Bheg, Saunil Siege Captain, and Kavali. If you defeat the monsters that appear, you’ll be able to obtain season enhancement materials.

Spawn Locations and Obtainable Items
Obtainable Items
(Depends on Monster Drop Rate)

Time-filled Black Stone

Refined Magical Black Stone

Tuvala Ore

Tuvala Accessories


Defeat World Bosses with the GMs

Event Schedule and Server

Date Server NA EU
September 12, 2022 (Mon)
17:00 (PDT)
20:00 (EDT)
17:00 (UTC)
19:00 (CEST)
September 13, 2022 (Tue)
17:00 (PDT)
20:00 (EDT)
Karanda 10:00 (UTC)
12:00 (CEST)
September 14, 2022 (Wed)
14:00 (PDT)
17:00 (EDT)
Kutum 14:00 (UTC)
16:00 (CEST)
September 15, 2022 (Thu)
14:00 (PDT)
17:00 (EDT)
Kzarka 14:00 (UTC)
16:00 (CEST)

How to Participate

① At the times listed above, go to that particular World Boss' spawn location on the servers above.

② Defeat the World Boss that appears with the help of your peers to obtain loot from the World Boss!


* Click on the image to open a new tab with a bigger version.

What is a World Boss?
There are currently 9 World Bosses in Black Desert: Kzarka, Karanda, Muraka, Quint, Nouver, Kutum, Mirumok Destroyer Offin, Garmoth, and Vell.

World Bosses appear in specific locations, so anyone can join the fight. However, it’s best to get your AP and DP high enough for you to have a chance to earn loot as well as withstand their attacks, especially if the world boss is in their awakened state!

You can partake in the World Boss Raids in any server since the World Bosses share HP across all servers. * Not including Olvia and Arsha.


Be on the Lookout for these Exceptional Beginner-Friendly Guilds!

Guild Name Guild Contact Guild Activity/Focus Guild Description
Open-world Combat, Community Events,
Vell trips, Garmoth CTG, GvGs, Arena of Arsha
"We're an active guild recruiting active players that want to build a great guild with us. We have full guild buffs, helpful members, 5Mil max pay, discord, and more. We run Vell/Garmoth, participate in GvGs/AoA/T1 NW events. This is a perfect place for new/returning players who want to learn the game as well as veterans that want a relaxed guild environment."
Open-world Combat, Node War/Conquest War, Life Skills,
Community Events
"We are working to do T1 node wars, to get less geared players who want to experience them. We have members that, combined, know every aspect of the game. From each type of life skill to pvp, gear, etc.Vell trips, Bosses, pvp practice, scrolls, helping level up members."
Open-world Combat, Node War/Conquest War, Life Skills,
Community Events, Others
"We do rides to Vell, and ctg's to Garmoth. When we have players we will do Khan. Wartorn is an old guild that used to dominate tier 1's.  It is now being revived from the ground up under new leadership. We are aiming to provide assistance to new players and show them a great time on the t1 scene. The guild provides buffs for everyone and skills to give more exp/drop rate when grinding. We will take new or veteran players. We welcome all to join Wartorn and work towards making t1's great again."
Open-world Combat, PvE,
Node War/Conquest War,
Life Skills,
Community Events, Others
"We are a PVE-based Guild who welcomes lifeskiller/new/return players. All we ask you do is, don't flag on people unless necessary, like defending your own grind spots (Arsha does not apply), no karma bombing and age of 18+. We are just a chill, laid-back guild.
We do nodewar for fun and rewards (not required)
No gear requirement."
Lilicia PvE, Vell trips, Others "Our current goal is to help grow new players and scope geared player to welcome to the other Abyssal sister pvp guild if they want to, or they can chill at our friendly Azurlane guild.
Azurlane is a guild (sister guild to Abyssal) to help new Adventurers grow and to introduce to the PvP guild Abyssal."
Guild Name Guild Contact Guild Activity/Focus Guild Description
Practice AOS parties, Group Grinds,
Power levelling, Vell,
Life Skills,
Community Events, Roleplay
"Newly created with a social and chatting focus. The most important thing for me is for an active guild chat and for people to be comfortable whilst in the guild."
Whale/Khalk hunting, Khan, Vell, Life Skills, group PVE
"We are a friendly bunch having fun! Our players are usually PVE and Lifeskill oriented but we also like to PvP sometimes! We have experienced players in every aspect that can help you start or progress your adventure! We have only one requirement: Be active!!"
Guild Quests,
Guild Events, Vell
"We are a chill and casual friendly life skill guild. We offer Gathering and Fishing +3, Daily Payment up to 1 million and Weekly Payout based on activity. New and veteran players are welcome."
Vell trips, Garmoth CTG, Guild Quests
(Guild Bosses planned for later)
"Serene is an small guild looking for new members, veterans newbies or casual players are all welcome!! We offer a relaxed place where everyone can play at their own pace and ask for help when they want. Our goal is to provide everyone with a comfortable place to have fun and enjoy our time in BDO together."
Open-world Combat,
Node War/Conquest War,
Life Skills
(Language: Spanish)
"Una comunidad de miembros divertidas con ganas de avanzar y mejorar juntas.
Si eres un jugador que no se conforma con el pve y quieres disfrutar de la otra mitad del contenido que te ofrece BDO entonces llama a nuestra puerta y serás bienvenido.
¡Nos vemos en la noche a la luz de la luna...!"

