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GM Notes Feb 9, 2023, 17:00 (UTC) Global Maegu Fan Art Exhibition 2023



ㆍGlobal Maegu Fan Art Exhibition 2023ㆍ

Adventurers all over the world shared their Maegu Artwork, so let’s take a look at all the amazing submissions!  

Gallery 1

Live Action Painting 

This gallery is packed with images where it looks as though the pictures could jump straight out at you and move around.  

Gallery 2 

Reinterpretative Illustrations 

Seeing the transformative nature from different perspectives is fascinating! They truly show the imagination that each artist has to offer.  
Gallery 3 

Being Cute is the best 

"It’s just cute, what else is there to say?" - [GM] Velia 

Gallery 4 

Unconventional Art 

Taking a concept and truly transforming it into something else often gives a great insight into the world of other people.  

Gallery 1 - Live Action Painting 
Gallery 2 - Reinterpretative Illustrations  어린이 버전 매구 일러스트 - 박력 (KR)
팬아트윅 이벤트! - 기린의날개 (KR)
겨울 매구 - 모험가님모험가님 (KR)
매구입니당 - 로오오오오오오오옹펭 (KR)
เมกู่ววววว โค่ง โค่ง - Valderheilm (TH)
[メグ]満を持して、逢いにゆく - シノン (JP)
[メグ]銀狐 - アマ天使ツカ (JP)
MaegUwU - Evasel (SEA)
Horang and The Maiden - Arabellah (SEA)
Red Hour - Zallaen (EU)
[メグ]描いてみた - Atoritti (JP)
[Мэгу] для конкурса! - Птичка (RU)
Gallery 3 - Being Cute is the best  ❤️Maegu x 💜Woosa - 小翅仔 (TW/HK/MO)
매구 그냥 예뻐서 그림 - 관대하신나 (KR)
매구짱짱걸 - 달콤말랑 (KR)
여우반 매구어린이 - 버프왕 (KR)
매구 팬아트 - 하프 (KR)
[メグ]はんなりメグ - UONOTAYU (JP)
Chibi Maegu~ - Marche (SEA)
[Мэгу] - Монотока (RU)
Maegu Chibi girl art - Lorencja (EU)
Raposinha braba - MahaDekia (SA)
Gallery 4 - Unconventional Art  魅狐Art - Masamune (TW/HK/MO)
🦋🦊 - Crystal林檎 (TW/HK/MO)
랏 항구의 우사와 매구 (feat.흑정령) - Lusse (KR)
4컷 만화 - 센고쿠 (KR)
[メグ]お菓子なメグさん - みー (JP)
Woosa & Maegu - AyaNeo (SEA)
[Мэгу] - Airetale (RU)
Self das irmãs <3 - Lockhart (SA)
매구 우사 자매 - 슝팡 (KR)
เมกุผู้คลั่งรัก - Kami48 (TH) 


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