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GM Notes Oct 1, 2022, 03:15 (UTC) TwitchCon San Diego Is Almost upon Us!

Hi Adventurers, CM Emora here!


Emora makes her grand GM Notes debut! Yay! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Okay, let’s get right into it. TwitchCon San Diego. It’s happening! Are you excited as I am?

It’s coming up real soon! Are you ready to join us? (✯◡✯)



First, here’s some basic information! 

We’ll be there on October 7 – 9. Stop by booth 1945; you can’t miss it! Watch the Solare Invitational (super hyped), hang out with me (hehe :D) and other CM & GMs, complete challenges for mystery merch, and test your luck in exciting raffles (sending you my luck)! 


What is the Solare Invitational, you ask? (⌐■_■)

It’s the first offline Solare tournament! Don’t miss out on the action! 4 teams, 2 from NA and 2 from EU, will fight head-to-head in the Arena of Solare. Semi-finals will take place on Friday, 10/7, and Finals will commence on 10/8, Saturday. Can’t join us in person? No worries, the tournament will also be broadcasted live. 

- You can tune in on our Twitch or YouTube channel!


But before the tournament starts, vote for the team you think will win! NA or EU, guess the victor! Check your Challenge rewards in-game by pressing (Y) and look for the [TwitchCon] Predict the Winner of Arena of Solare challenge. You can get tasty rewards after casting your vote! Hmm, Frank Sandwich or Meat Pie…both sound…yummy. (o˘◡˘o)


Check our event program!

Time (PDT) Event
09:00 AM Play with GMs & CMs
11:30 AM
Raffle Time!
12:00 PM
NA/EU Solare Tournament
03:00 PM
GM + Partner Battles
04:00 PM Play with GMs & CMs
05:30 PM Raffle Time!


Wow, raffle time?! Maybe you could be a Dark Knight Figurine owner…? There will be other goodies too, so don’t forget to stop by the booth!  


Curious about our cool TwitchCon merch though? Here’s a sneak peek of a few items! ;) 




Wow, can I have a cool setup like Black Spirit’s? (✧ω✧)



Attendees will also receive a special coupon code that can be redeemed for a TwitchCon Box item in-game!

TwitchCon Box

[Event] Twippy Balloon

Cron Stone x100

Inventory +4 Expansion Coupon x1

Item collection Increase Scroll x5

Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min) x5

[Event] Twippy Balloon - Front [Event] Twippy Balloon - Back


If you want to see any pictures during TwitchCon, make sure to keep an eye out on our Twitter and Instagram! Tag us too! I would love to see your photos! (≧◡≦)

Let’s have a fun time at TwitchCon! See you there!


✿ CM Emora, signing out!

I will be back again with a special TwitchCon Recap GM Note! Stay tuned! (>ᴗ•)☆



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