What is a Guild and why should you join?
Depending on the Level of the guild, you are given passive buffs by just being a part of the guild; such buffs at the highest level include Accuracy Rate +5%, All AP +5, Max HP +100, Damage Reduction +5, and Evasion Rate +5%.

Being in a guild allows you to earn money either through the collection of your daily pay, which starts at 30,000 silver and is capped at 5,000,000 silver, and also from helping complete Guild Missions.

Guilds also host a multitude of players who wield a plethora of knowedlge about the world of Black Desert, giving you access to information and help when you need it.

Lastly, if you are looking to satisfy that itch for PVP, guilds are a great avenue to experience PVP via organized mass-PVP such as Node/Conquest War, and less organized mass-PVP you might find at a contested grind spot where two or more Guilds declare open war against one another to lay claim to that spot!


And to all the new players out there, enjoy your adventure to the fullest! Take care everyone!


If you're a new player planning to main Shai, be aware that our class only exists for RP and advertising purposes. We're not actually good life skillers, and PA refuses to allow us to be competitive at solo PvE- completely ignoring us when we are trash at 99% PvE and only giving us dev time when we briefly ascend from the ranks of trash to nerf us.
They refuse to add group content(0 in latest expansion or calpheon elvia extention) and there is only one group PvE spot(oluns) even worth doing- and its fairly endgame and a big hassle compared to the 99% of PvE that is solo.

You will have no ability to PvP other players, we are the only class who does half damage to everyone in the game. Likewise we lack the mobility to escape PvP.

So before you sink hundreds or thousands of hours into this game, just do so knowing that you are playing a class that only exists as an advertisement. Google the Shai class discord if you want to hear more
@Brassica As a secondary Shai main, this post is severely disingenuous. I will get it out of the way and say that yes, BDO severely lacking with group spots. You're right on that.

However, Shai is decimating spots that has large stationary mobs, and is still a top performer at Gyfin. The fact that of the matter is that she can go to Oluns with TET Boss gear just because she's a Shai, or the fact that she can grind Gyfin at like 550gs says a lot about her general state.

She is NOWHERE as bad as people claim to be. She has a specific role in the game. It's a class that was never meant to be played for combat and it's a top class in high end areas since release.
@Arionell In comparison the Shai and Life skilling as a whole isn't something that Pearl Abyss takes as seriously as PVP or Node Wars. Life Skilling takes a back seat to every content in the game including recycled events. And though I appreciate all of the development and evolution that Black Desert has gotten since launch; there has been plenty of chances to improve on the Life Skill system that has appealed to approximately 30% of the community as a main interest in game.

Its like playing the first Mario World title and then never even seeing a Yoshi in another game. Sure he wasn't intended to be the focal point of the game, but he clearly has become and that means that developers have a responsibility to listen to what it is their customers want or allow a percentage of their market to walk away.

The opinion is subjective. Personally I don't fish, cook, brew, trade, train, or farm, It was certainly an interest when I started the game at launch, but I learned quickly that it wasn't worth my time when I could literally do anything else including grind for trash loot and make far more silver.
That should never be the case in any game. Your trash mob loot should be the bottom of the barrel and the last resort to make gold/silver. And the sad part is that there is and always will be a need for Life Skilling for foods, elixirs, alchemy stones, mounts, and general player retention while AFK, but the sad truth is that less and less people show an interest in Life Skilling because even the Central Market burdens the Life Skill community. Many ingredients cost more than the product and the outcome is that it forces everyone to begrudgingly play many of the Life Skills in order to obtain exclusive items to Life Skilling that are commonly out of stock.

Why do I, a PVE Boss Raiding, PVP player, want to go Life Skill when there are literally thousands of people who are solely interested in Black Desert for Life Skilling? The lack of love forces me to life skill, and it forces life skillers to go out and do my job and collect and mob grind when really it would just be great if my trash was another man's treasure and their goods were available at an economically balanced rate.

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